An Event-Driven Middleware for Many-Core Architectures - Thesis - Jana-Traue

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    Thesis "An Event-Driven Middleware for Many-Core Architectures"

    The prize for best graduate in 2012 goes to Jana Traue of the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) Cottbus. In her very demanding experimental thesis "An Event-Driven Middleware for Many-Core Architectures" the young computer scientist deals with new operating systems for processors with many processing cores. Today, the number of working cores steadily increases, leading to new challenges regarding their management and coordination. These challenges need to be solved in order to ensure further increases in processing power with while energy consumption decreases. Traue examined efficient communication mechanisms, especially the coordination of core groups with special focus on multi-core architectures, operating systems and middleware concepts. She is currently a Ph.D. student at the institute for Distributed Systems / Operating Systems at BTU and is researching concepts for a key technology to reduce energy consumption from mobile devices to data centers.