SOL IDE-R for OS Repair

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    SOL IDE-R for OS Repair

    NOTE: This resource is a post of information provided in document SOL IDE-R for OS repair. Discussion will be availalbe in the blog at OS Repair using SOL and IDE-R.




    Background and Introduction

    There are many use cases when it comes to using SOL (Serial Over Lan) and IDE-R (Integrated Drive Electronics-Redirect). The one documented here deals directly with redirecting an image to a client machine. This feature is not recommended for batching or rebuilding multiple computers but to rebuild machines one at a time where clients may be at remote sites. The instructions guide SOL IDE-R for OS repair was created specifically for IT Administrators that have a background in DOS batch coding and OS imaging. This document was created to help provide a framework to create a bootable floppy disk image that can be used to map a network drive and pull down an image to the client machine. The instructions show how to create the bootable disk, what files are needed, the framework to do the imaging for a 1 to 1 image versus a sysprepped image.


    To do this, you will use a bootable ISO file, set it up with network drivers and a simple menu, and convert it back into a bootable ISO image to use with SOL and IDE-R. SOL and IDE-R will allow this bootable image to load the network card drivers and map a network drive. Once on the network, the administrator can use SOL and IDE-R to then re-image the connected machine using a ISO hard drive image file.



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    • Video of how it works: "Coming Soon"



    There are other possible ways of rebuilding a machine. This is just one use case that can be used when repairing remotely using SOL and IDE-R.