Intel Communities Transition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Version 10

    Why is my Intel Communities login changing?


    Our team is working hard to improve every aspect of your online Intel experience. Your existing Intel Communities account will be merged with your existing or new Intel account. This will allow you to use the same login credentials across any number of Intel sites without having to re-register or log in again.


    How do I know if I have an Intel account?


    If you are unsure whether you have an Intel account please contact support for assistance.

    If you do not have an Intel account you will be asked to create a new account.


    What will happen to my Intel Communities account and login?


    Your Intel Communities account will be merged with your Intel account. Your display name will not change, but you will access Intel Communities using your Intel account credentials.


    Will I lose anything I posted on the Intel Communities blogs, comments, discussions, or elsewhere?


    No. All of the content you posted on Intel Communities will remain and be associated with your new Intel account.


    I forgot my Intel Account User ID. Where can I get help?


    Request your User ID be sent to the email address you provided when you registered your account.


    I forgot my Intel Account password. Where can I get help?


    Request a password reset for your account.


    Can I choose not to merge my account? What will happen if I don’t?

    Yes, you may opt to not merge your current Intel Communities account with an Intel account. However in order to participate in the communities you will  need to  either create a new Intel account  or use your existing Intel account if you already have one.  Your old communities account can no longer be used to log in. Any information or content associated with it will not be lost and  will get associated to your Intel account  once you start using it.

    Click here to create a new Intel account.

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    If you have additional questions, please contact a support representative for more assistance