Version 3

    iRCCE: A Non-blocking Communication Extension to RCCE / Version 2.0 iRCCE FLAIR


    Hello MARC Community,


    Please find attached a TAR file of the recent iRCCE release (Version 2.0 / iRCCE  FLAIR).
    iRCCE is a non-blocking communication extension to the well-known RCCE communication library that extends RCCE by asynchronous message-passing functions (iRCCE_isend / iRCCE_irecv). Furthermore, iRCCE also improves the performance of some RCCE functions, as for example the blocking send/receive operations.


    As recent extensions, iRCCE FLAIR provides support for the Atomic Increment Registers (AIR) as well as for so-called Tagged-Flags.
    You can find a detailed documentation as a PDF file within the TAR package in the doc folder.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problems, questions or ideas for improvements.


    Carsten Clauss, Stefan Lankes and Pablo Reble
    Chair for Operating Systems
    RWTH Aachen University