Part 4: vPro Deployment Scenarios with Intel Setup and Configuration Service (SCS)

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    NOTE: This resource and the associated series are a re-post of information provided at and related articles linked therein. Although the title and material make reference to Altiris, the core concepts apply to most Intel SCS based solutions. The material provided herein refers to Intel SCS version 3.x, although some of the core concepts will also apply to Intel SCS version 5 environments. (There was no version 4 of Intel SCS)


    The previous article in this series is Part 3: Deployment Scenarios for Intel Setup and Configuration Service (SCS)


    Introduction: Migration Scenarios of the Intel® vProTM Configuration Between Provisioning Servers


    The previous articles in this series, along with a foundational understanding of the Intel® vProTM provisioning sequence, are prerequisite before exploring migration scenarios.  This articles provides a brief exploration into migration of Intel® vProTM clients from one ProvisionServer instance to the next.  Common scenarios where this may be applicable include migration from a testing to deployment environment, migrating of the ProvisionServer role to the Altiris environment, and so forth.



    The approaches suggested in this article have only been discussed or tested in the lab.  Production implementations of these migration scenarios were not known by myself at the time this article was written, yet may likely exist.


    Core Considerations


    Before migrating the configuration settings of provisioning Intel® vProTM clients, a few items to keep in mind:


    • Intel® SCS based solution - If the configuration is moving from another Intel® SCS based solution, the schema and data within the first IntelAMT database instance could be migrated to the new instance.    (As I am not a Database Administrator - the method approach in accomplishing this will not be shown here)

    • ProvisionServer DNS entry - If an unprovision event occurs on the clients and a ProvisionServer DNS record is used, the new alias or destination of that DNS record must be updated.

    • Provisioning Authentication Credentials - In relation to the previous items, if the clients are to be unprovisioned and then later provisioned into the new instance, that associated credentials must be available on the target Intel® SCS instance.  This would include PID\PPS pairs, remote configuration certificates, and so forth.


    The above list provides only a few key considerations which emphasize that testing is recommended to ensure the migration event occurs without error.  Other approaches are being developed to migrate from an Intel® SCS instance to a custom built SCA.  One example is the SCS migration utility to be used when migrating Microsoft SMS with AMT add-on environments to Microsoft SCCM.


    Common Migration Approach


    If the Intel® vProTM clients are already provisioned and the migration of the configuration management database is not an option, the following scenario provides a summary how to migrate ownership of the configuration management to a new ProvisionServer.  The core requirements applies as noted at



    The target ProvisionServer must be configured with the desired provision profile, provisioning credentials (either PID\PPS or remote configuration), and so forth.  If the original ProvisionServer has already been removed or a remote resetting of the configuration Intel® vProTM clients is needed, refer to



    The image below provides a summary of the events necessary to move the Intel® vProTM client configuration ownership from one ProvisionServer to the next.







    1. Setup the new ProvisionServer instance (i.e. the Altiris Out-of-Band Management console with Intel® SCS configured)

    2. If used, change the ProvisionServer DNS record to the new ProvisionServer instance.

    3. Remotely unprovision the clients via script, Altiris interface, or other method.

    4. Provisioning requests will be initiated to the new ProvisionServer either automatically or via scenarios highlight in the post deployment provisioning series (See



    Migration of the configuration management for Intel® vProTM clients is made possible by first understanding the core provisioning sequence and requirements.  By setting up the desired ProvisionServer (in this case, an Altiris Notification Server with Out-of-Band Management using the Intel® SCS provisioning service), the migration of data or direction of the provisioning events can be accomplished.  The new ProvisionServer instance will need to have an awareness of the existing configured Intel® vProTM clients along with provisioning configuration details for the migration to succeed.  The details in this article have been discussed and used in lab environments.



    There are likely other experiences and scenarios experienced by members of the community to migrate configurations between servers.  Please share...