Enabling Emerging Enterprise Usages with Client–Aware Technologies

Version 1

    Many of us use a variety of devices both in our work life and personal life. Wouldn't it be great if you could access the information you needed anywhere, anytime, and on whatever device you happened to be using at that moment? And not only was the information made available,  but it was delivered in a secure and useful fashion for the particular device you were using?


    Intel IT is working towards enabling this continuum of personalized computing experiences for Intel employees. Our goal is for employees to have seamless and secure access to both corporate and personal services, applications, and data on a wide range of devices.   To reach this goal we are building an enterprise private cloud with client-aware capabilities that can detect device type, capabilities, and other attributes. In parallel, we are also investigating emerging enterprise usages and creating solutions based on intelligent desktop virtualization (IDV) and client-aware Web services delivered through the cloud.