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    Paper TitleAuthorDate
    An Optimal WiMAX Frame Packing for Minimum Energy ConsumptionN. Abbas, H. Hajj, A. YassineJul 2011
    Novel 3D memory-centric NoC architecture for transaction-based SoC applicationsH.Sarhan, A.G.Wassal, A. ElSheriefApr 2011
    A Comprehensive WiMAX SimulatorN. Abbas, H. Hajj, A. BorgholJan 2011
    An Energy-Efficient Scheme for WiMAX Downlink Bursts ConstructionN. Abbas, H. Hajj, A. YassineDec 2010
    Temperature-aware adaptive task-mapping targeting uniform thermal distribution in MPSoC platformsH. Sarhan, O. Eddash, M. Raymond, A. Wassal, Y. IsmailDec 2010