SMB Activation Cheat Sheet for MSPs

    By learning how to utilize the full potential of Intel vPro technology, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can lower costs, increase revenue, and become more competitive. For more information on Managed Service Providers and Intel vPro technology, visit


    1. Choose your ISV Management Console

    Select an ISV management console or verify that your existing console supports Intel® vPro technology.


    2. Learn about Intel® vPro technology features

    Take advantage of Intel® vPro technology web-based training:



    3. Understand the use cases you want to implement with vPro

    Learn how to realize the full potential of Intel® vPro technology features:



    4. Decide which features will bring maximum return on your investment (ROI)

    Intel® vPro technology can provide significant cost savings to both small & medium businesses and Managed Service Providers. Be sure to check out the case studies posted on to see how many of these companies realized the value of Intel® vPro technology.



    5. Decide which features to implement

    Ensure that your Management Console supports the features you wish to implement.



    6. Understand Provisioning in Small & Medium Business Environments

    There are currently 3 modes to provisioning Intel® vPro technology PCs (see Understanding Provisioning Models - Basic, Standard, & Advanced). Small businesses and the MSPs who manage them typically use the Basic provisioning mode (SMB Mode). Take a look at the links below to understand provisioning in these environments.