SMB Activation Cheat Sheet for MSPs

Version 18

    By learning how to utilize the full potential of Intel® vPro technology, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can lower costs, increase revenue, and become more competitive.


    1. Choose your ISV management console

    Select an ISV management console or verify that your existing console supports Intel vPro technology.


    2. Intel resources for MSPs


    Take advantage of Intel Platform Training

    An excellent resource site for MSPs:


    3. Step-by-step instructions on how to implement Intel vPro Technology use cases in your console


    Intel use cases:


    ISV specific use case guides:

    4. Decide which features will bring maximum return on your investment (ROI)

    Intel® vPro technology can provide significant cost savings to both small & medium businesses and Managed Service Providers.



    5. Understand Intel AMT Setup and Configuration (aka Provisioning) in Small & Medium Business Environments

    There are several ways to provision Intel vPro Technology PCs.  The guide below will help in selecting the right provisioning method in the target environment.