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    Intel Lowers Energy Costs for High Performance Computing

    by Ilene Aginsky dives deep into the problem of insufficient power. With the use of podcasts and explanation, this blog is an excellent source for all power-related questions.


    Data Centre Efficiency - its about more than electrical power

    by Alan Priestely explains the importance of power and energy, and how its efficiency can affect you.


    Government agencies and Eco-technology

    by Lorie Wigle What steps is the government taking in order to promote an eco-friendly environment? View this blog to find out!


    Data Center Efficiency

    by Lorie Wigle discusses the challenges the data centers worldwide are facing. This blog is a great resource for information on reduction of energy.






    Musings about Data Center Energy Usage

    by Enrique Castro-Leon discusses approaches for data center energy efficiency vs. energy usage optimization and how the approaches depend on IT processes and the context within which they are applied.



    Experience Using Windows* Server 2008 in a Demonstration Project for the Intel Developer Forum

    by Enrique Castro-Leon recounts of integrating Node Manager, firmware for managing power in Intel-based servers with the energy saving capabilities of the newly released WIndows Server 2008 in a virtualized environment.





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    To learn more about Energy Efficiency Performance, click to watch the videos below.


    Server Success Stories

    1. Quad Core and vPro™ with Quantifiable EE Metrics:

    Indiana's Office of Technology saved the state millions by standardizing on Intel® multi-core server technologies including Intel® Core™2 processor, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor, Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor, and Intel® Itanium® processor. Now it's targeting millions more in IT and power savings from deploying Dell* PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology.


    2. Solvay Pharmaceuticals – 7300 and 5300 Series:

    Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. chooses the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5300 series to virtualize its data center.


    3. EMIS Transforms Predictive Data Centre through Virtualization - UK’s leading IT supplier in medical infomatics, such as patient healthcare hosting:

    Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5300 series enhances data centre environment, improving efficiency for competitive advantage.































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