Intel® AMT Reflector - New Release - Added DHCP Functionality

Version 1

    Introducing a unique implementation of Intel® AMT, Intel® AMT Reflector.


    Intel® AMT Reflector is a software tool designed to allow local management of Intel® AMT Mangement Engine functionality from the local operating system. Removing the need to reboot to verify and change the Intel® AMT host computer name or un-provision Intel® AMT on the computer. This functionality improves debug and factory operations in activating and building Intel® AMT based client environments. This release completes DOPD SW Engineering's original functionality plan for the tool and is therefore marked as a production level release.


    This release has the following updates from the last release:


    v. 1.2.08184

    Summary of Changes:

    •     Added a new command to the common “Intel AMT Reflector Library.dll” component for enabling DHCP in the AMT client.

    •     Added a new command line option to the “Intel AMT Reflector Client Console.exe” application for executing the ‘enableDhcp’ command. This includes updating the command line help information.

    •     Updated the “Intel AMT Reflector User Guide.pdf “ and “ReadMe.txt” files to highlight the new functionality.

    •     Updated the binary and source code readme files with the new version number.


    The Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Reflector consists of a client and server application that allows users to perform basic operations with the Intel® AMT device hosted on their PCs without requiring a management console. The Intel® AMT Server application reflects back to an INTEL® AMT client any TCP traffic it initiates. In the context of the Intel® AMT Client, that traffic consists of Intel® AMT EOI SOAP calls sent over HTTP.  The present version of the Intel® AMT Client implements the following operations:

    •     Retrieve the DNS domain name assigned to the Intel® AMT device

    •     Change the DNS domain name assigned to the Intel® AMT device

    •     Unprovision the Intel® AMT device back to factory mode.


    Here's a 5 minute video overview of the tool's capabilities (Click here to view video on YouTube):


    Both binary only & open source licensed source versions available at the links below.


    DOPD SW Engineering Team