Looking for a HP vPro Platform - here's the place to go..

Version 1

    I was out in denver this week at an IPIP event and had a quick discussion with the local HP representation as he was showing off the latest vPro model.  I asked him if there was a place that explained each of the HP model's as I continue to get asked this question.  He responded with this URL, which I had not seen at this point.


    http://www.hp.com/go/pro or http://www.hp.com/sbso/solutions/pc_expertise/article/cpro-vpro.html?jumpid=ex_r295_go/pro/kimsmb/3Q07cpro-vpro/LP/050807


    You can scroll to the bottom and click on the business notebook tab to see every HP model.  


    To the HP guy, I owe you for the great link & thank you for sharing with me..


    Josh H