Intel's presence at ManageFusion 2008 Conference in Las Vegas

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    Click here to learn about Intel's presence at ManageFusion 2009 Conference in Las Vegas (March 10-12, 2009).


    Intel was a premier sponsor of ManageFusion® 08 in Las Vegas from April 8-10, 2008 and we had technical experts there to talk about the combination of Symantec management products with Intel vPro technology. Please view the various demonstrations, keynotes, interviews and more from the event below.


    On April 8th, in Symantec's opening keynote at ManageFusion, Intel Vice-President Gregory Bryant talked about the powerful combination of Intel vPro technology with Symantec products.  Read more about it here:[]. Also - read more about the overall Symantec ManageFusion keynote here.


    We also put together a 1:41 min video with the highlights from Gregory's speech:





    While at ManageFusion, we managed to talk to four of Symantec's leading service integrators who have started deploying and activating Intel vPro technology in their customer's environments.  Hear about their Intel vPro technology experience and how it has added value for their customers:




    At ManageFusion, one of the technical experts there was Intel Solution Architect Terry Cutler, who taught 2 labs at ManageFusion. Hear Terry speak about how Symantec and Intel are working together.  More information on one of the labs is also available at





    Another technical expert, Lee Bender from Symantec, demonstrated the powerful combination of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) with Intel vPro technology.  See the demonstration below:





    We also had Symantec Director of Strategic Alliances Kevin Unbedacht talk about how Intel vPro Technology enhances the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite. In the video below, he demonstrates hardware-assisted use models with Intel vPro technlogy based PCs around power management, remotely repairing troubled PCs, isolation of infected PCs and discovery of PC assets.




    Sometimes within Intel Marketing, we're told that our description of Intel Centrino with vPro technology or Intel Core 2 with vPro technology is a bit lengthy. Therefore, while at ManageFusion, we asked Intel customers as well as technical experts from Intel and Symantec to give us their best, most concise acronym that best describes Intel vPro Technology. Listen to their responses below.





    At Intel, we're always looking for feedback on the way IT should be. Therefore, at ManageFusion, we had Intel customers, partners, and technical experts from Symantec and Intel tell us their meaning of IT Utopia. Hear their responses in the video below.




    Intel and Symantec value having interactions with the IT community on a year-round basis. Listen to two of the most prominent and prolific bloggers on Intel vPro technology - Terry Cutler from Intel and Joel Smith from Symantec talk about how they communicate with the community via the Altiris Juice or the vPro expert center community websites.




    We also had the Intel vPro technology Challenge at the event - a competition where teams of two competed to find and fix a troubled PC. Each team had an opportunity to interact with Intel vPro technology based PCs from the Symantec Altiris Client Management Suite, and most had fun in the process! Check out the highlights from the Challenge.





    Managefusion users also participated in the IT Technology Quest: , password = itterry, a fun virtual game about Intel vPro technology with Symantec products. Participants can join IT Terry on a brief quest to find the Symantec Altiris Software and activate Intel® vPro technology.



    We also had Frank Engelman from Intel blog about his experience while at ManageFusion.


    Read his blogs:

    Day 1 at ManageFusion

    Day 2 at ManageFusion



    Also, at ManageFusion, users could:


    • Attend one of Intel's breakout sessions or labs:

      • AP B02, Lights Out! Anytime PC Management with Intel and Symantec Solutions

        • Time: Tuesday, 2:15 - 3:15 pm

        • Abstract: Want to get more out of your day? Save time and improve productivity with after hours patching, security updates, backups and more with software solutions tuned to fully leverage the latest Intel® platforms. This session was designed to help you solve some of your greatest IT challenges by demonstrating how you can improve security and manageability in the enterprise using Intel® vPro technology and Symantec's Altiris Client Management Console.

        • Instructor: Brad Thomas, Manager Intel Strategic Relations and Technology Enablement

      • AP B05, New Intel® vPro™ Technology Capabilities! Find out first hand what Intel and Symantec are developing to streamline client security and manageability

        • Time: Wednesday, 12:45 - 1:45 pm

        • Abstract: No longer do you need to face tradeoffs when managing your end points. During this session you will hear how Symantec is providing OOB management of encrypted clients through Intel® embedded technology. This and other new Intel® vPro technology features, like OOB management of remote users will be discussed. As part of this session, come prepared to share your greatest security and manageability challenges with Intel and Symantec product teams.

        • Instructors: Tom Quillin, Director of Digital Office Ecosystem Development, Intel and Kevin Unbedacht, Director, Intel Strategic Alliance, Symantec

      • AP L02, Using Intel vPro Technology with Altiris Client Management Suite

        • Time: Tuesday, 3:30 - 4:30 pm

        • Abstract: Are you new to Intel® vPro technology? Looking for hands-on examples of how Intel vPro technology can extend the value of the Altiris Client Management Suite software with Out of Band (OOB) capability? This lab focuses on the innovative extensions and capabilities for managing an enterprise client computer enabled with Intel vPro technology. Real-world customer scenarios will be discussed along with examples how Altiris Task Server jobs, Real-Time System Manager solution capabilities, and Out of Band Management solutions are enhanced by Intel vPro technology capabilities.

        • Instructors: Lee Bender, Sr. Technical Strategist - Intel Alliance, Symantec and Terry Cutler, Intel Corporation, Solution Architect

        • Learn more about this lab here:

      • AP L03, Automated Provisioning of Intel vPro Technology in an Altiris Environment

        • Time: Wednesday, 3:15 - 4:15 pm

        • Abstract: Have you deployed Intel® vPro technology-based systems into your enterprise or planning to introduce the technology soon? Are you curious how to efficiently enable the technology with minimal effort to realize potential? This lab will combine presentation and hands-on learning to understand the remote configuration process of Intel vPro technology in an Altiris environment.

        • Instructors: Terry Cutler, Intel Corporation, Solution Architect and Lee Bender, Sr. Technical Strategist - Intel Alliance, Symantec

        • Learn more about this lab here: