Intel® AMT Reflector

Version 17

    Now supports Intel® AMT 5.1!


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    The Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Reflector consists of a client and server application that allows users to perform basic operations with the Intel AMT device hosted on their PCs without requiring a management console. The Intel AMT Server application reflects back to an Intel AMT client any TCP traffic it initiates. In the context of the Intel AMT Client, that traffic consists of Intel AMT EOI SOAP calls sent over HTTP. This version of the Intel AMT Client implements the following operations:

    • Retrieve the DNS domain name assigned to the Intel AMT device
    • Change the DNS domain name assigned to the Intel AMT device
    • Unprovision the Intel AMT device back to factory mode




    v. 1.3.09246 <Hotfix>

    File size:

    1.4 MB

    Est. download time:

    1-2 sec. under LAN conditions






    • no specific hardware requirements


    • Microsoft .NET* Framework 2.0
    • Windows* 2000 Service Pack 3
    • Windows* Server* 2003
    • Windows* Vista* (any version)
    • Windows* XP* Service Pack 2


    Available In This Download:

    • User's Guide
    • Overview
    • Feedback / Bug Report Form
    • Readme File
    • License Agreement


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