Simplifying the Intel vPro Provisioning process

Version 4

    A prerequisite to realizing the benefits of Intel vPro in the Standard or Advanced mode is to configure the management engine according to the target environment.  This paper identifies the basic elements of the provisioning process, network infrastructure interaction, and related dependencies, and is not intended to provide a full overview of the provisioning process for Intel® AMT devices. The paper will help the desktop management and the network management teams understand the requirements to activate Intel® AMT successfully. This process, known as either Standard or Advanced provisioning, is a simple and self-sustaining process once the upfront planning and infrastructural preparations are accomplished.


    This is version 1 of the whitepaper.

    **Please Note: Basic was previously called SMB mode. Standard and Advanced were referred to as Enterprise mode. See Michele's Understanding Provisioning Models - Basic, Standard, & Advanced for explanation.