Online activation workshop for Intel vPro using Altiris Client Management Suite

Version 1

    Getting Intel vPro "activated" within an Altiris environment is relatively simple.  Take a look at the six videos linked below, scrolling between videos using the arrows on each side of the viewer screen.


    Each video contains up to 10 minutes of content with the summaries provided below.  The compilation is based on experiences and learnings from customer workshops, training events, and more.  More is coming - and if you have a request, please note.


    1. Workshop part 1 - Understanding the main components Intel vPro, focus points for deployment, and determining what future usage models are possible

    2. Workshop part 2 - Overview of the provisioning process using pre-shared key, Enterprise infrastructure components and requirements, IT governance and process summary, and main steps to be accomplished in an Altiris environment

    3. Altiris provisioning interface walkthrough – Tour of the main features and settings needed for basic enterprise mode provisioning with a pre-shared key approach

    4. USB one-touch provisioning using Altiris - See the prompts on the client computer and the provisioning log for a successful pre-shared key provisioning using the USB one-touch approach.

    5. One to one client management using Altiris Real-Time Systems Management (RTSM) - Demonstration of the key features and capabilities for one-to-one client management.

    6. One to many client management using Altiris Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) and Task Server - Demonstration of the key features and capabilities for one-to-many client management.