You’ve got your PRO laptop or desktop…, ready, set, go..  but wait.  Do you have to flash the BIOS or ME Firmware?

Version 1

    One of the key steps in getting started with a PRO laptop or desktop is that you may need to flash the BIOS or ME.  While this seems like a trivial task, sometimes it can be a bit painful If you haven’t prepared for the task.  Here are the key gotcha’s that we found out that may help you in your setup of AMT.


    #1.  Make sure you have a USB Flash drive, any FAT-16 formatted (limitation of 2GB) USB drive will work, but the under 1GB devices will ‘auto boot’ at floppy devices versus having to setup the BIOS to boot to USB

    #2.  Download the latest BIOS & ME firmware (see your OEM’s site for the latest packages) ~ or you can check out the quick start guide to see the OEM specific web sites.

    #3.  Download a USB boot utility – Example: – What is nice about this site is it has a link to the Windows 98 files you will need.

    #4.  Then follow the prompts on the utility & you should be on your way to creating a DOS bootable USB flash drive.  After you’ve completed the steps you will want to move the BIOS and ME Firmware files to the drive.  Then you are ready to go to the new PRO laptop /desktop & boot up into the drive, run the update files & that should do the trick.


    The next question will be “When is a setup.bin file too large?”.. check out what Terry Cutler wrote on the following discussion thread.   


    Let me know if any questions or if I should add screen shots above.