Intel® AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK)

Version 4

    This set of tools is available publicaly with source code to help users make the most of Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) found in Intel vPro and Centrino Pro computers. The Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK) includes tools that cover a wide range of AMT fonctionality. These tools have been tested to run with all versions of Intel AMT starting with Intel AMT 1.0 and onwards.






    Intel AMT Commander. Probably the most famous of the tools, this is probably the most complete Intel AMT management console avaialble today. It's wide support for almost every Intel AMT feature available. It's built-in VT100 terminal, TLS auto-detection and advanced features such as TCP-over-Serial-over-LAN make it a unique management console.



    Intel AMT Defender. Much like Commander but with a alternative user interface, this console is focused on simplicity and ease of use. It also has a unique way of making use of Intel System Defense. It's live user interface constently updates the packet counters and allows the user to perform System Defense operation with ease.



    Intel AMT Outpost. A one of a kind Intel AMT agent, this tool will connect with the local Intel AMT services and act as a serial agent providing an out-of-band management prompt that can be used to perform operations even while the OS network adapter driver is disabled. Combined with a VNC server, Intel AMT Outpost can be used as a tunneling agent to take control of a computer's display and keyboard using the Serial-over-LAN out-of-band channel.



    Intel AMT Guardport. A C/C++ version of Intel AMT Outpost serial agent, this light weight tool can be loaded on a recovery OS such as WinPE or installed in the background of any regular OS to provide out-of-band management at the OS level. This agent is intended to evolve to eventualy have the same set of features as Intel AMT Outpost.



    Intel AMT Switchbox. This C/C++ software runs on WIndows and Linux, including MIPS routers with a Linksys WRT routers and acts as a remote management point for Intel AMT. This software can be used to monitor computers remotly, act as a firewall pass-thru or perform accelerated IDE redirection sessions. Intel AMT Switchbox has state-of-the-art AJAX based web UI for configuration and control.