Tools and Utilities for Intel® vPro™ Technology

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    Purpose: Create a single page of key tools that help you integrate & utilize Intel® vPro™ technology.





    Use these tools to help set up a test environment before deploying Intel® vPro™ technology.


    Manageability Developer Toolkit
    Includes: Manageability Commander, Outpost, and Connector

    Enables testers, developers, and designers to better understand the benefits of Intel® vPro™ technology and assist in the testing of Intel® vPro™ technology applications.  Now supports new features introduced in 2010 including IPv6 and KVM remote desktop control settings.

    Intel(R) vPro(TM) Packet Decoder

    Sniffs and decodes non-TLS Intel(R) AMT SOAP packets for SW developers and testing purposes.  Supports SMB/Basic Intel AMT provisioning mode only.



    These tools help activate your PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology.


    Intel® Antitheft Status Utility

    A Windows* command-line utility that provides the capability to check the status of Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT).  Will determine if the status of Intel® AT is active or inactive.

    Intel® Remote Configuration Certificate Utility

    To use remote configuration for provisioning a system, a special remote configuration (RCFG) certificate is needed. Selecting this certificate can be complex. This utility automates and simplifies the selection process.

    Intel® Remote Configuration Scout

    This simple command line utility returns the Intel® Management Engine firmware version and DHCP option 15 value when run on Intel® vPro™ technology enabled clients. This utility helps complete remote configuration certificate decisions.

    Intel® AMT Scan

    Pre-activation utility that captures Intel® ME information about non- provisioned clients and writes this data back into the Microsoft Windows* registry for use by the management console.  This helps in planning activation deployment in your enterprise.

    Intel® SCS to SCCM Migration Utility

    Migrates client systems—originally configured using Intel® SCS and managed by any management console—to be managed by Microsoft* System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) SP1.

    Intel® WS-Management Translator

    The Intel® WS-Management Translator makes it possible for WS-Management based software to be used in conjunction with Intel® AMT platforms older than version 3.0. Using the translator, management software can send WS-Management commands to the translator, the translator will in turn perform the equivalent operation on an Intel® AMT device using a proprietary SOAP based protocol understood by all Intel® AMT platforms

    Intel® Setup and Configuration Service

    (Developer's download site)

    (Intel Download site)

    Intel® vPro™ Technology Setup and Configuration Service (Intel® SCS) allows for most aspects of setup and configuration to be completed through a remote management console.  Intel SCS also includes Host Based Configuration for fast and easy setup on the client.

    Intel® vPro Activator on LiveCD

    Intel(R) vPro(TM) Activator on LiveCD is a self-contained Linux environment with Intel vPro activation software, which can fit on a USB key thumb drive. It allows you to activate your Intel vPro clients without configuring a DNS alias for a provisioning server or using the Bare-Metal Configuration option in Intel AMT (which some OEMs turn off).

    Microsoft ConfigMgr bare-metal provisioning script

    This download package outlines the necessary security configuration and points you to resources you can use to create a script for automating Microsoft ConfigMgr bare-metal provisioning.



    Now that you're activated, use these tools to manage your client systems



    Intel® AMT Generic Redirection Tool

    Simplifies and automates the use of Intel AMT remote power control and redirection (SOL/IDER) capabilities. The tool executes simple user-created XML scripts, which may include remote power control operations, SOL operations for reading and writing text, parsing the remote screen and IDER operations.

    Intel® Remote Power Control Utility

    Allows you to remotely control the power state of an Intel® vPro™ technology system without requiring a separate management console (command-line utility).

    Intel® AMT Unprovision Utility

    Allows you to undo provisioning (or activation) to an Intel® vPro™ technology system without requiring a separate management console (command-line utility).

    Intel® AMT Reflector

    A tool which offers a unique implementation allowing an Intel® AMT client to access/manage some Intel® vPro™ technology functionality locally via the OS without entering the management engine directly (usually via BIOS).

    Intel® System Defense Utility

    An easy to use tool for small and medium businesses to take advantage of valuable proactive security and manageability features of Intel® vPro™ processor technology. Combined with systems built on Intel® Desktop Boards Executive Series, it enables remote security and manageability functions such as setting security policies, BIOS configuration, remote reboot, asset management, event logging, and more.

    Microsoft ConfigMgr Log Parser Script

    Reading through the wealth of information in Microsoft ConfigMgr logs can be a challenge, especially if you are provisioning a lot of systems at one time.  To help with this, Intel has put together a VBScript example to help make the job of debugging provisioning problems easier. This script parses through the Microsoft ConfigMgr log file you specify and creates a new log file containing entries relevant to the string you are searching for.

    Microsoft ConfigMgr OOB Settings Update Script

    This script automates the process of pushing out-of-band configuration settings to your Intel® vPro™ clients.

    Microsoft ConfigMgr Console VBScript

    This script launches the Microsoft ConfigMgr Management Console.

    Intel AMT Powershell Scripts

    Collection of Powershell scripts that enable Intel vPro / Intel AMT features and functionality.  Scripts include a remote power control utility used to power on, reset, and power off Intel vPro tecnhnology based clients remotely.  A Third Party Data Store (3PDS) script is included enabling creation, deletion, writing, and reading of blocks of data to the third party data store feature of Intel AMT.




    Use these tools to develop your own solutions.


    Intel® AMT Software Development Kit
    (Intel® AMT SDK)

    Provides the low-level programming capabilities to enable developers to build manageability applications that take full advantage of Intel® Active Management Technology built into Intel® vPro™ technology computers.



    Intel® AMT Diagnostics Tool

    The Intel® AMT Diagnostics Tool helps gather information about an Intel® AMT capable system and its environment and may help in detecting problems by scanning the system and its environment to collect data and running tests that cross check the results of the scans with optional information supplied by user to detect possible issues.


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