Issues after Upgrade form Ac 3165 to Ac 8265

Version 1



    There are heavy Bluetooth issues after the upgrade from Intel Dual Band Wireless combo AC 3165 to Intel Dual Band Wireless combo AC 8265.

    Wifi connection works very god and fast, but Bluetooth connection comes and goes. That means it ceases to function from one second to another.

    My notebook is a Medion Akoya P6670 MD 99960


    Would you help me please.



    SSID: Telecom-18442577

    Protokoll: 802.11n

    Sicherheitstyp: WPA2-Personal

    Netzfrequenzbereich: 2,4 GHz

    Netzwerkkanal: 2



    Hersteller: Intel Corporation

    Beschreibung: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265


    Physische Adresse (MAC): F8-59-71-10-12-CE