Intel Galileo Comparison

Version 1

    A recollection of sites/documents where the Intel Galileo card is compared to other cards (some threads contain some of this too, e.g. Galileo Vs Raspberry pi(RPi)):


    1) At mouser, maybe a little bit outdated now, but still useful, I think


    2) At adafruit, several criteria, with numeric/objective data


    3) At wikipedia, basically extracting data from data sheets, and a lot of cards

    Comparison of single-board computers - Wikipedia


    4) Three Intel cards compared:

    Intel® – How to choose the right board for your project


    5) Intel Galileo (Gen 2) and cards which I only heard about (mostly unknown to me),66,77,22/


    6) Mostly from the point of view of energy consumption

    Technical Report TR-RT-01-2016 (code and video included)