Known Issues/Problems in Intel Galileo - Arduino Environment

Version 2

    About recognizing the USB connection to the Intel Galileo:

    1) One of the most frequent and periodically reported problem is due to driver installation problems.

        Possible Fix/es: sometimes it is enough to follow the step-by-step guide starting at IoT - Step 1: Make a bootable micro SD card | Intel® Software. If the problem persists, another way of solving the driver issue has been reported: Issue with connecting galileo gen 2 to win 8.1 computer, Re: CDC Serial, Re: CDC serial driver issue.

    2) Hardware issues: defective cables, using SUB hubs, USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0 ports. None of these results in "always a problem", but in "sometimes a problem".


    About losing USB connection:

    It has been very frequent using early versions (2014-2015) of yocto in the SD, not so frequent now (since 2016 versions). The reported symptom has been that: a) everything works as expected about uploading sketches, the uploading process reports errors and the sketch is not uploaded anymore. Possible Fix/es: change USB port or, rather drastically reboot the computer.


    About Arduino compatibility: before starting a project involving several devices/modules, check the Intel Galileo shield compatibility report: Shield Testing Report for Intel® Galileo Board, Intel® Galileo Gen 2...