Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit – known issues

Version 4

    List of known issues as for Jun, 7, 2017


    1. Librealsense fisheye config doesn’t work, none of the config options is working and same as realsense_camera ROS wrapper:
      1. Fisheye_exposure - not working
      2. Fisheye gain - not working
      3. Fisheye strobe - not working
      4. Fisheye external trigger - not working
      5. Fisheye auto exposure - always on
      6. Fisheye auto exposure anti flicker rate - not working
      7. Fisheye auto exposure pixel sample rate - not working
      8. Fisheye auto exposure skip frames - not working
    2. Fisheye FPS currently is 30 fps, cannot be changed.
    3. I2C bug, Euclid might stop charging or no charging indication although it is charging, usually happens when turning on and off the cameras, WORKAROUND: reboot
    4. realsense_camera launch param: enable_depth is not working correctly, when disabled, only fisheye will stream.
    5. ROS Master URI on the web interface adds another "http://" and causes ROS system to not work.
      1. Workaround: when inseting a new URI, do not add "http://" or the port. simply write the IP/host name as follows:
        1. "localhost" instead of "http://localhost:11311"


                        (Thanks MarshallM900 for the correction)