Workaround to get Windows Hello (and other apps) Working with SR300 on Windows Creators Build 15063 on HP PC

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    Many thanks to user Ecto for contributing this excellent blog on how to get Windows Hello and other apps working with the RealSense SR300 camera on Windows Creators Build 15063. You can adapt his instructions to your own system. Note: this does not solve the Depth issue. This only fixes Windows Hello and other apps that rely on RGB.


    Ecto writes:

    I was able to restore the Windows Hello facial recognition function on my HP ENVY laptop with the help of technician John L. at the Microsoft Answer Desk via online chat and remote logon.


    Here are the step-by-step instructions that might be of help to others:


    # 1 - Check that the latest Windows 10 Updates have been installed in Settings - Windows Update

    # 2 - Run Device Troubleshoot in Settings - Troubleshoot - Hardware & Devices and if Video 3D driver updates are found, click install

    # 3 - R-install Intel Chipset at HP (Enter your particular computer name and serial number)

    # 4 - Remove Webcam drivers in Device Manager - Imaging Devices - Right click on Intel RealSense Camera SR300 Depth and repeat on Intel RealSense Camera SR300 RGB (Note that virtual driver is missing)

    # 5 - Reboot


    Windows Hello should now be working after rebooting. If not,


    # 6 - Check that webcam drivers have re-populated in Device Manager. If not, open Device Manager, right click on the name of your computer at the top of the listing in Device Manager, and click on Scan for Hardware Changes.

    # 7 - Improve facial recognition at Settings - Windows Hello - Face Recognition - Click on Improve Recognition


    I know that this procedure will work on HP laptops and may work on other OEM devices as well. Step # 3, reinstalling the Intel Chipset driver is redundant and may not be necessary, but may be done as a precaution to be sure that the latest Intel Chipset drivers are installed.


    From my own experience, I would advise others not to attempt to install the Intel RealSense Camera SR300 Virtual driver until it is fully tested and certified as being compatible with the latest Windows 10 build. I am satisfied for now that I again have functionality for Windows Hello, Skype, and other Apps which use the webcam.


    Thank you again Jesus, and others on this forum, for your help, suggestions, and support.





    Great news that you got Windows Hello restored, Joel - thanks so much for sharing this information with the community! 


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