How to Recover Exchange Mailbox?

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    MS Exchange 2010 was introduced with much better retention policies and users were benefited by this feature a lot. Users also got a solution for how to recover Exchange 2010 mailbox when it gets permanently deleted. When a mailbox is removed or deleted from MS Exchange server, it is actually not deleted. What happens exactly is it gets disconnected from the Active Directory account and sustains there as a disconnected mailbox for pre-defined time period. To be clearer the mailbox is just flagged as deleted and unavailable for users to access it. This pre-defined time period is 30 days by default. Exchange users, fortunately can reconnect to this mailbox within this time period at any point. This feature is essentially useful in the case of accidental mailbox deletion.

    How to Check Deleted Mailbox Retention Policy?

    • Start EMC (Exchange Management Console).
    • Expand Microsoft Exchange On-premises in the navigation pane.
    • Expand Organization Configuration.
    • Go for Mailbox.
    • Now, select the Database Management tab under Mailbox pane.
    • Right-click on the mailbox which has to be verified.
    • Click on Properties and then click Limits Tab.
    • Here you can verify for the deletion settings and do the necessary changes.

    You can check that the deleted mailbox you are looking for is available for retention or not by checking the validity for the retention. One can also check the disconnected mailbox list.

    How to Access Disconnected Exchange Mailboxes?

    • Start EMC and expand MS Exchange On-premises.
    • Here, expand the Recipient Configuration
    • Now, select Disconnected Mailboxes.

    The list will show the mailboxes you were looking for only if it was deleted within the retention period. If you are sure that the retention period is not over and still the mailbox is unavailable here. Then it is possible that Exchange store has not been updated, and the databases have not been cleaned up by Exchange. This process can be explicitly executed by user. Let us see how;

    • First go to Start and type there Exchange Management Shell
    • Now, right-click on Exchange Shell and Run as Administrator
    • When prompted, type: Get-Mailboxdatabase | Clean-MailboxDatabase
    • If next command line is returned the cleaning procedure is done.

    Now Disconnected Mailboxes will list up deleted Mailboxes in Exchange Management Console. You can reconnect the mailbox by right-clicking on it and clicking Connect.

    What If Retention Period Is Over?

    In case retention period of mailbox is over, there are very less possibilities to recover these mailboxes. However, there are some software tools available which can deliberately recover mailbox data which has been permanently deleted. For e.g. Exchange Server Recovery software is capable to regain deleted data from Exchange database letting users know how to recover Exchange 2010 mailbox. In case the data is very crucial and users need an urgent recovery of it, a professional help can be a wise solution. For Download Free Software, Refer the link: -