Wi-Fi Direct data transfer between two Intel® Edison devices through FTP

Version 2

    The following guide will guide you on how to transfer a file using the Intel® Edison’s Wi-Fi direct interface, this guide will guide through the basic steps to set up a Wi-Fi Direct connection, however if you need more information about the Intel® Edison’s Wi-Fi capabilities please refer to Wi Fi User Guide for Boards and Kits

    You will require two Intel® Edison devices updated to the latest Yocto image, and to have the AlexT’s repo set up; to learn how to do it you can visit: Edison Package Repo Configuration Instructions

    1. Download the SFTP package from AlexT’s Repo on both Intel® Edison devices and wait for it to install:

    opkg install openssh-sftp


    2. Basic P2P setup.

         a. Make sure to enable wpa_supplicant  on both Intel® Edison devices by typing:

         systemctl start wpa_supplicant

         b. Start discovery of both Intel® Edison with the command:

         wpa_cli  -ip2p-dev-wlan0 p2p_find


         c. Enter the following command on both Intel® Edison devices to show the MAC address of the discovered peer devices:

         wpa_cli -ip2p-dev-wlan0 p2p_peers

              i. First Intel® Edison:


              ii. Second Intel® Edison:


    3. Set up the P2P connection with PIN as autonomous GO (Group Owner).

         a. On the first Intel® Edison:

              i. Enter the following command to configure it as the GO:

              wpa_cli -ip2p-dev-wlan0 p2p_group_add


              ii. Enter the next command to return the P2P connection PIN that you will later use to connect the second Intel® Edison.

              wpa_cli -ip2p-wlan0-0 wps_pin any


         b. On the second Intel® Edison:

              i. Enter the following command to connect with the first Intel® Edison:

              wpa_cli -ip2p-dev-wlan0 p2p_connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX GIVEN_PIN join

              *Change “XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” for the first Intel® Edison’s MAC address  and change “GIVEN_PIN” for the PIN provided on the previous step.


    4. Verify the status of the P2P connection on both Intel® Edison devices  with:

    ifconfig p2p-wlan0-0

         a. First Intel® Edison


         b. Second Intel® Edison


         At this the Wi-Fi Direct connection should be established, so you should be able to ping among the two devices.

         c. First Intel® Edison


         d. Second Intel® Edison


    5. Start the SFTP session:

    sftp user@host

    * The user will be the user (root) of Intel® Edison that you are connecting from and the host will be the IP address of the Intel® Edison that you are connecting to. More information about SFTP can be found in http://linux.die.net/man/1/sftp

    *In this example the first Intel ®Edison has to files in the /home/root directory, test1 and test2, it will explained how to transfer them to the second Intel® Edison.


    • First Intel® Edison                                                       • Second Intel® Edison

    12.png                                 13.png

      Connecting the second Edison to the first one:


    You can use the command “ls” to see the content of the first Edison and the “get” command to download a file from the first Edison to the second one. You can use the command “exit” to finish the SFTP session.


    Bellow you will see that the files called “test1” and “test2” are successfully downloaded from the first Edison to the second one.