Quick Start Guide - Deploying Intel vPro Technology with Intel® AMT

Version 5

    The attached documents provides an overview of considerations, steps, and approach to deploying Intel® AMT in a production environment, whether Basic* (small-business) or the Standard/Advanced* (enterprise) mode. As a quick start guide, the document is meant as an easy reference with links and pointers to supporting material and documentation. Specific client management consoles are not discussed, and may be better addressed by the respective vendors or the consoles. The document is separated into two main sections - one for small business and the second for enterprise mode. Each includes subsections briefly addressing infrastructure, preparing the Intel® AMT management engine, and validating the functionality.


    **Please Note: The provisioning names have changed! Basic was previously called SMB mode. Standard and Advanced were referred to as Enterprise mode. See Michele's Understanding Provisioning Models - Basic, Standard, & Advanced for explanation.


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