• RealSense D400 - Strobing IR Projection

    Is it possible to strobe the IR projection synchronously with the IR camera capture?   The purpose of this is a scenario where there is a secondary sensor that measures in the IR spectrum. The IR projection from ...
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  • Is ZR300 component synchronized internally

    Hi, ZR300 contains RGB Fish-eye, Depth and IMU units. Are those three synchronized via hardware signals? if not are they synchronized via some time-stamp? what is the maximum drift in mSec between them?   Anoth...
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  • 8700K (UHD Graphics 630) DisplayPort not working

    Hello,   So I have a Asus Z370E motherboard (latest bios) with an Intel i7 8700k installed in it running windows 10 professional. This system is connected to an Asus PG278Q via DisplayPort only as well as this i...
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  • X5-Z8350 CPU and Meltdown/Spectre

    Hello, I'm looking for a simple CPU that is not affected by so-called "Speculative Execution" and "Indirect Branch Prediction" exploits, in the media usually called "Meltdown" and "Spectre". INTEL-SA-00088 lists sev...
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  • Transparent app window in fullscreen mode Intel GPU 600 series

    Hello! Recently we have faced a problem with fullscreen mode of our app after start. Description of the issue is below. Both SSU and DxDiag reports are attached. Thank you in advance!     Category Que...
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  • Custom bios logo with latest bios KYSKLi70.86A

    Hi   I just tried to update the nuc skull with my own custom logo - followed the instructions from the intel intrgator toolkit pdf and made a .bio file with my jpg - No errors. After a restart i pressed f7 to g...
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  • Nuc5i5RYH display issues?

    My Nuc5i5RYH has a visible distorted line 1/3 of the way down the screen and becomes more dramatic during fast action scenes. Any suggestions please?
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  • Could not enter BIOS after upgrade 065

    My NUC works normally before BIOS version 065. After upgrade to 065, The NUC BOOT Screen disappeared, Black screen maintained until Windows 10 logon screen. No response by pressing F2, F10, F12 when system boot. ...
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  • why cannot find any information about my old ssd 320 series 600gb on the official website

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  • I can't install "Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows"

    I can't install "Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows". When install finish , i see that text "This system does not meet the minimum requirements for software installation". What i should to do?   i5-2430M ...
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  • Chipset Device Software Wrong driver date?

    After version, some drivers are wrong drver date with 1/1/1970, and So far not solved, at version, all of them are worng driver date,What the hell what the heck!!!!     ; ***************...
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  • Compatible CPUs

    Hello,   I want to buy a mini-pc that will be my Intel Unite Hub and I know that there it need to be a CPU that support vPro technology. I looked for and found this website with list of CPU's that supports vPro...
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  • New Intel Compute Stick 2018

    Hi Guys, I have one Question? Will be create a new Compute Stick devices this year? Because My PC Stick with Atom z3735f is broken and The Atom model on this stick is slow and old. Best Regards, Georgi
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  • NUC7i5BNK Dual Monitor Setup HDMI to DisplayPort

    I do have a NUC7i5BNK that I want to operate with a dual monitor setup as described below:   1st monitor connected Tunderbolt3 to DisplayPort = OK 2nd monitor connected HDMI to DisplayPort = NOK (Screen stays b...
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  • Intel Driver & Support Assistant Problem

    I installed Intel Driver & Support Assistant 3.1.2. When it scans I get the message: I attached a picture of the message. Any help here
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  • NUC7i3 BIOS 61 Windows 10 start menu not to be open

    Since the update to BIOS v061 my Windows 10 1709 Home Premium is not working fine. The system starts normally, after logging in sometimes all icons in the taskbar incl. start menu are not clickable. Shortcuts like Win...
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  • erro display led 1c placa mãe DP67BG

    boa tarde galera estou com uma placa mae intel dp67bg a mesma se encontra com o erro 1c no display led e não incia apenas liga e desliga alguma solução para meu problema ?
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  • Asus Vivo Tab 8 trusted execution engine interface failure  ?

    Intel trusted execution engine interface on ab ASUS vivo tab 8 failure to start (code 10) hence no touch  screen
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  • What is the maximum output resolution on Intel HD graphics 620 video card.

    Hello, I currently own a dell laptop with Intel HD graphics 620 video card. I am in the process of purchasing an external monitor to connect to this laptop. I need to know what is the maximum output resolution on this...
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  • Intel HD620 graphics driver bug

    Category Questions Answers (N/A if not applicable) Description Provide a detailed description of the issue watching twitch.tv streams at 1080p@60fps, fullscreen freezes chrome and windows in a matter of seconds w...
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