• Atualização S2600cp

    bom dia, apos atualizacao da bios, o led ambar fica piscando, diz que e as memorias incorretas mas no IASC todas estao OK.
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  • Where can I find the SAS drivers?

    Hi, Some basic facts first: OS: WIndows Server 2016 Motherboard: SuperMicro X9SRi-F Socket: LGA2011 E5-2600/E5-1600 v2 Chipset: Intel® C602 chipset   I have tried to install the following drivers from I...
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  • How to send commands to ME using Aardvark?

        As we know, in Purley platform server, if I use Aardvark which is connected to PSU-BMC I2C bus to send PMBus commands to Power Supply, if will cause server system CPU throttle. Because for PSU, ther...
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  • USB audio issues

    Hi, I have intel NUC7i5 and I have a strange issue. I use a usb device for audio that uses XMOS driver and play only music through it. For all other audio uses my default is the HDMI output connected to my tv. When...
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  • server health

    BB +1.35 P1LV AB BB +1.35 P1LV DE All deasserted?  why? is ok?
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  • Driver support update?

    what's going on with latest update? ran it on 3 different browsers and all timed out with no updates. Everything else on the net comes up quickly. This is aggravating!
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  • Why does "fio write" change the performance of "fio read"

    I have a P4600 2TB NVMe SSD. Right after I used Intel SSD toolbox to secure erase it, fio reports 4kB random read at 809K IOPS.   sudo fio --name=dummy --size=10G --filename=/dev/nvme0n1 --ioengine=libaio --di...
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  • Problems on 3D apps with graphics HD620 and Nvidia 930MX

    I own an Asus x566 laptop with:   Intel Core i5 7200U 12 GB of RAM at 2400MHz Intel HD 620 integrated graphics Nvidia Geforce 930mx dedicated graphics 256 GB SSD for OS and 1TB HDD for files   At the b...
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  • Intel RST problem

    Hello, I may have a big RAID 1 problem and need advice.  I wanted to get rid of my RAID setup which is two 2TB drives with 300GB as a RAID 0 array and the remaining as a RAID 1 array.  I did research beforeh...
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  • Cameras R200

    Hello good afternoon. I want to ask about an error I have when I want to take a picture with the R200 I write the following command sudo gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device = / dev / video0 num-buffers = 1! jpegenc! fi...
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  • Jouabilité dans VSK5

    Bonjour, Je suis accro au jeu en ligne VSK5 (ou 32ndAmerica's Cup) de Nadeo. La jouabilité de ce jeu se dégrade ( images de plus en plus saccadées) lorsque le nombre de joueurs en ligne augmente...
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  • Intel Display adapters taking HUGE chunks of space in my driver store, on SSD

    Intel is killing my SSD with all this space usage, My HDD is full because of this. Now I'm wondering of some of these can be deleted as there's no way that all these drivers are needed. They all seem to be the same ve...
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  • Disconnect Inactive Clients

    Hello! Running in to an issue where users are not disconnecting from the HUBs. Is there a profile property/setting I can modify to terminate inactive connections after a specified amount of time?   Thank you
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  • Windows 7 performance issue using Adaptive Load Balancing

    Adaptive Load Balancing, Windows 7/x64 2 NICs/team (X520-T2 and X540-T2), 4 nodes with one team each. 2 xs708ev2 switches, one connection per team per switch. One NIC is always inactive. Running current releases o...
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  • D415 RGB sensor focus

    Hi, In my current application I want to show RGB images.  The main object of the scene is located at about 25cm from the camera.  Unfortunately, the D415 RGB sensor seems to be out of focus at this distance...
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  • intel rst

    Hello I have a notebook ASUS S400CA-CA 148H     I am unable to install intel rst software, the message that appears to me is "platform is not supported" Some ideas? Advices?
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  • ac9260 is no compatatible with x399 aorus gaming 7

    yesterday i bought an ac9260 with pci e adapter on taobao, but i found it is not compatitable, the system reboots while install the driver.
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  • i5-6600 speed stuck from 0.76 - 0.79 ghz

    Hi everyone,   I'm using an i5-6600 and MSI H170 gaming m3. Sometimes, my CPU speed got stuck at 0.76 ~ 0.79 GHz. I observed this speed through Windows Task Manager. It happens randomly, while I'm playing game...
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  • NUC7i5DNKE no UEFI boot

    Have a new NUC7i5DNKE kit. Added a 8GB SODIMM and a Western Digital m.2 SSD. System boots up and the BIOS shows the SSD as being there. However, it doesn't show up as a boot drive under UEFI. I have read the other pos...
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  • set sector/block size in 900P in ubuntu.

    I have a intel 900P installed in a Ubuntu 16.04 machine (with nvme 1.0 kernel module loaded by default) Some of the system information: (it's recognized as 2700... not 900P, I am not sure it's critical or not..) lif...
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