• configure_edison failure

    Hello,   Although I have used configure_edison successfully in the past (more than a year ago!), my current attempt fails:   configure_edison --wifi File "/usr/bin/configure_edison", line 160 print unaccept...
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  • dGPU Switch and Freeze Problem

    Hi,   there is a problem with laptops which have Intel CPU + GTX 1050/1050Ti/1060/1070. The problem is, whenever you try to do some action on the OS, discrete GPU is triggered and it causes a 0.5s freeze.   ...
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  • Latest Yocto Image

    Hello,   Is there an image (after 3.10.98-poky-edison) that I can flash without resorting to the detailed instructions posted in this forum? Some of the details (at 1 Prerequisites for building · htot/meta-...
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  • USB LTE dongle for Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone

    Hi,   I am having a difficult time finding resources that says whether or not the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone (Aero) supports USB LTE dongles. I understand that the Aero supports an LTE modem via M.2 interface...
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  • how to enable s2600wft network on ubuntu16.04?

    I'm installed ubuntu16.04 desktop on this server. But network doesn't work, a "cable unplugged" always show in network setting. I'm wondering is it a driver issue so I downloaded a driver from here: Download Intel...
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  • intel sst audio device (wdm) not working

    i suddenly restarted my trekstor surfbook w2 then i noticed that there was a big x on the audio icon     i tried to fix it several time but i failed i tried to reinstall driver,update driver,enable windows...
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  • Bios and FPGA unknown

    I installed ubuntu on intel aero RTF. I updated the BIOS and FPGA but when I run command to update px4 firmware. I followed the instruction here. I am getting following messages:-     /sys/firmware/dmi/table...
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  • collision avoidance library installation confusion

    Since I would like to get collision avoidance on my RTF drone, Method 1 of the build and install step on the collision and avoidance library github page would be the step I would like to take. While trying to follow t...
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  • Is this suitable Flight controller for my plan?

    Hello, I am planning to build a custom drone (coaxial 4wings - 4*2), and I am trying to lift 10kg with the new drone.  So far, I have used Mikro Kopter for flight controller.  By a limitation of amp, I canno...
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  • Intel HD630 New HDR driver problem on primary monitor

    Hi   On trying the new HDR driver version my primary monitor, being the first one in the Display Port chain (I have two of the same Dell monitors daisy changed by Display Port), seems to have reduc...
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  • Intel DSA ''oops'' error.

    I've seen this issue in many discussions here and the most common fix for right now at least is to paste the DSA link to Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. I have attempted both solutions but the ''oops'' error is s...
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  • Unite PIN Server HA Issue

    Hello Unite Team,   Here is a issue with Unite PIN server high available on F5 Loadbalance. In our environment, we have two pin server each one is woking well when running as single server. We used DNS SRV to s...
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  • support 3TB harddisk by lagacy motherboard

    Hi Intel,   Can the legacy motherboard DG965SS with BIOS version MQ96510J.86A.1754.2008.1117.0002 support 3TB or above harddisk volumn?   looking forward to your reply.   Ray
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  • Poor Quality Video Playback on Intel HD Graphics 4600

    Using Windows 7 MediaCentre on a HP EliteDeck 800 D1 SFF with Intel HD Graphics 4600. HD video looks perfect, but SD (PAL) looks diabolical. Aliasing, chroma errors. Playing on a 4K display, but also tried reducing th...
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  • Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

    My wireless adapter doesn t work when i upgrade to latest version of window 10! it says : the device cannot start (code 10)
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  • Windows Server 2016 Mirror Created using Microsoft Disk Management

    Hi   Windows Server 2016 Intel s1200Splr Motherboard 2 x 1 TB Seagate 7200 rpm Drives BIOS set to Legacy Santa set to AHCI Mirror Created Using Windows Disk Manager Add Mirror Function Mirror Builds, says...
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  • ideep4py/py/mm/mdarray.h:15:22: fatal error: mkldnn.hpp: No such file or directory

    Hi,   I am going to install Intel/chainer(on Github) on my devCloud, but I got a weird error:   ideep4py/py/mm/mdarray.h:15:22: fatal error: mkldnn.hpp: No such file or directory   btw, I install it ...
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  • Does the X540-T2 NIC supported on Windows Server 2016?

    Does the X540-T2 NIC supported on Windows Server 2016?
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  • i210 windows driver source

    Hi,   We are working on a i210 flash-less design in which the i210 operates in Serdes/1000Base-BX mode attached to an external optical module. We have already validated the design as it has passed all acceptance ...
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  • NUC6CAY_need driver for win8.1

    I've installed new win8.1pro license on additional 500GB HDD after I got NUC6CAY, but I couldn't find where to download their driver, please advise. Thanks. Note: our company purchased lot of win8.1pro license from M...
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