• I want to get the real x, y, and z coordinates of the object.

    I want to get the real x, y, and z coordinates of the object. Currently, I am using the R2. A recent project is to find an object and get its actual coordinates. However, I am a beginner and it is difficult to accomp...
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  • Standalone setup required Error Message

    Hello   We are looking into utilizing Intel Unite as a solution for our conference rooms.  We have a demo HP Slice, but when I configure it for our environment, I get an error stating "Standalone setup requ...
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  • Power Button Menu and Secure Boot

    Can anyone confirm that Secure Boot become disabled when you use Boot Menu (F10) accessed through Power Button Menu?   How to check (provided you have enabled Secure Boot inside BIOS settings): 1. Power off you...
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  • Intel i7 - 8700K Damaged But Doas It Still Work?

    Dear Intel,   My new processor got damaged in the socket of an Asus Rog Strix Z370-e Gaming motherboard. The pins of the socket got damaged and Asus was unable to repair it.   A friend of mine recommended...
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  • XEON Phi 7290 really slow

    I have a  XEON Phi 7290 running on Windows Server 2016 Applications seem really slow while CPU utilisation is quite low, am I missing something. Can running A virtual machine help with the situation?
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  • Should the previous version of SSD Toolbox be uninstalled before installing latest version?

    Should the previous version of SSD Toolbox be uninstalled before installing version 3.5.3?
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  • Write code for D4

    Is it possible to write our own code the D4 processor?   Thank you
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  • G.skill memory for NUC7PJYH

    Hello,   My previous memory, Crucial CT4G4SFS824A (4GBx2) didn't work as dual-channel, so I've returned it. Now I'm ordering https://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-2400c16d-8grs  which is a proper 8GB kit and...
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  • UHD Graphics 620 used with HD Graphics 620 driver (Win7)

    So I have an Intel Core i7-8550U with UHD Graphics 620, I must use Windows 7 for legacy programming, so please don't tell me to use Win10. Since there are no drivers for Windows 7, so I (hack) installed the Win10 dri...
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  • Realsense D435 and Labview

    Hello,       I want to use Labview to develop Realsense d435 in Windows 10, I found a set of instances at https://github.com/IntelRealSense/librealsense/tree/development/wrappers/labview, but...
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  • Lowercase letters in some programs! HELP

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  • VROC issue with Toshiba Drives

    Hello,    I have an issue with Intel VROC showing my Toshiba XG5 drives as unsupported. Specs are below: Asus Prime x299-deluxe: Intel 7920x (1) Asus Hyper M.2 x16      (4) Toshiba XG...
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  • VROC Raid10 for Non-Bootable use

    Hi I'd like some guidance creating a VROC enabled raid10 array that doesn't need to be bootable. Specs: MB: Asus X299-WS Sage/10G CPU: 7900X Drives: Seeking compatibility guidance. Looking at 4* M.2 in Asus Hyper ...
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  • Performance problem with Samsung 970 Pro on NUC7i7DNKE

    Hi,   Just bought an Intel NUC7i7DNKE & Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVMe SSD. I'm not getting the advertised seq. read performance of 3,500MB/s... fastest that I can achieve is 1.8GB/s (about 50% of the performan...
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  • Is SSD Toolbox v3.53 valid for Optane 900p?

    Is SSD Toolbox v3.53 valid for Optane 900p?  I noticed that the Optane 900p does not show in the valid products window for the latest version of SSD toolbox.
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  • Training in DevCloud - Caffe Network

    We are trying to do the training in DevCloud of a network developed in Caffe. We tried LeNet, AlexNet and a custom network. No status regarding training is shown. Does Caffe optimization for Intel support these networ...
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  • skylake video flicker issue

    anyone has a fix?
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  • Win10 64bit on NUC 7i5BNH - getting C++ runtime error running exe

    Hi, I'm trying to run http://download.ni.com/support/softlib/labview/labview_runtime/8.5.1/Windows/LVRTE851std.exe  on a new clean NUC with Win10 64bit that has all the required C++ distributions  and .net ...
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  • Poor Windows 10 UI and Chrome performance with Intel Graphics HD 530

    I posted this in a thread reporting on the same issues, but was requested to post it as a new question instead.   Ever since I got my Dell XPS 15 9550 (almost 2 years ago), I have noticed Windows 10 animations la...
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  • 8i7HVK Nuc - 1 of 3 monitors doesn't turn on after sleep, windows on wrong screen

    I have 3x 4K monitors at 60Hz connected to 8i7HVK Nuc.   When wake from sleep - say in the morning after going to Start / Sleep the night before - one of the monitors doesn't turn on. I have to press the power b...
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