• VROC boot problem

    Hello all,   I am having constant issues with Windows 10 booting from my VROC RAID0 volume.  In about 30% of cases Windows boot hangs with the balls rolling indefinitely.  The only help is to use hard ...
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  • Intel NUC 54250WYK - does not power on but green status LED lights up

    Hi,   I am using an Intel NUC 54250WYK. Unfortunately it does not power on or start up any more. The machine shows steadily a green status led at the power button. After pressing the power button it just happens...
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  • Samsung M471A2K43BB1-CRC not working nuc 7i7bnh

    I've verified the RAM works and is Intel validated...still get power button 3 flashes.
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  • How can you tell if the Intel Duel Band wireless-AC 7260 is malfunctioning

    I am running Win10 on an HP Envy Desktop 750-116 connecting wirelessly to a Linksys EA8500 router at 5GHz.  The PC uses an Intel duel band wireless-AC adapter.  Several months ago I started have network disc...
  • Linux KVM SRIOV: Spoofed packets, dropped frames

    The primary issue is after several hours to upwards of a couple weeks a single VF will get into a bad state for a guest and we will see the following errors on the parent and child.   Versions: Centos = 7.5.18...
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  • Cannot update NUC DC3217BY BIOS

    A customer of mine has this NUC with a third generation i3 cpu. I know it is an older device but it still works for the customer.   The device has the 32 version of the BIOS installed. There is no way to update...
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  • Dell G5 screen not recognized and only 6 bit color is used with UHD630 drivers

    Hello,   I bought a DELL G5 laptop with GTX1060. Happy of the performance but the screen is so dark even I turn the brighntness to 100%. I saw in advanced display settings that the monitor is on 6bit.  ...
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  • Intel ANS does not work in Windows 10 Update 1809

    Hello,   Again, after updated to latest windows 10 1809, ANS does not work any more. I can create the new VLAN but it cannot be enabled. Please have new fix as soon as possible.   Thank you
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  • RealSense D415/D435 Affected by Magnet?

    Hello,   I need to mount a few RealSense cameras in a hard to service area and am considering using magnets for mounting. Would a strong neodymium magnet near the back or bottom of the camera have any affect on ...
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  • Is there a way to use the SR300 in an UWP app? I'd like to combine HoloLens and the SR300

    Hi all,   As above mentioned I'd like to use the point clouds from the SR 300 in the HoloLens. ThereFore I tried to use the unity wrapper from the current SDK. Unfortunately, the SDK does not support UWP apps. S...
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  • Need help determinig cause of network link event error #27 for I211 Gigabit in Win 10 Event Log

    Have two ethernet ports on my new machine with an ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 System Board, Windows 10 with latest updates and get the same event error #27 on either port I connect a cable to. Have tried different...
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  • How to connect Intel realsense d435 with Arduino or Raspberry pi?

    Is it possible to connect the intel realsense d435 with raspberry pi and ardunio? Which Pi or Ardunio board are compatible with this camera?
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  • Black screen after bios

    Black screen after bios. I tried some versions of driver for uhd 630 - its useless. I loaded Win10 in safe mode and turned off the uhd 630 and reboot pc - all good. What problem? In deivce manager havent icon with is...
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  • NUC5PPYH - (HDMI, VGA, USB) port stop working

    Hi,   This product worked perfectly since December 2015 and was connected to a UPS. The operating system is Windows Professional 8.1. My NUC is connected to two screens, a Viewsonic analog (VGA) and a Dell dig...
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  • S2600WTT / ESXi 6.7

    Hi   I installed on a S2600WTTR (Bios: SE5C610.86B.01.01.0027.071020182329 / CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v4 @ 2.00GHz) ESXi 6.7. (6.7.0 (Build 10176752)) Now i see that some Sensors are unknown.   ...
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  • Updating Dual Band Wireless - AC8260

    Hi, I have used the Driver & Support Assistant to check my drivers are up to date.  I have managed to update them all except the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC8260.   It says that an update is available.&...
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  • Light sensor on d435

    Hello!   I am trying to figure out how can I get the output value of the light sensor that implanted on d435. Since the color camera has an auto exposure mode and auto white balance mode, I supposed that the li...
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  • Intel (R) Wireless-AC 9560 #2: Has encountered a conflict in resources and could not load

    I have recently purchased a Dell G5 5587 and I am currently experiencing issues with the wifi card. When I go into device manager it says that there is an error 10 code. When I look into the event viewer the message i...
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  • Req. C3324 Pocessor Fackage Drawing (i.e. PCB footprint)

    Hello,   We are in need of PCB footprint drawing (i.e. FCBGA 1310) of processor C3324 (i.e. intel DNV AD series) for validation.   help us to get the latest drawing with guidelines.   Regards Dharep...
  • New tutorials added to RealSense SDK's ROS wrapper

    Hi everyone,   Two new step by step tutorials have been added to the ROS wrapper of RealSense SDK 2.0.   [update] New ROS content · Issue #2531 · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub
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