• Upgraded to RST 16.0.2 OROM  - Smart Response Cache+Cached disks 'inaccessible' (!)

    Dear intel   I recently upgraded the UEFI BIOS on my ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING (WI-FI AC). The latest updated the Intel RAID option ROM version to from It appears with this update, Intel ...
    created by Sp4rky
  • how to turn off auto_exposure and set a exposure value on D415

    I am using the python wrapper for a project, where I want to set the enable_auto_exposure first so that the camera can adjust to the proper exposure value, then disable the setting and confirm to use the adjusted expo...
    created by Guosen
  • rhel6.9 use the 710 network adapter configure bond0 issue

    hello,      configure bond0 use eth0/eth1,ifdown eth1,bond fail,con`t ping [root@localhost linux64e]# ll /sys/class/net/ total 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    0 Jul 18 13:56 bond0 -&...
    created by wangyue28
  • AFBR-709DMZ-IN3 sfp  Not Detecting In X710-DA4

    we have recently just upgraded our network to a 10GB network. one of our main servers is a poweredge R730xd the network card is a X710-DA4 we purchased the SFP+ module from the same suppliers and the part they gave...
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  • import scipy.signal fails

    python -c "import numpy.fft as m; print dir(m)" or import scipy.signal fails in import error custom) [u14924@c002-n001 py-faster-rcnn]$ python Python 2.7.14 |Intel Corporation| (default, May  4 2018, 04:27:35) [G...
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  • Implicit rgb-d HW sync

    Hello,   Congratulations on releasing the external HW sync feature. I tested it and it seems to work as expected for 2 devices connected with a relatively short cable (more experiments to come). I would like to...
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  • How to know xeon gold 6126 processor's turbo steps..

    Hello,   I am looking for information about turbo steps of 6126 gold processor, I have logged a case at Intel and HPE too; but, no progress in finding it. Could you guys please help me in this regards. I have a...
    created by AshokPakki
  • "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check" error while updating BIOS on Intel S2600cp Server Board

    While attempting to update the BIOS on an Intel S2600cp server system board I receive an error that says "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check. Please refer to BIOS release notes for details." The ...
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  • Want to purchase real sense SR300

    Hi Team, I am Atul Deshpande from India (Pune- Maharashtra). I want to purchase Real Sense SR300 camera. I have discussed so many vendors, but no one ready to help me. Can you pls help me here with the your authorize...
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  • Get-WmiObject Fails with VLAN's Enabled Windows 10 1803

         I'm unable to use Get-WmiObject in PowerShell with VLAN's enabled on my I217-V network card using driver package 23.2 version on a updated fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 1803 17134...
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  • Intel RTF Drone: How to decrease bottom-facing camera's resolution?

    Hi, I have installed the LeddarOne rangefinder on my Intel RTF Drone to implement optical flow. When checking the status of my active optical flow, I receive error messages that my camera's FPS is lower than the minim...
    last modified by andrewregan
  • XL710 QDA2 link not detected.

    I have setup my server (PowerEdge R620) with CentOS 7 and attached XL710-QDA2 40GbE NIC card on PCIe 3 slot. The driver i40e is updated to the latest version 2.4.10 and using compatible QSFP  4 x 10 GbE  mod...
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  • WHEA Event ID 19 CPU / i5-8400

    My System Settings:   Motherboard: Z370 PC PRO (last bios version) CPU: i5-8400 RAM: Kingston DDR4-2134 (KHX2133C14D4/8G) x 2 VGA: GeForce GTX 970 PSU: Chieftec 550W   OS: Windows 10 Pro 1803 (17134.11...
    Max Novohackiy
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  • Intel AP-419 and Frequency Tolerance w.r.t.  IEEE 802.3?

    Hi,   According to AP-419, Revision 1.2, September 2004, Section 3.3 interprets the IEEE 802.3 Frequency Tolerance as +/-50ppm, "referenced to a standard temperature of 25° C".   Should I interpret t...
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  • Increasing frame rate of downwards facing camera

    I've connected a rangefinder and now I'm attempting to run the pre-installed optical flow binary on the drone. When I type "systemctl status aero-optical-flow", I get a series of error messages that "FPS below minimum...
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  • Bluetooth Buttons (Play/Pause) not working after 1803 update

    I have the Intel m3 stick with Windows 10, recently with the 1803 update, it broke the Bluetooth headset buttons (Play/Pause) whilst I watch anything with media players like VLC or others, can Intel please fix this is...
    last modified by Rebecca1284
  • xl pci-detach failure when using 82599 NIC

    Hi,      I’ve come across a need to hotplug PCI devices between dom0 and domU using SR-IOV NIC. But I'm experiencing problems when trying to detach VF more than one PV guests. I can attach...
    last modified by zero123
  • Something went wrong

    Hi, I am having a NUC. I was using it few months back & i had stopped using it like for 7 months then i turned it ON but i was only able to see the message "something went wrong & it is not able to start up fu...
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  • 求助,intel dc s3700 400g无法更新固件

    求助,intel dc s3700 400g无法更新固件 固件版本:5DV10206 系统:win7 sp1 x64
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  • Memory errors? NUC7i5BNH with Crucial 16GB Memory

    Hi,   I am currently experiencing multiple BSOD errors particularly on startup and intermittently during normal operation.   I have reinstalled windows, updated drivers, tried everything I can think of oth...
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