• CPU temp 0, fan not spinning

    All of sudden the cooler has stopped spinning. In the bios all sensors show t 0, the cooler does not react to fixed settings. Tried to reset the battery, bios restore, no luck   NUC7i5BNK, latest BIOS
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  • Where to update my Graphic Drives?

    I wanna play games on my PC and I can play them and it says I need to update my Graphic Drives and cant find where to update them.
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  • Acer Intel HD Graphics 620 Driver Update Problem

    Hi   I try update my graphic driver in my new Acer laptop but i see this message in intel-driver-support-assistant   "A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driv...
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  • Problemen na update KB4056892

    Hello,     After downloading security update KB4056892 the start button does not work after start up. Also various apps do not respond like those of appMail, app Store that are at the bottom left of the ta...
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  • Host Mode MFD2 in intel edison

    Hi everyone!!   I am working in a proyect with intel edison, but I need two serial communications by USB ports, I tried to disable getty on MFD2 to use it as a serial port (I am alredy using ACM0), but when I tr...
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  • intel matrix storage manager

    Добрый день помогите пожалуйста. Есть сервер с RAID 1 и RAID 10 на intel matrix storage manager. RAID 1 показывает статус Verify. ОС windows 2012 R2. Пытаюсь установить intel matrix storage manager и получаю ошибку "п...
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  • D415 is showing only depth stream and not RGB color stream

    I just received a new D415 real sense camera. In Real sense Viewer, I can see only depth camera. In Device Manager also it is showing only depth camera. How can I install the RGB camera?
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  • 固态硬盘600固件不能更新

    固态硬盘不能更新固件,官网下载Intel SSD Toolbox(3.4.7),进行固件更新提示错我,(错误:固件更新进程出现错误 (10/53). 重启并重试。如果错误仍然存在,请使用位于 www.downloadcenter.intel.com 的 Intel 固件更新工具。)不知道要怎么才能进行固件更新,电脑安装了2块600p,一块256G一块1T都是不能进行更新的。
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  • Intel HD Graphics 530 Sleep Screen Lines

    Hi all!   Having an issue with an HP all-in-one computer running Windows 10 with an i3-6100T processor using Intel(R) HD Graphics 530.   What is happening is when I put the computer to sleep, when it wakes...
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  • Spectre and meltdown attacks affected cpus

    Is there any official statement to see what cpus are affected by those attacks? I'm interested more in Intel pentium g3248, g4560, Q6600 are those affected by both meltdown and spectre? Is there any intel cpu not af...
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  • Brand New NUC7I3BNH No Signal Through HDMI

    I ordered a new Nuc 7i3 BNH from Amazon and put it together last night, I put in a samsung 830 SSD & a single stick of crucial CT16G4SFD824A, plugged it in with a HDMI cable to a monitor & no signal.  I t...
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  • Installed intel optane in error - Now have black screen for 60 sec on boot and hard drive unavailable

    I have no optane drive and don't intend on using optane. Mindlessly installing every driver on MSI web site for the system board and I must have installed intel optane memory driver. Now it takes ages to boot my pc wi...
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  • Windows freeze

    Hello I got a new I7 4790k and when i use windows 10 I get a freeze, I can't do anything can't move my mouse, nothing at all. I can only restrat by force my pc and it happens more and more often and I know that is bec...
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    When running the SA-00086 console utility part of the out put is 'Re-Key needed:' and 'REKEY_ERROR value:'   What do these indicate ?
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  • Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered

    Hello all.   For about two weeks I'm occuring that problem. This graphics issue sometimes end with blue screen of death with error "VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR" and laptop is restarting. Sometimes when using...
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  • How can I measure CPU usage of my Intel Celeron?

    Hello everyone,   I have a piece of hardware in my lab which I need to test. The rare documentation about this device says it is equipped with an Intel Celeron CPU with 300 MHz and 128k bytes of secondary cash. ...
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  • So my Broadwell-y tablet is now a toaster?

    Dell published a bios update for the Venue 11 Pro 7140 with Core M 5Y10 on 9th of January with the Meltdown/Spectre MicroCode patches. Of course I did pre and after benchmarks of PcMark, Geekbench and CrystalDiskMark....
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  • Acer Aspire AXC-603-UB17

    HELP, I have been using multiple monitor's for over a year, All of a sudden I loose my secondary monitor, after checking I see the message on my device manager, Windows has stopped this device because it has reporte...
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  • Intel RST problem

    Hello, I may have a big RAID 1 problem and need advice.  I wanted to get rid of my RAID setup which is two 2TB drives with 300GB as a RAID 0 array and the remaining as a RAID 1 array.  I did research beforeh...
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  • NUC6CAY USB Speeds

    Hi all,   The issue where the USB 3.0 ports run at USB 2.0 speeds on the NUC6CAY has been reproduced and a bug has been opened.   I will reply here when a solution is found.
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