• Training data with caffe and python in Colfax (terminal): Do you have an example?

    Hello, I have some doubts about how to define the CAFFE_PATH= and the data path I have to write within Phyton program to training data in my Colfax Home directory. Do you have an example?   Thank you
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  • Intel DSA 3.4 installation won't be completed

    Hello, I've encountered a problem today while I was trying to install the latest DSA, this is the first time this happened to me and i have no clue what to do, information: Screenshot: -Browser: Google Chrome, but...
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  • 8i7HVK Nuc - 1 of 3 monitors doesn't turn on after sleep, windows on wrong screen

    I have 3x 4K monitors at 60Hz connected to 8i7HVK Nuc.   When wake from sleep - say in the morning after going to Start / Sleep the night before - one of the monitors doesn't turn on. I have to press the power b...
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  • which intel hd graphic drive fit for i3 550 @3.20GHz processor (windows 10- 64bit)

    hello i'm lokeshwar ......i'm using i3 550 CPU@3.20GHz processor ......which hd graphics can be fit for this pc with windows 10 64 bit based processsor.....please help me in this case.......
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  • PCIe to MAC (RGMII)

    I need an PCIe to RGMII (Ethernet MAC interface) Controller, that could be run in 100Mbit and 1Gbit.   The PHY will be BroadR-Reach, and the 100/1000Base-T PHY is set.   Controller Data: PCIe gen 2.5 RG...
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  • problems with system broadcast.

    problems with system broadcast.   the website is up and running but my hub does not show up.   it is communicating with the server as i see in the logs but the connection seems to keep getting reset {"cod...
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  • Getting complete point cloud from D435

    Using Python code, we are getting the point cloud from a D435 capture but it is filtering out some points (presumably those with NaN values) and results in a data set that is not complete. The 1280x720 resolution shou...
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  • Edison SDK installation Error: find: unrecognized: -printf

    Hello, I'm trying to install the Intel Edison Cross Compiler Toolchain on the Intel Edison Aruino Breakout Board. I downloaded the 32-Bit file from Download Intel® Edison Cross Compiler Toolchain and execute the...
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  • Intel_Aero wifi connection not stable and how to update BIOS before I install Ubuntu

    Hi,   I am working on a Intel Aero RTF, and my laptop is dell xps-13 and the OS in my dell is Ubuntu16.04. I have tried many times to connect Aero's wifi, but only two times of them are successful. In most of ti...
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  • lower latency intel nic

    Hi. I am a PC gamer, and i want to tweak my Intel i219-v network card drivers, for have the lower latency i can get.. There is some setting i can change for lower latency?
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  • I219V High Propagation Delay

    Hi, I have an Intel NUC7i3BNH with the I219V ethernet controller which is 802.1AS compliant according to its datasheet.   I am trying to use it with ptp4l and a gPTP profile but I get really high propagation d...
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  • i7 processor

    i need the clock cycles per instruction(CPI)  and  millions of instructions per second(MIPS) of a i7 7700hq chip with 4 cores. Can someone help me with it?
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  • Intel Technology Access Service use a lot of CPU and RAM

    Hi, I have a problem in Windows 10 64bit;   in the task manager I see a process called "Intel Technology Access Service" that use a lot of CPU (25%) and RAM (4GB or more sometimes). What is this process? The o...
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  • CIR on NUC7CJYH dies after a few seoconds when boot into linux

    Hello everybody, I own a NUC7CJYH with the latest bios version 0039. I have the problem that after booting into linux the CIR does not work after a few seconds.   OS: Debian Jessie or Debian SID Kernel: 4.17....
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  • MAX10 programming time

    I programed one *.pof file into 10M04 device by USB Blaster Cable. The sofeware version is Quartus programmer 15.1 The programming result is successfully but the programming time is quite long.(about couple minutes) ...
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  • How do you use Intel Ethernet(R)?

    Just looking to see how our audience uses our products.  This will help to target upcoming articles.
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  • Unknown exception from LoadNetwork()

    Hi,   I experienced a problem and failed in loading a model (as attachment, convert from tensorflow saved_model). The model loader was modified from openvino's sample code "classification_sample".   Foll...
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  • Can I get uncompressed/unprocessed RGB/IR stream

    Hi,   I need a camera where I can get uncompressed/unprocessed RGB/IR stream. By unprocessed I don't mean the raw Bayer, but at least a raw RGB streams where the auto image-adjusting functions are disabled. (e...
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  • Intel 82576-2T's driver igb- for iMax6 platform and linux kernel(3.0.35)

    Hi, everyone!      There is a question confused me for a week. i use Intel 82576-2T's pcie borad on Imax6 arm platform, the driver is igb-, and the kernel version is 3.0.35. i compiled the...
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  • 82580 FW for eeprom can we load it over PCIe or jtag? Is there a tool provided for this?

    Dear All,   we used an Intel 82580 chip in one of our board designs, and have an eeprom next to it.   The solution we found to load the FW into the eeprom is to load it before the soldering process, i.e. p...
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