• Talking Allowed: How Workplace Collaboration Is Better with Technology

    Despite the fact that email is a part of daily life (it’s officially middle aged at 40+ years old), for many of us nothing beats the art of real human conversation. So it’s exciting to see how Intel vPro t...
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  • New Storage Performance Development Kit Goes Live

    By Nathan Marushak, Director of Software Engineering for the DCG Storage Group at Intel     New non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies are transforming the storage landscape—and removing the historica...
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  • This is not Innovation for the Future, this is Innovation for the Now - IDC Pan-European Healthcare Executive Summit 2015

    I'm excited to be leading a workshop on 'Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare' at IDC's Pan-European Healthcare Executive Summit in Dublin this week. The theme of integrated care and collaboration across the entire h...
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  • Putting Nurse Practitioners in the Driver’s Seat for Better Rural Health

    Are nurse practitioners just what the doctor ordered for improving rural health? Health experts and nursing leaders I talk with say the answer is a resounding yes. Now, a sophisticated medical office on wheels, develo...
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  • Urban Growth and Sustainability: Building Smart Cities with the Internet of Things

    This is the first installment (#1 of 4) of the - Smart Cities Tech Innovation Series. Click here to view: blog #2 To view more posts within the series click here: Smart Cities Series Not long ago, the human rac...
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  • Making Integrated Care Work – IDC Pan-European Healthcare Executive Summit 2015

    The theme of convergence and making integrated care work resonated throughout the opening day of IDC’s Pan-European Healthcare Executive Summit in Dublin. It's fantastic to see how much collective drive there is...
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  • VIDEO: Je to stále výkonnější, menší a je to všude!

    Pokud by to byla hádanka, měla by snadné řešení. Mikroprocesory pohánějí velkou část zařízení, která každodenně používáme. Sestáva...
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  • Cybersecurity will Improve with Predictive Models

    Prediction capabilities can have tremendous value in the world of security.  It allows for better allocation of resources.  Instead of trying to defend everything from all types of attacks, it allows a smart...
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  • Increasing Interest in Cybersecurity Education and Careers

    The world is facing a growing problem as people’s everyday lives are becoming more digital and increasing our reliance on cybersecurity to protect our interests, yet there are not enough security professionals t...
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  • Information Security Defense In Depth Whitepaper is Now Available

    Intel developed a defense-in-depth strategy to optimize information security using interlocking prediction, prevention, detection and response capabilities. It is a structure designed to support consistent and compreh...
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  • Moving from Maintenance to Growth in Retail Technology

    Ready, set, welcome to the new retail year.   It's time to start fresh, and for those of us in retail technology, it’s time to get the final word on budgets and do the final editing on the 2015 plan. &nbs...
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  • What is Our Differentiating Definition of Product?

    Another Inflection Point Of all the market transitions hitting the developed world retail industry these days, perhaps the one that will require the greatest industry change – and have the most defining compe...
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  • An Omni-Channel Think Tank at FIT

    I had the privilege of representing Intel at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) Symposium on Omni Retailing in New York in April.   And the privilege of listening to several industry leaders and &...
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  • It’s a Matter of Trust

    A lot of news over the past twelve to fifteen months about data security in retail.   Most of it quite unpleasant for retailers.   And not just because of the expensive, short-term damage — which can...
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  • The Behavioral Shift Driving Change in the World of Retail

    Ready or Not, Cross-Channel Shopping Is Here to Stay   Of all the marketplace transitions that have swept through the developed world's retail industry over the last five to seven years, the most important is th...
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  • Retailers Must Learn to Love the Digital Native

    We know from the research that today’s shopper hops back and forth between channels on their way to purchase. To wit:   Some two-thirds of U.S. shoppers regularly begin their decision journeys online.1 &nb...
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  • Brands Win Customers by Noting Their Online Behaviors

    In recent weeks we’ve entered a number of customer conversations about the future of the store.   However, we’ve yet to discuss the future of the brand and how a retail brand might redefine itself to...
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  • Intel® Chip Chat Podcast Round-up: Third Quarter 2015

    Throughout the third quarter of 2015 we had many excellent guests and topics including the launch of the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3, the launch of the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 v4 Product Family...
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  • Understanding Electronic Data Interchange in health-care

    This is the era of digitalization. Gone are the days when people had to write for hours, fill out paperwork and forms after the end of a tiring day. The industries are getting digitalized and so is the health-care sec...
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  • Why Remote Direct Memory Access Is Now Essential

    Over the years, people have talked about the potential of remote direct memory access (RDMA) to greatly accelerate application performance by bypassing the CPU and enabling direct access to memory. But there was a not...
    David Cohen
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