• SSD as a system memory? Yes, with ScaleMP’s technology.

    I hope you’re excited as me and looking forward seeing first 3D XPoint™ based products in the market. Intel® Optane® SSDs have been already publically demonstrated at IDF’15 and Oracle Open W...
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  • Criminals are Getting Excited for Tax Filing Season

    Cyber criminals are plotting to take advantage of tax season, by fraudulently impersonating consumers and scamming Americans.  For the citizens of the United States, tax season is upon us, where we diligently fil...
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  • In IoT we trust -- or do we?

                    The expanding circle of distrust fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT)  I whip out my device to make a payment at the checkout coun...
    E.G. Nadhan
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  • Enabling Receive Side Scaling in Windows*

         Receive Side Scaling(RSS) is a technology that uses a very complex hash function to force a routing of packets to separate cores.  Instead of just making one CPU do all the work, it makes...
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  • Intel® Small Business Advantage Designed for Small Businesses

    These days, thriving as a small business owner means contending with fierce competition, rising security challenges, and countless distractions vying for your attention. Kicking off 2016, we want to give you solutions...
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  • Embracing A More Connected Vision Of Healthcare

    One of the most promising areas of innovation and transformation in healthcare today is the move to distributed care, achieved through the creation of patient-centered networks of intelligent, connected devices that s...
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  • Cybersecurity is Suffering Due to Human-Resource Challenges

    The cybersecurity industry is in a state of disrepair. Human resource problems are growing which put the efforts to secure technology at risk, due to insufficient staffing, skills, and diversity.    The ne...
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  • Understanding Our Audience Is Key To Successful Mobile Analytics Design

    It goes without saying that when we design anything, we must know and understand our audience well. But I often find that in mobile analytics projects, this is where the first oversight happens—not because we la...
    Kaan Turnali
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  • In a Twist, School Principals Teach the Value of Data Analytics

    Elementary and secondary school principals must solve a challenging optimization problem. Faced with a deluge of applicants for teaching positions, demanding teaching environments, and very little time to spend on the...
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  • Cyber Threats are a Danger to Corporate Growth

    Executives are beginning to understand that cyber-based threats are a potentially significant impediment to business success. The challenges extend far beyond the annoyance of rising security budgets.  The recent...
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  • Intel's NRF Presence was Incredible

    Last week we wrapped up the 2016 National Retail Federation Conf.  The Intel booth was packed through the final minutes of the show. It was a great oportunity to share with so many the solutions based on Intel. M...
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  • A 2016 Prediction: Prescriptive Analytics Will Take Flight

    In May 2015, I wrote the first in a series of blog posts exploring the journey to software-defined infrastructure. Each blog in the series dives down into different stages of a maturity model that leads from where we ...
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  • Blueprint: Tips for Avoiding a Data Center Blizzard

    This article originally appeared on Converge Digest     We're in the depth of winter and, yes, the snow can be delightful… until you have to move your car or walk a half block on icy streets. Inside ...
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  • Electroworld investuje do analýzy Big Data

    Společnost Mibcon využila na základě požadavku společnosti Electroworld řešení SAP Business Warehouse on HANA k vytvoření systému, který umožňuje obchodníkům v reáln&#...
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  • Video: Řešení SAP HANA pro E-commerce Holding

    V následujícím příběhu uvidíte, že vyspělý ERP systém není výsadou velkých a bohatých firem. Nejlepší a dostupný systém, kter...
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  • How End-To-End Network Transformation Fuels the Digital Service Economy

    To see the challenge facing the network infrastructure industry, I have to look no farther than the Apple Watch I wear on my wrist.   That new device is a symbol of the change that is challenging the telecommuni...
    Sandra Rivera
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  • Drones align the business of music with the technology of information

    Comdex 2016 set a new style of a digital world record in the annals of the Guinness Book for Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously.  Through this spectacular show, Intel showcased 100 drone...
    E.G. Nadhan
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  • Amplify Your Value: The Final Step

    The Final Step on our journey to Amplify Our Value was also the most uneventful: we moved our entire production, test, and development environments to the cloud. What?!!? You moved your entire data center to the cl...
    Jeff Ton
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  • How Intel, Citrix, and SAP Make 3-D Graphics Everywhere a Reality

    When business computers started appearing on desktops, state-of-the-art graphics meant staring at plain green text on a black background. Life-like graphics weren’t available to average business users, and 3-D g...
    Tim Allen
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  • Cyber Criminals are Becoming More Sophisticated

    One constant in cybersecurity is the continual rise of sophistication and creativity of attackers.  In 2016, we will see a fundamental expansion of the techniques of attackers.  Integrity attacks will rise. ...
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