• Cloud For All - Reaching New Heights with Mirantis

    Last month, Diane Bryant announced the creation of the Cloud for All Initiative, an effort to drive the creation of 10’s of thousands of new clouds across enterprise and provider data centers and deliver the eff...
    Jonathan Donaldson
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  • Higher Education Must Save Cybersecurity

    Sophisticated organizations defend themselves against cyber attacks with tools, products, services, and perhaps most importantly highly capable security professionals.  But it is becoming very difficult to attrac...
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  • New Intel Network Builders Fast Track Igniting Network Transformation with the Intel ONP Reference Architecture

    Today at IDF 2015, Sandra Rivera, Vice President and GM of Intel’s Network Platforms Group, disclosed the Intel® Network Builders Fast Track program in her joint keynote “5G: Innovation from Client to ...
    John Healy
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  • Healthcare Breaches from Loss or Theft of Mobile Devices or Media

    Health and Human Services Breaches Affecting 500 or More Individuals website shows that there were 97 breaches of this type involving 500 or more patients in 2014, and 46 breaches of this type so far in 2015. These br...
    David Houlding
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  • Do I need Intel Update Manager?

    I have a new Windows 10 HP Laptop.  A popup is suggesting I install this software to keep my system up to date and will I agree to the terms.  I find this intrusive and wish to ask if it's important. Why do ...
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  • Rethinking Enterprise Storage in the Cloud Era

    By Nigel Cook, Intel Fellow, Chief Cloud Architect, Data Center Group, Innovation Pathfinding & Architecture Group at Intel   In today’s world, a business department can spin up a storage environment i...
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  • Big Data Doesn’t Have to Be Big, If Done Right

    By Brian Womack, Director, IPAG Data Analytics & Machine Learning at Intel   To meet demanding service-level agreements, data center operators need to aggregate and analyze telemetry data from many heterogen...
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  • Bringing Closed Loop Automation to Healthcare

    One of the topics I hear frequently from the health IT community is about barriers to innovation. From my perspective, closed loop automation is a huge issue that we face and will have to deal with. We clearly allow c...
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  • Data is the New Currency of the Digital Service Economy: My 5 Takeaways from Diane Bryant & Doug Davis IDF Mega Session

    City-wide traffic visualization. Global shipping data. Airplane traffic patterns. Worldwide Facebook* connections. A stunning video highlighting the current deluge of data as both the world’s most abundant and m...
    Allyson Klein
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  • SDI Paves the Way for Analytics Workloads

    In a series of earlier posts, we took a trip down the road to software-defined infrastructure (SDI). Now that we have established an understanding of SDI and where it is today, it’s a good time to talk about the...
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  • Enabling data analytics success with optimized machine learning tools

    Last year I read an article in which Hadoop co-developers Mike Cafarella and Doug Cutting explained how they originally set out to build an open-source search engine. They saw it as serving a specific need to process ...
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  • Developers building exciting new services use disruptive technologies

    Preventing data loss in servers has been an objective since the invention of the database. A tiny software or hardware glitch that causes a power interruption can result in lost data, potentially interrupting services...
    Mike Ferron-Jones
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  • Stumped by the Internet of (Too Many) Things?

    Here’s an interesting disconnect: 84 percent of C-suite executives believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) will create new sources of revenue. However, only 7 percent have committed to an IoT investment.[1] Wh...
    Tim Allen
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  • Join me at a CIO Security Roundtable in San Francisco, Sept 10th

    Industry colleagues, I will be speaking at a CIO roundtable luncheon in San Francisco CA on September 10th, discussing how in pursuit of a balanced security posture, organizations need capabilities which deliver smart...
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  • Speed, Power, and Mobility Make Creating Beautiful Content Easy

    Professional photography is much more than setting scenes and snapping pictures. It requires state-of-the-art programs to stream, edit, and share large files, often in remote locations with connectivity limits. Fashio...
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  • Mobile is Vital to Healthcare Strategy

      In the above clip, Bill Muth, a solution architect at CDW, explains how strategies for CIOs need to complement an organization’s mission and usually focus on one of three areas: cost, differentiation, an...
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  • Multiple Alarms Feature

    Hello, I am trying to remotely configure 150ish PC's with multiple AMT Alarms.  I can see from this webpage that AMT 8.0 and later supports the Multiple Alarm Feature, and all of our machines are 8.1 or newer.&nb...
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  • Retail: Transform through Cloud Capabilities

    I recently was part of a webinar hosted by CDW focusing on Cloud for Retail.  I had the privilege to be a part of the panel highlighting the benefits and trends for retailers.  The panel was comprised of Sha...
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  • Intel’s New Innovation Engine Enables Differentiated Firmware

    Historically, platform embedded firmware limits the ways system-builders can customize, innovate, and differentiate their offerings. Today, Intel is streamlining the route for implementing new features with the creati...
    Jesse Schrater
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  • Network Transformation: Innovating on the Path to 5G

      Close your eyes and try to count the number of times you’ve connected with computing today.  Hard to do? We have all witnessed this fundamental change: Computing has moved from a productivity tool t...
    Sandra Rivera
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