• Power of the Cloud

    Data is the most disruptive force in business and society today. In my conversation with Fortune’s Stacey Higginbotham at Structure 2015 today, I will assert that our industry’s overall view of the power o...
    Diane Bryant
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  • Tackling society, industry, and science challenges through inclusiveness

    Our world is confronted with immense challenges, from genetic diseases to natural disasters, and I believe that engineering and science hold the key to how we solve these problems. We’ve all experienced instance...
    Lisa Smith
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  • Data Science Isn’t Just a Career – It’s a Team Sport

    Last week I had the opportunity to host a panel discussion at New York University on the topic of data science as a career. Held at the NYU Center for Data Science, the panel also included Todd Lowenberg, group head o...
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  • Optimize Power Efficiency for Workloads

    Data centers run 24x7, consuming power at high rates even when workload demand is relatively light.  Servers can be shut down completely when unneeded, but this can negatively impact performance if demand suddenl...
    Jesse Schrater
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  • Taming Telemetry Data at Its Source

    By Aaron Taylor, Senior Analytics Software Engineer, Innovation Pathfinding Architecture Group (IPAG), Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Intel Corporation   Analyzing Big Data requires big computers, and hi...
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  • Building on the Legacy of Alan Turing

    What do public health, medicine, science, agriculture, and engineering have in common? Answer: All of these fields, and countless others, face a new class of problems that can be solved only with unique combinations o...
    Hugo Saleh
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  • Fueling Your Insight: Intel Scalable System Framework

    Last night at SC15, Diane Bryant spoke about the future of HPC—new applications, new audiences, new architectures. Intel has been involved in high-performance computing for over 25 years, and today, nearly 89 pe...
    Hugo Saleh
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  • Intel Highlights and Flashbacks from SAP TechED 2015

    SAP TechED 2015 has now come and gone, but it was a great show for SAP—and Intel. Our joint innovation on such technologies as SAP HANA* was front and center during much of the show, and over the course of the e...
    Tim Allen
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  • SGI's solution to scale I/O on NVMe RAID.

    About a year ago, I was excited to see SGI announcing its UV300 system at SC14. At that stage the system was in the prototype stage, not productized, but what they demonstrated at their booth amazed me. The system inc...
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  • Health IT Interoperability Should Mean Less Cost

      Interoperability should mean less cost for healthcare organizations and better data analysis for patients. Here are a few additional thoughts.
    Eric Dishman
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  • Cybersecurity Must Learn to Collaborate Like the Threats

    Cyber threats have evolved over time to communicate, cooperate, and in some cases directly collaborate among themselves, giving them a distinct advantage over their security counterparts.  Hackers possess a cultu...
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  • Díky novému cloudu bude v roce 2020 možné stanovit přesnou diagnózu rakoviny během jednoho dne

    Miliony lidí po celém světě, včetně jednoho milionu pacientů ve Spojených státech či bezmála osmdesáti tisíc Čechů, si každoročně vyslechne diagnózu rakovina. Co by ...
    Eric Dishman
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  • Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter - Team error Windows 7

    Hi Forum.   I have an Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adaptor card running on Windows 7 US 64bit.   I have the latest drivers for the Intel card and Windows fully updated.   If I try to make a TEA...
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  • HPC Cloud Storage with Storage Performance Development Kit

      Data centers today are undergoing arguably the largest change in IT history. Driven by application mobility and seamless scaling, cloud architectures are disrupting how data centers are designed and operated. ...
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  • Morphing Into the IT Business Professional: Social Media 101

    If you’ve been on social media for a while, you probably noticed there’s a lot of information out there. Even though you’ve been engaging, how do you start to morph your current presence into that of...
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  • Wound Care Management goes 3D with GPC and Intel® RealSense™

    With rising healthcare costs making news on an (almost) daily basis it’s essential that we push ahead with the drive for technology to have meaningful impact. One area seeing brilliant innovation is in the field...
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  • Part III: Future Health, Future Cities - Intel Physical Computing Module at IDE

    by Chiara Garattini & Han Pham   Read Part I Read Part II   In the third and final edition of our Future Cities, Future Health blog series, we will look at the final theme around Mapping Cities (Creat...
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  • Part I: Future Health, Future Cities - Intel Physical Computing Module at IDE

    Intel has sponsored a physical computing module on the topics of ‘Future Health, Future Cities’ as part of the first year in the Innovation Design and Engineering Master programme in conjunction between Im...
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  • Intel podporuje přechod na sítě připravené pro cloud a 5G připojení

    Rozšíření rodiny procesorů Intel® Xeon® D-1500 a nových ovladačů Intel® Ethernet posílí výkon i šířku pásma a umožní síti dod&aac...
    Intel News
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  • Exascale at SC15

    Well, it’s that time again, getting ready for Supercomputing 2015, a premier conference on HPC. The focus, for a while now, has been on achieving exascale performance by 2022. This won’t be easy; there are...
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