• Intel a Meridian zahájí testování robotického domácího lékaře

    Společnosti Intel Labs China a Meridian Medical Network (Beijing) Corp. podepsaly dohodu o zahájení ostrého testování robota, který funguje jako domácí lékař. Z...
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  • Enabling Software-Defined  Security at Scale

    By Manish Dave, Platform  Architect of Datacenter Security Products Division at Intel   The Intel Security Controller is  now Open Security Controller   As enterprise IT organizations discover th...
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  • The Path to Next-Gen Hyperscale Data Centers: Intel Rack Scale Architecture

    In their efforts to adapt to the demands of the digital  economy, the Internet of Things, and other disruptive changes, data centers are  facing big technical challenges in terms of flexibility and scale. Th...
    Mrittika Ganguli
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  • Get More Out of Your TV Experience

    Imagine a device that could fit in the palm of your hand that allowed you to stream content, play light games, and check your social media or email on any HDMI television.  That would be pretty convenient, wouldn...
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  • Beyond Gaming: Virtual Reality for Small Business

    It might seem like a science fiction movie, but virtual reality has finally hit the market, and the potential applications for this revolutionary technology are endless. Yes, even for small businesses. Though it’...
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  • The Rise of Next Generation Sequencing

      Following Bio-IT World, we’re asking some of the world’s top researchers how next generation sequencing (NGS) benefits them and their work. Today, we catch up with Mayo Clinic expert David I Smith,...
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  • Intel and Alan Turing Institute form Strategic Partnership to help solve Big Data Healthcare Challenges

    Realizing the potential in big data is a challenge we’re enthusiastically tackling head on here at Intel and a recently announced strategic partnership with the Alan Turing Institute (ATI) in the UK is just one ...
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  • Revolutionizing Seismic Data Processing in Oil and Gas Exploration

    Industries around the world rely on new technologies to enhance their capabilities and competitive advantages. This is true for the oil and gas industry, where high-performance computing (HPC) is essential to discover...
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  • Extreme-Scale Computing for All in One Day and Beyond

    Intel is driving toward a day when cancer patients routinely have their tumor DNA sequenced and receive precision treatment plans based on their unique biomolecular profile—all within 24 hours. We call this visi...
    Ketan Paranjape
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  • Helping Healthcare Organizations Better Understand Their Breach Security Maturity

    Ransomware, it’s a word I’m seeing with increasing frequency amongst security experts. And it’s one I’m keen to let others know about within healthcare because the dangers are already having a ...
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  • Machine Learning: A Full Stack View

      According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, machine learning is the hot new trend in the technology industry.  Why all the hype and excitement around artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and d...
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  • Risks of ‘Unsubscribing’ from Unwanted Email

    We all receive loads of unwanted email solicitations, warnings, and advertisements.  It can be overwhelming to the point of being obnoxious.  Some days it feels like an unending barrage of distracting delive...
    Matthew Rosenquist
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  • Bezpečnost dat a správa serverů s technologiemi Intel

      Intel TXT, AES-NI a FlexMigration jsou technologie v procesorech Intel Xeon, které posilují bezpečnost, usnadňují správu serverů jak fyzických, tak virtuálních, vče...
  • Does Database Performance Matter?

    I’m posing that question somewhat rhetorically.  The answer happens to be the theme for Percona* Live 2016 – “Database Performance Matters!” Databases are ubiquitous- if not also invisible...
    Kenneth LeTourneau
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  • Advancing Machine Learning to Uncover New Insights

    Machine learning holds the promise of not only structuring vast amounts of data but also to create true business intelligence   The sheer volume and unstructured nature of the data generated by billions of conne...
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  • It Takes a Village to Raise the Value of Big Data

    There isn't always an expert with all the skills you need.   For businesses, the days of the renaissance person have passed. Someone like a utility infielder who has some experience with a lot of functions used ...
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  • Scaling Software-Defined Storage in Retail

    Recently I was afforded the opportunity to collaborate with the Kroger Co.* on a case study regarding their usage of VMware* and their Virtual SAN* product1.  Having spent many a day and night enjoying 4x4 subs a...
    Kenneth LeTourneau
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  • Join us at Percona Live Data Performance Conference, April 18-21 Santa Clara

    At Intel we are have been working on the optimization of the Ceph storage architecture for many of the key IT applications including MySQL, cloud, and big data. There have been a number of enhancements around the use ...
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  • Work Better with a Small Business Mobile Strategy

    As a small business, you probably see yourself as mobile and flexible already. After all, you likely do a lot of work on the go — checking email on your phone and opening your laptop every time you get a few min...
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  • Response Time Is Critical To Mobile Analytics Design

    When you design for mobile analytics, the response time (sometimes also referred to as load time) will always come into question. The concept of fast loading pages is nothing new. Plenty of material exists on the web ...
    Kaan Turnali
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