• Empowering Our Private Cloud through API Exposure

    Back in the early 2000s, Amazon may have been the progenitor of today’s API economy, when the company CEO issued a mandate that all teams must expose their data and functionality through service interfaces. Whil...
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  • Der Arbeitsplatz im Wandel: Die neue Generation von Arbeitnehmern

    Der Wandel des Arbeitsplatzes ist kein neues Konzept. Er ist Teil unserer Entwicklung. Die jüngeren Generationen strömen auf den Arbeitsmarkt und haben neue Erwartungen im Gepäck. Denn der Arbeitsplatz ...
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  • Managing Mobile and BYOD: Madrid Community Health Department

    The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is booming. Tech Pro Research's latest survey shows that 74 percent of organizations globally are either already using or planning to allow employees to bring their own device...
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  • Transforming the Workplace for a New Generation of Workers

    Workplace transformation is not a new concept. It’s a piece of our evolution. As new generations enter the workforce, they bring new expectations with them; what the workplace meant for one generation doesn̵...
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  • Public Cloud is Unsecure … Isn’t It?

    When the discussion turns to the use of public cloud, statements are often made that the cloud is not secure. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, public cloud is an “infrastructure...
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  • Virtualization: The First Step to the Cloud

        The underpinning for most high performing clouds is a virtualized infrastructure that pools resources for greater physical server consolidation and processor utilization. With the efficiencies associate...
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  • Is cloud destined to be purely public?

      51 per cent of workloads are now in the cloud, time to break through that ceiling?     At this point, we’re somewhat beyond discussions of the importance of cloud. It’s been around for...
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  • The Analysis Challenge of the $1,000 Genome

    More than eight months have now passed since Illumina announced the long expected arrival of the $1,000 genome with the launch of the HiSeq X Ten sequencing instrument, which is also denoted as a new era in High Throu...
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  • The Bleeding Edge of Medicine

    Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) has become pervasive in the design and manufacture of everything from jumbo jets to razor blades, transforming the product development process to produce more efficient, cost effective...
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  • Personalized Medicine: What’s the Hold Up?

    There’s a lot of talk these days about personalized medicine. This emerging medical science promises medical diagnoses and treatments that are tailored to an individual’s set of medical problems, rather th...
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  • Ethernet Shows Its Role as Fabric Technology for High-End Data Centers at OCP Summit

    March has been a big month for demonstrating the role of Intel® Ethernet in the future of several key Intel initiatives that are changing the data center.   At the start of the month we were in Barcelona at ...
    Dawn Moore
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  • NVM Express* Technology Goes Viral – From Data Center to Client to Fabrics

    Amber Huffman, Sr Principal Engineer, Storage Technologies Group at Intel For Enterprise, everyone is talking about "Cloud," "Big Data," and “Software Defined X," the latest IT buzzwords. For consumers, the ...
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  • Cut the Clutter: Working Wire-Free with Intel® Technology

    If you’re reading this at your desk in a typical office, chances are good that you have a ton of cables connecting your monitor and other peripherals to your computer. The more you look at them, the more unsight...
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  • Motivating Customers to be Secure by Paying Them

    Convincing customers to be secure is no easy task, even when it is in their best interest.  Some innovative companies are exploring new ways to change behaviors without the downsides of fear and negative press, b...
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  • Moving from Maintenance to Growth in Retail Technology

    Ready, set, welcome to the new retail year.   It's time to start fresh, and for those of us in retail technology, it’s time to get the final word on budgets and do the final editing on the 2015 plan. &nbs...
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  • The Behavioral Shift Driving Change in the World of Retail

    Ready or Not, Cross-Channel Shopping Is Here to Stay   Of all the marketplace transitions that have swept through the developed world's retail industry over the last five to seven years, the most important is th...
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  • Intel Red Rock Canyon Technology Preview

    It has been a while since I’ve made a blog posting.  That is because I was moved away from doing Virtualization and Manageability technologies to work on Intel Switching products.  Last week I was fort...
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  • Can Technology Enable Viable Virtual Care?

      I recently spoke to Mark Blatt, Intel’s Worldwide Medical Director, about whether virtual care can deliver equal to or better than face-to-face care. Across the world, ageing populations are stretching p...
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  • Tightening up Intel SCS service account permissions for managing Intel AMT computer objects in Microsoft Active Directory

    An enterprise customer wanted to enable Active Directory integration with Intel AMT on their large Intel vPro client estate. However their security team wanted the permissions for the Intel SCS service account against...
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  • Intels Gateway-Lösung: Schlüsselkomponente bei der Implementierung des „Internet of Things“

    Das wahre Potenzial des „Internet of Things“ („Internet der Dinge“, IoT) kann nur dann in vollem Umfang ausgeschöpft werden, wenn intelligente Embedded Devices mit der Cloud interagieren u...
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