• Today We Have True Clinical-Grade Devices

    When I used to work for the UK National Health Service, I encouraged doctors and nurses to use mobile devices. But that was 15 years ago, and the devices available only had about two hours of battery life and weighed ...
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  • OPNFV Day at OpenStack Summit

    By Tony Dempsey I’m here attending the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, BC and wanted to find out more about OPNFV, a cross industry initiative to develop a reference architecture for operators to use as a ref...
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  • Intel’s Role in Building Diversity at the OpenStack Summit

    By Suzi Jewett, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Data Center Group, Intel   I have the fantastic job of driving diversity and inclusion strategy for the Data Center Group at Intel.  For me it is the perfe...
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  • Reaching one million database transactions per second…  Aerospike + Intel SSD

                We’ve known  the innovators at Aerospike for a few years now, and today we are announcing more than 1 million transaction per second (TPS) on a sing...
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  • Accelerating Business Intelligence and Insights

    By Mike Pearce, Ph.D. Intel Developer Evangelist for the IDZ Server Community     On May 5, 2015, Intel Corporation announced the release of its highly anticipated Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v3 famil...
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  • Introduction to Intel Ethernet Flow Director

    By David Fair, Unified Networking Marketing Manager, Intel Networking Division   Certainly one of the miracles of technology is that Ethernet continues to be a fast growing technology 40 years after its initial d...
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  • Intel and Citrix Take 3D Visualization to Remote Engineers

    In today’s world, engineering teams can be located just about anywhere in the world, and the engineers themselves can work from just about any location, including home offices. This geographic dispersion creates...
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  • Digitization of the Utility Industry Part II: The Impact of Metcalfe’s Law

    In the previous post focused on The Digitization of the Utility Industry Part I, I mentioned Metcalfe's Law...   "Metcalfe's law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the squar...
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  • Health IT Critical for Underserved, Entire Ecosystem

    The National Health IT (NHIT) Collaborative for the Underserved kicked off their Spring Summit with a briefing at the White House in April to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of the Heckler Report.   This lan...
    Michael Jackson
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  • Intel AMT Firmware / Remote Configuration Hash Matrix

    To ensure you purchase the correct Remote Configuration Certificate for your environment, here is a Matrix to reference. Depending on your preference of certificate vendor, you may need to check with your OEM and upda...
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  • Is Your Data Center Ready for the IoT Age?

    How many smartphones are there in your household? How about laptops, tablets, PCs? What about other gadgets like Internet-enabled TVs or smart room temperature sensors? Once you start to think about it, it’s cle...
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  • Top 10 Predictions: Evolution of Cybersecurity in 2015

    Cybersecurity is poised for a notorious year. The next 12 to 18 months will see greater, bolder, and more complex attacks emerge. This year’s installment for the top computer security predictions highlights how ...
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  • Doing More with Less: A New Era of the Small Business PC

    Small businesses generally don’t have the luxury of large office spaces. Until recently, the only high-performance computing option was traditional desktop PCs, which tend to take up valuable desk real estate. B...
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  • Pharma Sales: The 90-Second Rule

    I have just spent the better part of two weeks involved in the training of a new 50-strong sales team. Most of the team were experienced sales people but very inexperienced in pharmaceutical sales. They had a proven r...
    Peter Shaw
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  • The Path to Ethernet Standards and the Intel Ethernet, NBASE-T

    The “Intel Ethernet” brand symbolizes the decades of hard work we’ve put into improving performance, features, and ease of use of our Ethernet products.   What Intel Ethernet doesn’t stan...
    Dawn Moore
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  • Should You Take the High Road or the Low Road to SDI?

    When I started my career in IT, infrastructure provisioning involved a lot of manual labor. I installed the hardware, installed the operating systems, connected the terminals, and loaded the software and data, to crea...
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  • Intel collaborates with NBASE-T Alliance to demo end-to-end enterprise infrastructure solutions at Interop

    At Interop Las Vegas in April 2015, Intel took part in the NBASE-T Alliance public multi-vendor interoperability demonstration. Carl Wilson, Product Marketing Engineer, walks through the demo to show how it leveraged ...
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  • Intel® Ethernet XL710 SW, FW and NVM image Update

    Intel Network Division is pleased to deliver Release 20.0 (codenamed FVL3), a package that contains a new NVM images and Software that will provide customers with numerous new features and benefits when using the Inte...
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  • What To Consider When Building An Enterprise Mobile App

    So, you’re building an internal mobile app for your enterprise. Congratulations! Many companies have begun to reap the benefits of developing mobile apps for their own workforce and there are huge upsides to get...
    IT Center
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  • The Mobile Utility Worker of the Future: Augmented Reality and Wearables

    In a world that’s never slow to hype the next best big thing, augmented reality and wearable technology are certainly on the 2015 hype curve. Back in January at CES both were key themes. In February at DistribuT...
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