• Unable to run the Grove IMU 10DOF on the edison arduino board

    I try to run the Grove IMU 10DOF on the Intel Edison Arduino board. I follow the steps on http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_IMU_10DOF, and the running result is :   Initializing I2C devices... Testing dev...
    created by 朝露映曦
  • -NEW- Intel® Iris™, Iris™ Pro, and HD Graphics Production Driver for Windows* 10 64-bit

    The Windows 10* production driver has been posted to Intel Download Center at the following direct link to the driver: 64bit - win64_154004.2.exe - This driver is in self installing format intended for...
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  • AC 7260: WiFi alone works fine, but drops drastically when Bluetooth is on

    Hello Guys,   I have the Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 running in my ASUS TP300LA notebook. When Bluetooth is disabled, the WiFi connection works absolutely fine. But as soon as I enable Bluetooth (doesn't matter ...
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  • Is there a limit to the number of ODDs that can be connected to the Intel RAID controller and be recognized by the Intel RST Manager program?

    I have an ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard with the Intel X58 chipset and the “Intel Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller”, which Belarc Advisor reports as an ICH10R controller. I...
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  • @Intel - Definitive solutions for the upgrade to Windows 10 after +/- 15 days ?

    Any solutions for the trouble of update to Windows 10 of Compute Stick? After 15 days? Bios or patch or other? Or nothing?
    created by mh3g
  • RAID1 keeps failing and would like to convert as a simple disk without losing data

    RAID1 on Windows7 Ultimate has failed couple of weeks back. Replacing the failed drive starts rebuilding but then it reboot the whole computer with again Degraded drive. The drive that shows degraded is actually worki...
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  • Intel Raid Web Console 2 - Server could not be found because server may be down or server not installed in the host system

      I have installed the latest Intel Raid Web Console 2 ( on a Server 2012 R2. The motherboard is a S3210SH. I get a “Server could not be found because server may be down or server not install...
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  • Front panel audio jack

    I can't get any signal from the audio jack on my NUC54250WYKH. Only sound unit found in the control panel is "remote speaker" I used Intels tool to check for update of all kinds and installed all the latest drivers ...
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  • Adding Attributes to Devices on Enableiot.com

    I am trying to set a device to have a new attribute "Site" in enableiot.com. I have successfully done so with 2 out of 3 of my devices, but whenever I go and add it to throw the web interface, it doesnt seem to last v...
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  • DBS2600CW2 with RMS25PB080 HW Raid Controller: RAID Controller name not in Boot Manager List

    Hi All, We are Integrating a Server with DBS2600CW2 board and RMS25PB080 RAID Controller. I defined RAID Virtual Array and Groups Initialized and set as boot able. But could not see the RAID Controller name in Boot ...
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  • WLAN disconnects - Failure Reason:The driver disconnected while associating

    G'Day from downunder   I work for Education Department in South Australia, I have imaged 30 x HP 210 G1 laptops using WDS / MDT.   I have connected approx. 25 to the wireless lan without any issues, but a ...
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  • Issue with Windows 10 Autumn Update

    Hi all,   In regards to the new issue with the Windows 10 Autumn Update, we are currently working with Microsoft to investigate this problem. It appears that this issue is happening on other computers too, not j...
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  • Edison connected over USB blocks my windows host

    Hi! Since I'm using the Intel Edison board, I have the problem, that the when the Edison is connected over USB and I use the Ethernet-Over-USB, my host PC (running Windows 8.1) hangs on specific actions. E.g. the t...
    created by Christoph.P
  • Upgrade RAM in Intel G41 Express Chipset?

    Hi, I need to upgrade my RAM from 2GB to 4 or 6GB atleast for my PC config: Intel G41 Express Chipset with Processor Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz Speed? Please suggest me for installing TFS or visual studio 2013?
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  • Retail box i5-6500 "unlocked" with only 5 months manufacturer's warranty? Is this legitimate? Please help.

    I found a reputable electronics store advertising the i5-6500. However, I am hesitant to buy it because of its suspicious product description. The store claims the i5-6500 is an "unlocked processor" and that it comes ...
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  • Whats the story with the Intel Confidential CPUs?

    Hello,     Im trying to find what whats the story with these Intel Confidential CPUs. I recently was, i guess, fooled, into purchasing one.   The seller was venting them on this romanian site Okazii.r...
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  • i3 6100 / i3 6100T maximum temperature

    Hi . I am from Romania , Bucharest city .   I want to buy a processor i3 6100 or 6100T and I want to know which is max safe temperature to use for these models . I use Speedfan which show me cpu temp and core te...
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  • Edison opkg package repo created

    Hello everyone,   As much as I like the idea of enabling Debian on Edison - and that's something I'm going to participate in to make it even easier to use in addition to all that great work done in the Debian th...
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  • DH67BL Intel Management Engine interface Error 10

    Hello,   We have problem in Management engine interface. In device manager it is shows Yellow triangle icon on it. i have tried to update driver but its failed. i tried to delete driver and reinstall but cant ab...
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  • Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 (Sandy bridge) Windows 10 Graphics Driver support?

    According to Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems there is no support of Intel HD Graphics 3000 for Windows 10. When the support for Windows 10 for Intel HD Graphics 3000 will arrive? Will be the new...
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