• Windows 7 slow at "starting windows" - nuc6i5syk

    Hi,   I have just installed Windows 7 Pro x64.   This is my equipment: - NUC6i5SYK - Samsung 950 pro 512GB NVME M2 - Ram 8x2 Kingston 2133 sodimm - Windows 7 Pro x64   It was hard to install it, ...
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  • Motherboard DP43BF onboard lan Broadcom issue

    Hello. I have an issue about process of work the LED of lan interface in the backside of system block PC. I think there's might be some problems. When my PC is switched off that LED starts to wink. The winks being thr...
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  • GNU Radio on Intel Edison Platform?

    Hi Intel forums! I'll start by saying that I feel quite out of my element when it comes to this subject matter, so I apologize for any unclear statements or obvious questions. I studied HDL design and Digital Signal P...
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  • Error: “git: 'submodule' is not a git command” on Intel Edison

    When i try using git submodules I get the following error message:   $> git submodule init git: 'submodule' is not a git command. See 'git --help'   System version is: $> uname -r 3.10.17-poky-edi...
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  • Intel Edison Problems

    So i have Intel Edison and a Arduino Uno, when i use the Arduino Uno i can get the pin 13 to blink no problem but for some reason i cant get the Intel Edison with the break out board to produce enough voltage to power...
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  • On NUC6i5SYK Ubuntu Linux 15.10 display goes to sleep immediately after splash screen appears

    I installed Ubuntu Linux 15.10 from a USB thumb drive on my NUC6i5SYK.  I had to add 'nomodeset' to get the LiveCD environment to boot, as the display would sleep if I didn't (as described Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH - B...
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  • Intel HD 4600 crashing in windows 10

    I keep getting lockups followed by a windows error reporting that that driver crashed and has recovered.   It seems to crash far, far more often when trying to play fullscreen content on the net (YouTube, Vessel...
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  • FTDI + mraa + radiolink comms

    Hi all. First of all I want to say that I've been reading a lot of messages related with my problem in this forum and others and trying all I saw in them, but it didn't work so I'm desperate so I'm trying to ask dire...
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  • Patch Edison Sound driver without flashing Complete Kernel

    Hi, I would like to test a small modification in one of the I2S audio drivers without doing the whole development cycle and reflashing. I am not familiar with Linux Kernel development. I have read Board Support Pack...
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  • Intel Driver Update Utility no longer detects latest drivers, attempts to download latest graphics drivers failed

    For quite a few months now, the Driver Update Utility on my laptop has stopped finding the latest drivers whenever I try to scan for them, forcing me to download them from Intel/HP themselves (although I've only done ...
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  • I211/I217-V Windows 10 LACP teaming fails

    Hello,   after the update to Windows 10 (x64, Build 10240) the creation of a teaming group (static or IEEE802.3ad) with a I211+I217-V NIC fails.   Drivers have been upgraded to the latest version available...
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  • S5000PSL  E11027-101 Support 5400 Series CPU?

    Hey I know the board is out of support period blah blah... My code is E11027-101 but it says E11027-301 or LATER will only support the 5400 series... will it still work or maybe I should get  the X5365 Xeon ...
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  • Disabling SPI CS1?

    Hi,   I'm trying to use Edison to talk to multiple spi devices, however, I found many issues about Edison's SPI have been discussed. I found one solution is use GPIO as SPI CS line instead of using hardware SPI...
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  • WPA2_Enterpise (eduroam) ap config

    Hello all,   I'm trying to use the edison in ap mode while having it connected to an wpa2_enterprise network. While the board connects normally (using connman) to the eduroam netowork in question, it cannot conn...
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  • NUC6i5RYH displayport is "off" when connected to a multi port switch

    I have 2 NUC6i5RYH and I want to connect them to this: http://www.provantage.com/startech-displport6l~7STR91T1.htm   however, the NUC when connected do not detect a valid video connection and power down the sig...
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  • WiDi can't find my LG WebOS TV

    Hi.     i use hp 8440p with W7 SP1 and i have instaled and runing WiDi My TV is LG webOS TV LF592U   when i try to connect them, TV just stay on listen mode....WiDi can't find LG TV   however S...
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  • Intel software RAID to hardware RAID

    I have Windows 8.1 Enterprise, maybe going to Windows 10 Enterprise later, with Intel chipsets on the motherboard with Software RAID 5 with 4 4TB Seagate disks.  Is there an Intel RAID controller that would recog...
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  • Urgent: Fried Edison??

    I just accidentally put a 7.2v 860mAh LiPo battery in the J2 connector. The led on the board flashed briefly and then nothing. Since then whenever I connect the arduino board to my pc using usb the led flashes briefly...
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  • Intel DQ45CB mobo in Acer M1100 case - How to connect front end?

    I have put an Intel DQ45CB micro ATX mobo in an old Acer M1100 case.  My problem is in the power connector from the front end, which has 13 pins, whereas the Intel mobo has 9 pins.  Is there any kind of adap...
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  • NUC6i5SYH and WHEA

    Hi, I have a NUC6i5SYH that since mid Jan. and it have worked fine so far. But since two days ago I get WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR evry time I start and the NUC shuts down. This is repeated over and over again. I have ...
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