• Connecting an Intel Ethernet XL710-QDA2 to an Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520-SR2

    Hi   I need to connect my server having a  XL710 CNA QDA2 to another server with a X520-SR2 Network adapter(E10G42BFSR ). I was curious whether I can go with the Intel Ethernet QSFP+ breakout cable (X4DACBL...
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  • NUC6i5SYH and LinuxMint bluetooth WIfi Graphics

    I have a NUC6i5SYH with Bios 42 Linux Mint 17.3 with  3.19.0-32-generic (the one includes with the distro) I have not wifi, not bluetooth, and the graphics performing not so good.   ILOGICAL PROCEDURE TO ...
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  • Hjælp til "IntelProcessor Diagnostic Tool"

          OHH - Sorry I've just seen that this is an English spoken forum! I'll be back later with an English version of this - unless someone in Denmark will be able to answer this in the meantime! :-) ...
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  • International RMA

    Hi, I am living in Poland in Europe. If I buy a NUC from Amazon's third party seller in United States, what is the fastest and easiest way to RMA?   1) Send back to Amazon? 2) Send to Poland Intel Service? 3)...
    created by Learonl
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 performance issues?

    Hello,   I've been having some issues with the AC 7265 card seemingly having throughput/connectivity issues.   I've reference the document AC-7265 Frequent disconnects/Painfully slow when connected and...
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  • Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel

    Hi all,   I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on this one. I have a series of laptops which run the Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset and the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel 6.14.10....
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  • I have heard rumors regarding Intel's commitment to the Atom processor

    I have heard rumors regarding Intel's commitment to the development of the Atom processor; I am wondering what that means for the future of the Edison, and whether I can rely on the platform going forward ?  ...
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  • Can i use system("XXX") to send a command "XXX" to Edison

    Before, I succeeded in sending a "reboot" command to edison by write system("reboot") to Edison in Arduino IDE, and it works very well. Now I want him to perform one command like this "configure_edison - -wifi" , just...
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  • Graphics corruption in Fallout 4 since 1.3 patch

    Since Fallout 4's 1.3(.47) patch, I (and many, many others) have been experiencing texture issues that make the game unplayable. I have an Iris 5100, but the problem seems to be universal across all Intel GPUs, regard...
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  • Intel HD 530 Graphics HDMI output not working with DVI monitors

    On the request of the Intel Support Twitter team I'm posting this question here.   I have a Z170 motherboard with one HDMI output and one Displayport output and an i7 6700k CPU with Intel HD 530 graphics built i...
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  • I have two edisons running for over one year... would like to update for mcu

    hi, I have two edisons running continuously for over one year.  My edisons are old enough that the mcu was not active when I set them up.  I would like to activate the on-board mcu;  would someone point...
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  • Can servo motor be controlled without grove module?

    If yes, how can I program it. What should I import? Can you please paste the code. Thank you!
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  • Intel 530 240GB SSD Read Scan error at 12%

    I have attached the drive log.  I am trying to clone the drive to a larger SSD to not have to go through the windows 10 upgrade again and to save myself the time of installing my linux VM.  The drive refuses...
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  • BSOD/ Intel RAID volume failing but CHKDSK clean volume

    After BSOD, lower right hand side of computer pops up, RAID console, telling me volume is failing, back up immediately.   Can my solid state hard drive be repaired ? By clean re-installation of Windows? Or must ...
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  • Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM not working with Windows 10 deployment via WDS server

    Hello, we have a Dell Latitude E7270 that has the Intel L219-LM Ethernet adapter. I am using a WDS server to deploy a Windows 10 Image onto the computer, but it does not get an IP address. I am able to deploy Windows ...
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  • [edison] when smartphone turn off, bluez get error...

    I have hard time with bluez... plz, help me..   I'm working with nodejs (use bleno) I want to connect smart phone with edison. and it works. but.. when phone is turning off(and It has low connectivity it mea...
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  • How to get IR to work?

    How do you get that piece of **** IR inside the NUC6 series to work?   I'm running windows 10 and under HID devices I got 6 entries, 4 HID compliant ones and ITECIR and microsoft ehome transceiver. These are all...
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  • Can't boot via RMM virtual media

    I have S2600WT servers with the latest BIOS and a RMM4LITE installed and get grey hairs trying to boot via virtual media, either USB images or ISOs.   I can access the drives from a booted system but BIOS do...
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  • How to use watchdog in edison

    To test edison watchdog, I killed the watchdog-sample prgram, and after five minutes, the edion doesn't reboot.     So I disable the watchdog-sample service, and write an simple program to init watchdog, an...
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  • Thunderbolt networking in Windows OS

    Intel releases the whitepaper on how to network two PCs or two MACs using Thunderbolt.   It even states the driver: Thunderbolt Software 2.5 one should be using.   I have scoured the internet, even venturi...
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