• WIDI  can find the TV,but unable to connect

    My TV is TCL E5700A, it has has a WIDI&miracast application, I use my mobile phone(Andriod 4.4) can connect and display to TV, it's OK   But when I use my notebook(windows8.1)  connect TV by WIDI , they...
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  • bitbake menuconfig error with meta-clanton_v1.1.0

    I'm trying to run menuconfig and I'm having trouble. I can do a bitbake image-full and it seems to run ok.  I'm running Ubuntu 12.04   Here's the simple steps I'm using:   I go to this page: https://...
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  • Low resolution (640x480) problem in Linux while using Intel HD Graphics 4600

    I am using linux mint 17.1 64-bit in my desktop having Intel HD Graphics 4600 and the maximum resolution is 640x480 (this is the maximum resolution that I can choose from display option). I have also tried latest ubun...
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  • How can I transfer data on Edison via WiFi direct?

    Hi. Following Intel®  Edison Boards — Wi-Fi User Guide, I successfully connected two Edison by P2P connection with PIN mode as autonomous GO(section 6.4). Now I want to transfer sensor data value(from ...
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  • I can't connect edison webpage.

    I can't use my web page... i can connect mainpage show ip Address, Hostname. but i cant public page like exit.html , status.html etc I think i have problem ssh(? )  or port number. Can u help me  
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  • i want to use edison wifi and control led

    I am not good at english. sorry I use intel edison with kit for arduino, and i want to contorl led use wifi. so i code in arduino. like this #include <WiFi.h>   char ssid[] = "iptime92";  &nbs...
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  • S5000PSL No video output - I'm new to server boards...

    I ordered: A new S5000PSL SASR specifically the E11025-302 revision for Xeon 5400 support Two Xeon L5410 SLBBS 2.33GHz processors. Four sticks of 2GB 667 DDR2 MT36HTF51272FY-667E1D4   I Have connected both p...
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  • How to Enable/Disable Iptables in Yocto for Intel Galileo

    Hi,   Can anyone please help me how can i enable, disable iptables(Firewall) in Yocto linux on Intel Galileo. Also i wanted to know the command for checking the status of the firewall from terminal   When ...
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  • How or where to post a MCU SDK feature request?

    Hi ,   I was testing MCU SDK with my Edison and realized that MCU SDK ( integrated into Eclipse ) does not save automatically the source code when it starts building even if the code has been edited. Of cours...
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  • I want to copy some files into my edison in ubuntu.

    Hello. I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I want to copy some files into my edison driver directory(in the picture, the directory where I want to store is "node_modules"). but i can't find the directory where I want to save in ...
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  • Issue with Intel AC 7260 driver with Bluetooth

    I just wanted to report an issue with the 7260 driver. It isn't that big of a deal, but I thought others should know about it.   After I stop playing audio through the Bluetooth device for approx. 30 minutes and...
    created by Lonnie_Jones
  • How to Run Sketches from Linux Terminal

    Hi,   I have been using Arduino IDE to run sketches on Intel Galileo board, Now i have connected it via LAN and i wish to perform those task via Linux Terminal. Can any one guide me how can i do it?   Exam...
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  • cannot install drivers. no intel(r) adapters are present in this computer

    Hello, Sorry for my english. Well i have a problem like the subject im trying to install the intel ethernet drivers on 82583v gigabit ethernet and appears this problem "cannot install drivers. no intel(r) adapters ...
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  • Is there a reason intel XDK's 'nodeappslot' runs it's apps in 0.10.x as opposed to the version installed in the system

    I cant run an app from the xdk because it requires 12.x but the app runs fine using the command window where i manually installed node 12.5. Is there a workaround ?       currently i can run a node pro...
    created by oooseun
  • Failed to lookup view "index" in views directory "/opt/xdk-daemon/views"

    I am trying to render a view using ejs and whenever I try to render the view I get error regarding the "/opt/xdk-daemon/views" which is obviously where I am not used to storing web application files. What options do I...
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  • Intel HD Graphics Control Panel - Custom Resolution

    Hi,   So I have this Samsung TV that's kinda old. It overscans as it's normal when connected through HDMI. The thing is, due to something related with HDMI being digital signal and it only being able to adjust o...
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  • rmm4 mount images without browser?

    I was wondering if it is possible to mount images without use jloader.   I use mostly a setup that has no X running; which makes impossible for me to run the web interface and load the remote KVM.   I was ...
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  • D54250WYK - Harmony Touch remote stopped working in Kodi 14.2 after latest BIOS update WY0040.BIO. It was fully functional prior WY0038.BIO.

    Hi All,   My Harmony Touch remote was fully functioning with Kodi 14.2 until I updated the BIOS to WY0038.BIO and there was no change when I update to WY0040.BIO.   The system will now only turn on.  ...
    created by Natos
  • Powering Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board

    Hello,   I'm trying to use the Edison Mini Breakout Board but I'm having trouble powering it. I know you can power it in 3 different ways:   - USB (5 V) - Header (7-15 V) - Header for lipo battery (3.7...
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  • NUC5i5RYH constantly freezing up on us? Any advice?

    We have a new NUC with 8gb of ram and a new Samsung 850 Pro. It has Windows 8.1 on it. The device is constantly freezing up, youtube videos stop working, it just seems to be a real poor quality device. The 2005 comput...
    Rod Gray
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