• empire earth help?

    hi i want to try and get empire earth running on my laptop (Acer aspire e1 series, windows 8.1) i have attached my dxdiag report, graphics report and system information report would anyone be able to helpme find a dr...
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  • NUC5i5RYH won't boot - power button light blinks 3 times, pauses, blinks 3 times, pauses...

    Hello,         I have submitted a support request to Intel for this.  I have a new NUC5i5RYH for which I ordered and installed CT2KIT51264BF160BJ (8GB Kit (4GBx2), 204-pin SODIMM, ...
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  • BLE stability on edison?

    I am doing a project to connect edison as BLE central device to peripherals using nRF51822. Peripheral is streaming some data to central device. Goes fine for a while and after that Edison bluetooth goes in a state wh...
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  • Tried to install Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver but failed, I could do this last month.

    Hello everybody! Thank's if you will reply to me. I have this computer(Acer Aspire 4720z): And i tried to install the Intel Media Graphics Media Accelerator but failed, i mention i could do this before reinstalli...
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  • Intel DX58SO2 Replacement?

    GDay Everyone.   I have an Intel DX58SO2 with an i7 990x cpu.   I am fairly sure that the motherboard has died. I have tried replacing every single component, and have isolated the motherboard itself or th...
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  • Where I can find a list of compatible power supplies that have been tested to work properly with the DQ77KB intel motherboard?

    Where I can find a list of compatible power supplies that have been tested to work properly with the DQ77KB intel motherboard?
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  • How and where to buy an Intel Galileo in Nigeria

    Please I need direction on how and where I could purchase an Intel Galileo in Nigeria and also would like to know how much it will cost.
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  • USB Controller driver not found. Asus X550LB Windows 7

    Hi, I can't find the usb driver for my laptop. I have already installed Windows 7 x64 and other drivers successfully installed besides USB.. Could anybody help or probably had the same problem? Regards, Dmytro
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  • Microsoft wifi direct virtual adapter missed with Intel Dual band AC 7260

    Our product makes use of Intel Dual band AC 7260 wireless card with Windows 8.1 (64bit). I want to develop wifi direct connections with other mobile devices recently. At first, I cannot find microsoft wifi direct virt...
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  • Intel's Graphic Media Controller multi-monitor support for main monitor Saved to the Right.

    I tried to send the following to Intel support but they mail send page was broken ------------------------------------------------------   Intel's Graphic Media Controller multi-monitor support   Intel's ...
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  • motherboard se7230nh1-r and hard disk over 2TB

    Hi everybody!   Anybody know is se7230nh1-e mb support hard disk over 2Tb? I want to use 4Tb drives, but not sure that mb detect its.
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  • Bay Trail Linux C-State bug

    Is there any news on when (or if!) this pretty major bug will be addressed?   Bug 88012 – [bisected BYT] complete freeze after: drm/i915/vlv: WA for Turbo and RC6 to work together
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  • Windows update ruined my HDMI output?

    My HDMI output has been working fine since I got my current laptop (Windows 8.1 64-bit), but last night Windows installed an update which destroyed all HDMI functionality. I've tried system restores and it didn't help...
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  • Intel HD Graphics Outdated

    Hello, I'd like someone provide me download the latest version of the Intel GMA, my notebook is an Acer Emachines D525 processor intel celeron 900, Windows Operating System 10-bit x86 TP because I can not upgrade my v...
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  • Is it okay to download 3000 update with Family

    So i just formatted my laptop, which is a pretty old one. I was wondering if it would be okay to get the graphic driver HD graphics 3000 update when my chipset is Family. I already did it once but rerolled again cause...
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  • How much math coprocessor is freed up on an i7 4790 when a video card is added to a system?

      Hi Intel - I am a system admin for UCI Extension - I also build systems using your i7 chip lately the 4790K - very nice chip !   I read an article a month ago that stated the Intel 4790 and other newer ch...
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  • DH61WW: Win7 x64 Intel graphics driver Shutdown Produces a Restart

    Hi All,   This is my system spec OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate System Model DH61WW__ System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3101 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS ...
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  • USB Error with S3420GP Board

    I've been struggling with this S3420GPLX board with Xeon 3470. The setup is:   S3420GPLX (latest BIOS) with SCROMBSASMR RAID, SC5650UP/AXX6DRV3GEXP drive cage ATI video PCI-e 320GB drive as testing drive, conf...
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  • Connect to BLE device failed on Edison breakout board

    Hi, I'm writing an application for Edison to connect to a BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) device and read/write data from/to the device. I've referred to rfcomm-client.c of RFCOMM sockets , but always failed with -1 when c...
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  • NETwNb64 cannot be found

    I have a Sony Tap 11 running Windows 8.1.  It has been running great.  As of yesterday, I can no longer access my corporate network.  When I look in the Event Viewer, I see:   The description for ...
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