• Opencv on Edison

    Hi,   I followed the instructions from edison-bsp_ug_331188-001%20.pdf and generated a custom image with only opencv added.   When I try to run my opencv program I get the following errors: "error while l...
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  • Intel 530 SSD - Not recognized

    Hi,   I purchased NUC NUC5i3RYH. The existing connection on the board is M. 2 SSD card connection. I'm trying to connect my Intel 530 SSD mSata using this convertor: Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is ...
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  • Can't connect to Galileo gen 2 through Putty

    I'm completely new to the Galileo and having trouble trying to set it up. I've been following this guide to start:   Getting Started with the Intel® Galileo Board on Windows* | Intel® Developer Zone &nbs...
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  • postBuild.sh failed?

    Hi, I am following Intel Edison Board Support Package, DOC # 331188-004. $ bitbake edison-image   was successful, however, when I do following postBuild.sh, there was an error message. vmlinux, no such fil...
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  • How best proceed with overheating i7-4790K?

    I have an i7-4790K in a GA-Z97MX Gaming 5 mobo latest F4 BIOS.   I used a Noctua NH-L12 cooler rated at 95W for cooling the processor rated at 88W in a Lian Li PC V354 with 4 fans, 2 in 2 out, case closed and ca...
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  • Intel® 82579LM UDP multicast packetloss

    I currently have a high speed trading network setup and the machines that have the Intel® 82579LM integrated are experiencing insane packetloss. Started off with 2000 packets lost per 10 minutes. I have tried all ...
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  • RMM 3 command line status check

    I've got a few devices that have RMM loaded.  I know it's an intel rmm and pretty sure it's RMM3.   What I don't know is what is the IP of the device and how to get it from just the command line.   I ...
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  • DH61AG BIOS update disaster.

    Folks,   I am...well, was, a very happy DH61AG user.  I've got three of them here, and had no problems at all.  Until this evening.   Decided I was going to upgrade one of the machines to Windows...
    Andy Davidson
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  • Intel edison image corrupted - unable to flash

    Hi    I followed the guidelines in flashing edison but i am getting device detection failed (error) and also when i try to access intel edison prompt i am getting "ready to recieve apllication" and it gets s...
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  • 常用技术资料及工具

    睿核心处理器技术信息:Intel® Core™ Processors Technical Resources 凌动处理器技术信息:Intel® Atom™ Processor Technical Resources 至强处理器技术信息:Intel® Xeon® Processors Technical Resources 处理器识别实用程序:支持 - 英特尔® ...
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  • Problems while, PXE Booting on INTEL AMT provisioned machines

    Hi guys, We have configured an environment with Intel SCS and intel vpro enabled clients. We have successfully created policies and have distributed these to our clients. All of the funtions/settings are working as e...
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  • NUC5I5MYHE and M.2 compatibility

    I just picked up a NUC5I5MYHE, and tried to install a Samsung XP941 M.2 drive.  But, the drive seemed to be physically incompatible -- the notch is off by a mil or two.  The very same drive installed perfect...
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  • Windows update ruined my HDMI output?

    My HDMI output has been working fine since I got my current laptop (Windows 8.1 64-bit), but last night Windows installed an update which destroyed all HDMI functionality. I've tried system restores and it didn't help...
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  • How to detect USB connection with PC in Edison

    Hi, I am working on a project with Edison breakout board. I need to check if Edison is connected to PC with USB cable in my program running on Edison. How can I do? Thanks a lot.
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  • Boot screen in a loop?

    Hello all!, early i decided to update my BIOs (DH61WW) because some LAN issues, i have 099 ver. and tried 0120 express method, in first the process fail, and later dont let me start Windows 7 (64 bit), because it is i...
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  • N-7260 replacement question

    Greetings to all,   I have finally decided to remove that pathetic excuse for a WLAN and buy something that actually works.   Few months ago I purchased a brand new laptop, dropped down two thousand $ just...
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  • DZ87KLT-75K BIOS boot menu has suddenly stopped showing all my drives. It now shows only 2 of 8, before this morning it showed all always.

    DZ87KLT-75K BIOS boot menu has suddenly stopped showing all my drives. It now shows only 2 of 7, before this morning it showed all always.Can one of the designers help out. F10 now brings up a screen with only 2 of 7 ...
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  • intel ssd dc s3710

    Hello,   I've some questions about the new SSDs S3710 and S3610 : -Have you a date or an idea about the release in Europe (France) ? -Have you a date or an idea about the release of new software "Intel SSD Dat...
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  • My Graphics Adapter & Monitor reverted to VGA an PnP generic, how do I recover to Intel HD?

    My Graphics Adapter & Monitor reverted to VGA an PnP generic, how do I recover to Intel HD Graphics? Is it supposed to be discovered by the system, like plug & play?  It is not being detected does this m...
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  • Editing  and quitting crontab

    ok finally managed to get crontab installed. Need to first Add Unofficial Repository  Getting started with Intel Edison | Michael Hirsch     then opkg update opkg install cronie   now I can ed...
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