• FTDI USB Driver "kernel-module-ftdi-sio"  Edison does not assign ttyUSBx to a USB - RS422 FTDI cable

    I want to use an FTDI USB to RS422 cable on Edison.  The FTDI Linux driver instructions on ftdichip.com say that the drivers are built into the Linux kernel and that you should get an assignment to ttyUSB0 and th...
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  • Has anyone interfaced Edison with IBM Watson?

    I want to start developing my IoT applications on IBM Watson as I heard lots of things about its artificial intelligence power, so would that be good kick start to implement lots of cognitive computing on Edison?
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  • Connect Galileo To LED Module - HUB 08

    Hi,   I am new to programming micro controllers but I am a developer.   I am looking at getting a galileo to control a number of LED modules. The modules have HUB 08 connections. I was wondering if anyon...
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  • IRST - Changing volume type from recovery to 2-disk RAID 1

    I added a second larger SSD to a Dell Latitude E7240 running 8.1. On reboot this was detected by Intel RST v Not realising that it would use all space on new SSD, I created a recovery volume. According to...
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  • Intel Edison Arduino Board: Failed powering up the board using external power supply

    Hello,   This is my first post here, I wish I can get some help. I've recently bought an Intel Edison (Arduino Kit), I started working with, now I am trying to run it as HOST MODE. I connected the jack to the...
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  • Intel® Edison Software Release 2.1

    Intel® Edison Software Release 2.1 released today
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  • Execution error in c++ with opencv

    Hello,   I have installed all needed opencv libraries from Alext_Intel's repository. When I am executing command " pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv " output " -I/usr/include/opencv -lopencv_calib3d -lopencv_...
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  • Edison opkg package repo created

    Hello everyone,   As much as I like the idea of enabling Debian on Edison - and that's something I'm going to participate in to make it even easier to use in addition to all that great work done in the Debian th...
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  • Intel NUC D54250WYKH2 BIOS does not detect SSD

    Hello, I just received my Intel NUC D54250WYKH2  which I would like to use as XBMC Media Player. Since I already had a 120GB (G.Skill) SSD which I did not need before I wanted to use this in my NUC. So I assembl...
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  • opkg repo: No space left

    Pretty clear this is similar or identical to: Re: Edison opkg package repo created comment 10 from deelowe   could some kind person explain exactly what I need to do to prevent this**?   Jonathan   *...
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  • "Maintain Aspect Ratio" is not "maintained"

    Problem: If you have a wide screen display (1366x768 for example) and you want to play a fullscreen video game designed for 4:3 aspect ratio. Go to Intel Graphics Control Panel -> Display -> change resolution t...
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  • Intel Edison and LCD

    I have a simple LCD attached to my Edison Arduino board. It uses 4 digital pins (not I2C) and works well in Arduino UNO. However, I can not make it work on Edison Arduino board. It powers up, but nothing comes up to t...
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  • Backing Windows stick up, creating an image?

    Now that the patch has been released and I finally have a working Windows compute stick, I'd like to image it and back it up (Intel has said they won't provide such images). Can anyone point me to a utility and/or doc...
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  • Data Monster Documentation

    Here is the pattern for a Data Monster (Attached).  This current design is intended for a 12x24" sheet of 1/8" thick material (wood or acryllic) on a laser cutter. The KIT version creates four boards with pop-ou...
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  • Intel HD Graphics with dedicated graphic card

    Good Morning! I have a little doubt about Intel HD graphics. Recently I bought an Intel I5 4590 processor, and I know that it comes with HD Graphics 4600, but I already have a GTX 760 on my computer. Here is the dou...
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  • Intel NUC NUC5i5RYK with Intel Core™ i5 Processor

    For the Intel NUC NUC5i5RYK with Intel Core™ i5 Processor, what is the peak current draw in milliamperes?
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  • mplayer missing from edison-image-ww18-15 release?

    I'm working through the A2DP example in the May 2015 Intel Edison Bluetooth Guide, rev 005. Section 6.3 uses mplayer. But when I type mplayer in my terminal window it says: -sh: mplayer: command not found When I sea...
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  • DZ68DB - should I switch from raid to ahci for single SSD?

    When I originally built my PC with a DZ68DB board, I added a Intel SSD 311 20G  ssd to use as a cache. So the BIOS specifies RAID since I was using Rapid Storage Technology to form a RAID with my SATA drive. &nbs...
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  • BCM43340 BT LE Packets per connection interval

    Hi,   We're looking for possibility to increase data throughput of Bluetooth LE connection. We're currently using 7.5 ms connction intervals and we'd like to transmit also multiple packets per connection interva...
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  • How can I make a driver for spi device?

    Hi, Have anyone coded a driver for a spi device on the Edison Breakout Board? I think I should include <linux/spi.h> into my module. Then,how can I find the spi_master on Edison?   Do anyone have the re...
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