• Creating a timer function in C on Galileo gen 2

    Hello everyone,   does anyone have an experience creating a timer function in C code for Galileo. I am trying to port some C kode made for mikrokontroler, but I am totally stuck with this function:   void ...
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  • Problem Intel C602

    Motherboard Supermicro X9SRi-3F. SCU chip C602. SCU Option ROM Is it possible to update the firmware SCU?     Maybe my question is not entirely accurate. But BIOS update does not r...
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  • how does Edison-OLED display information from Arduino serial monitor?

      I have  Sparkfun OLED with Edison, OLED can work, following instruction:                       ...
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  • How to Enable/Disable Iptables in Yocto for Intel Galileo

    Hi,   Can anyone please help me how can i enable, disable iptables(Firewall) in Yocto linux on Intel Galileo. Also i wanted to know the command for checking the status of the firewall from terminal   When ...
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  • Looking to the Future: Smart Healthcare with Big Data - HLRS

    The NHS is under unbelievable pressure to do more with less; according to the latest research from the Kings Fund, the NHS budget increased by an average of just 0.8 per cent per year in real terms since 2010.   ...
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  • High-Performance Computing Helping to Make Dreams Come True - HLRS

    This year is shaping up to be one of the best years for cinema in a while. Some of Hollywood’s most iconic characters are returning to the big screen in 2015, with new releases from James Bond*, Star Wars* and T...
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  • [HELP] I'm having trouble updating to node 0.12.5

    Every method i've tried ends in an error that no one(according to google) seems to have, e.g sha1 isn't present on yocto(using nvm) tar doesnt have a '--strip' (using n). It's become very frustrating. Also why is the ...
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  • The Challenge of the Smart Megacity

    On my recent visit to China, I was struck by the country’s commitment to investing in smart cities. China’s most recent five-year plan set aside $70 billion for smart city technologies, with around 200 cit...
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  • DP55KG will not boot to USB or DVD

    Greetings,   I have the DP55KG motherboard that's been in my self-built system since 2010 and has had Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Win 7 Ultimate x64 & Win 8.1 Pro x64. It's been flawless except for one consi...
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  • How to update intel gop driver?

    i can not find it……
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  • Shield Library works on Gen 2 but not on Gen 1 - **B010000000063f694 error

    Hi,   I'm trying this shield on a Gen 1 and Gen 2 board.   Extreme Range Links: LoRa 868 / 915MHz SX1272 Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo   There is a library on the page containing...
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  • Intel Galileo does not boot from SD-card while USB-stick is connected

    I wanted to log analog measurements to a USB stick, because SD card is too small to be changed by older people, where the system is. So i need a system with RTC, analog reading (,two digital ports) and ability to writ...
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  • HD6000 3D performance issue

    Using PowerDVD 15 I am seeing inconsistent playback of 3D blu ray. When I start a 3D movie (TV is a Vizio M801D-A3; 1080p/24Hz; frame-packing), the image may distort frequently and cause an image that appears to almos...
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  • How can I transfer data on Edison via WiFi direct?

    Hi. Following Intel®  Edison Boards — Wi-Fi User Guide, I successfully connected two Edison by P2P connection with PIN mode as autonomous GO(section 6.4). Now I want to transfer sensor data value(from ...
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  • How to boot Edison from an SD card (Linux)

    The following is a guide that was written by AlexT_Intel during the time we were working on release 2 at Intel.  It was adapted from some internal projects we were playing around with, and we'd like to share it w...
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  • Installing a new OS breaks UEFI boot

    After Install FreeBSD 10.1 from a EFI memstick, my pc boot was messed up. It only boots from PXE and cd or hard disk and I can't enter to BIOS setup, even after clearing CMOS moreover, motherboard's recovery mode fail...
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  • how to disable tty on intel edison | auto login into intel edison mini breakout board

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to run a program at start-up time on Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board. I have created a bash script for video streaming which runs on start-up. now my problem is: every time I h...
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  • How to Run Sketches from Linux Terminal

    Hi,   I have been using Arduino IDE to run sketches on Intel Galileo board, Now i have connected it via LAN and i wish to perform those task via Linux Terminal. Can any one guide me how can i do it?   Exam...
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  • DHCP on a Galileo V1

    Hello! I've found the necessary details for setting up the Galileo V1 to make use of its attached WiFi card and thus make use of Wifi inside my apartment. (Making use of Wifi services in a hackerspace that doesn't us...
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  • I can't connect edison webpage.

    I can't use my web page... i can connect mainpage show ip Address, Hostname. but i cant public page like exit.html , status.html etc I think i have problem ssh(? )  or port number. Can u help me  
    created by NPK