• Problem after Windows 10

    Upgraded to Windows 10 by doing a update from a USB drive. No sound and can not see the SD card and a few other problems. I don't have the option to roll back to Windows 8.1 and if I boot into the system with F8 to do...
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  • intel graphics not working after windows 10 upgrade

    Hi..   I am using Dell inspiron N4050 laptop. Recently i have upgraded my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After the upgrade i was unable to get screen resolution for 1399x768. the driver display installed shows ...
    created by Naval
  • Windows 10 BSOD With Intel HD Graphics 4400.

    Hello, and good evening everyone. Today I upgraded my OS from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and I'm having only one big problem, relate to a horrible behavior of the intel HD Graphics 4400 installed on my PC. My requirem...
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  • WIDI connection issues on Windows 10

    Hi, I have a question about Intel WIDI support on Windows 10 RTM (build 10240).   On Windows 8.1 Intel WIDI working correctly between my TV and my notebook, but in Windows 10 I have a strange behavior:   -...
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  • I211/I217-V Windows 10 LACP teaming fails

    Hello,   after the update to Windows 10 (x64, Build 10240) the creation of a teaming group (static or IEEE802.3ad) with a I211+I217-V NIC fails.   Drivers have been upgraded to the latest version available...
    created by Famaku
  • Problem installing Extreme Tuner Utility

    I have an I5-4670K on a G1 sniper Z87   I upgraded to Windows 10 the other day and made the mistake of doing a clean install. After I completed the process I went to install XTU (version and I keep get...
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  • Issues creating custom resolution since Windows 10 (Timing Standard option missing)- Intel HD 5000 on Surface Pro 3

    Hi all,   I have a Surface Pro 3 with Intel HD 5000 and a Dell P2715Q external 4K monitor. I have recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (full release, not beta).   In order to use 4K resolution ...
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  • Is a Webserver using php and apache2 possible with Intel Edison

    I have a project running on Raspberry Pi which uses php, apache2 and python to implement a logic, have a web interface and control the GPIO. I would like to move it to Intel Edison due to the form factor and wireless ...
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  • G3258 and Windows 10 Problem

    There seems to be a major problem with the G3258 20th Anniversary Edition and Windows 10. In later Technical Preview builds, INCLUDING 10240 which is the RTM version, overclocking is only permitted on ONE CORE.  ...
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  • Intel Edision Multi-Threading With Arduino

    Hello,   I want to build a multi-threaded application with Arduino for the Intel Edison board to utilize the two CPU cores of the Edision. But I did not find an Arduino multi-threading library for Edision. &nbs...
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  • Intel HD Graphics 4600 problems on new Driver on Windows 10!

    Hi, I have a laptop Asus K450JF with a graphic Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M. You never gave me any trouble on Windows 8.1. Now I installed Windows 10 and installed the latest driver from intel. ...
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  • Cannot communicate two Edisons over rx tx. Why?

    Hi. Im doing a HNC project with the edison boards however Im struggling to make them communicate. I have two edison boards, and have joined them together by jumper wires (rx to tx, tx to rx and a common ground). &nbs...
    created by spartanBoss
  • WiFi Connected but no Status Page

    I had three edisons and often encountered this problem.   These are some of the ways that worked for me -   Soln # 1   Upgrade to the latest firmware. Once the Edison restarts (after you issue the ...
    created by sanjum89
  • Latest Intel Rapid Storage Driver and Z68 Chipset

    I have a Gigabyte Z68 chipset motherboard and I came across the latest version for Intel Rapid Storage Driver currently I am using 12.09 yet when I go to install the latest version it says it's not supported does that...
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  • Is Intel going to make RST drivers for Z77 chipsets for Windows 10?

    I just bought my motherboard Jan 2013 when my CPU was the best in its class.   I tried installing Intel RST that came with my motherboard but it's only for Windows 7, that version had errors in Windows 10 an...
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  • HP Spectre X360 and AC-7265 Wifi Adapter

    I wish I hadn't purchased the HP Spectre X360 after experiencing the wifi issues this has come with. My most expensive laptop buy, I'm still paying off my credit card for it.   The laptop itself isn't bad but t...
    created by Mil0l
  • Problem with teaming with Intel ethernet adapters

    Hello everybody, my first question here.   So, I own an Asus X99 Deluxe board with the following integrated Intel Gigabit ethernet adapters: I218-V I211   I'm on W8.1.   All drivers are up to date ...
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  • Strong issues on Windows 10

    Hey there, since i upgraded to Windows 10 i got really heavy issues with the Driver for HD Graphics 4000 (Dual Display, Laptop and Monitor). I mostly can not click on settings or on button or Website W...
    created by Deexone
  • Intel Edison - I2S Audio Setup

    The latest Edison firmware update adds the I2S support. And so I played with it and got my Edison board working with Wolfson WM8731 codec (TI TLV320AIC23B seems to be compatible). I tired two different options: 1. W...
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  • DZ68DB noBoot

    Hi all i have a DZ68DB board with I5 2500K processor 4gb 1333 DIMM no boot cpu fan runs post beep when no ram installed. tried with all slots and different ram no boot . once got into bios and it detects both ram and ...
    created by surendharkris