• Mini Breakout Host Mode

    I'm having quite a lot of trouble trying to connect a USB audio device to my Edison. I have had a good look around the forum and have found many helpful tips. I feel like I have tried them all and still no luck. &nbs...
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  • 8159769 [SCALING BUG] Windows 10 / Intel HD Graphics 4600 - Impossible to get rid of 'Black Borders' problem - Stuck at 'Constrain proportions'

    === Device/Software information ===   32 GB DDR3L-1600 G-Skill RipJaws, Intel Core i7-4710MQ Intel HD Graphics 4600 Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 4GB GDDR5 128 GB Samsung SSD (Boot) 1 TB Samsung Evo 850 (Games) ...
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  • TV blink/blackout and resume in a second.

    my NCU is connected thru my TV via a mini hdmi to hdmi cable. and every once awhile the TV will blink/black out as if the cable was unplug, and resume itself in 1 or 2 seconds. does anyone know the reason behind it?
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  • Linux Intel Compute Stick running "Headless" hangs on boot with no HDMI monitor connected - suggestions?

    Hi, we have a problem running the Linux Intel Compute Stick headless - which  hangs on boot with no HDMI monitor connected.   We have tried: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "quiet" then based on other commen...
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  • My graphic driver always upgrade to help me

    I can not update my graphics driver I try to upgrade to the latest driver but always comes back to the version HELP   Windows 10 PRO 64bits I7 4790 HD Intel 4600
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  • SC2 only recognizing HDG 4000. Workaround/solution?

    Hi,   I just updated Starcraft 2 to the latest patch, and now it's not recognizing my dedicated graphics card.   I'm running a Dell Inspiron 7520 (Windows 8.1) with an Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated car...
    created by TheOmegaDuck
  • Edison arduino not working with serial displays

    Hi all,     I have a 4D systems 4.3 inch touch display that works fine with an arduino uno, but will not work on the Edison arduino breakout board. It should work by changing Serial.Begin --> Serial1.beg...
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  • 英特尔客户支持中心800-820-1100   这个号码用手机打不通,用手机该打哪个号

    英特尔客户支持中心800-820-1100   这个号码用手机打不通,用手机该打哪个号
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  • 750 ssd failed, could ATX4P cause power issues?

    Hi, I returned a 4 GB 750 SSD for warranty due to a failure to power up. Leds on the SSD do not power on and the bios does not recognize the nvme drive. The drive has previously operated fantastically with no known is...
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  • Нехватка деталей процессор Pentium G3220 Haswell

    Всем привет достался мне процессор Pentium G3220 Haswell 3000MHz, LGA1150 и на нем, отсутствуют детали, как отмеченные на фото(2), а на первом показано что они есть, фото(1)!Собственно вопрос так и должно быть или они...
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  • Cannot update the bios of my NUC5CPYB

    Hi!   I bought a NUC5CPYB (In the Intel update utility says NUC5CPYH, in the bios NUC5CPYB, quite disturbing). There are some issues with the image, and I have seen that in the page of NUC5CPYH there are some bi...
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  • Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

    You are tired of this issue, aren't you? so WE ARE   Please fix this problem FINALY. Every new driver for hd 2500 doesn't solve this issue,
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  • NUC DN2820FYKH power supply

    Hi,   (sorry for my english )   I have an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH from several months, and have some trouble while power on. Sometimes (not always), a few seconds after pushing the power buton, a message ap...
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  • Intel NUC KIT D54250WYKH Windows 7 instalation problem

    I have: Intel NUC KIT D54250WYKH (BIOS version newest 0040) with 2.5" HDD Seagate ST500LT012 BIOS is on default settings (loaded by F9) I connect bootabe USB Pen Drive with Windows 7 Pro instalation. Installer sta...
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  • TMP102 I2C Arduino Breakout with mraa

    So I'm trying to do my own version of the temperature example using express and the tmp102 breakout.   I have tested the following code with my Arduino due and it works perfectly.   //Arduino 1.0+ Only //A...
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  • NUC5I7 Unknown Device ???

    After installing all the drivers and everything was ok in device manager... after re-boot there is an Unknown Device Root\vHostController!!! What is that?? Anyone faced the same issue?
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  • Error: One or more given parameters are invalid!

    In Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility, when I hit the "Refresh" button, the Wireless Event Viewer displays "Error: One or more given parameters are invalid!"   Does anyone know what that's about? &nbs...
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  • Is Intel Edison MCU SDK capable of compiling C++ for MCU?

    Hello all,   I am currently in the process of porting some C++ code for use on the Intel Edison MCU.  However, when I even began porting, I realized the SDK was giving me syntax errors all around any C++ sp...
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  • What is my X99 board exactly?

    Hello there   I built my nice new X99 5820K machine recently. The exact board I chose is an AsRock X99 Extreme6. I just want to know how exactly I should search for relevant downloads for it at the Intel Downl...
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  • Have to use ifconfig usb0 down each time I restart edison

    Anyone know a way to prevent having to call this command EVERY time I restart the edison? If I dont' call it I can't connect to it through XDK except over serial.
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