• Hdmi audio

    Hi, my pc thinkcentre model m83 10e9-0002 lX connected to the multimedia monitor via cable displayport hdmi, not sending audio. the settings on windows seven are ok, the tv is set as the default audio device, and even...
    created by MANNIK
  • I can't submit a service request form (High CPU load with HD Graphics 4000)

    We are developing an application that will be delivered on an industrial computer with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and are seeing unexpectedly high CPU loads when showing selected parts of the HMI.   The application...
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  • Expanding  gen 2 Galileo File system on a 4gig sd

    Hi guys I am yet again at the edge of my understanding into all thing computer orientated any help would be appreciated. I have updated the firmware, I have downloaded the sd os, I have set the card up, I have a persi...
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  • NUC5i5RYH Mini Displayport - HDMI 2.0

    Hello,   I recently bought a NUC5i5RYH and I tried connecting it to my Samsung 55"UHD television by using the Mini Displayport - HDMI (since it would be capable of sending 4K at 60HZ). For two days I have been ...
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  • Problema audio su hdmi

    Salve, ho un problema con pc lenovo modello tiny i5 10e9 con scheda intel graphics hd 4600 con driver aggiornato alla versione per 64bit al pc è collegato un monitor multimediale tramite cavo d...
    created by MANNIK
  • Intel HD Driver issue August to October 2015 drivers in Cinebench r11.5 and r15

    I assembled my new PC and testing all my components and see if they are working smooth as silk *A must thing to do Here are my benchmarking/stress testing tools: Intel Burntest Cinebench r11.5 and r15 Intel Extrem...
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  • Wireless problem with Ac 3160

    Hi,   I have joined to the community in the hope of finding a solution to my problem, which unfortunately could not be solved (yet) with the help of the different support options that are available in my country...
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  • Pre-sales questions regarding Intel's latest NUC (NUC6i5SYK)

    Hi, I have some presales questions regarding your NUC6i5SYK product: 1- Is it fanless? 2- Does it support CEC (If I turn-on my projector via hdmi control, my projector will be able wake-from sleep this HTPC via CEC...
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  • Which intel widi network cards support laptops acer?

    Hi. I have laptop acer aspire v3-571g (processor i5 3210m). Can I install a network card with supports Intel widi? if yes, that what?
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  • Adding Attributes to Devices on Enableiot.com

    I am trying to set a device to have a new attribute "Site" in enableiot.com. I have successfully done so with 2 out of 3 of my devices, but whenever I go and add it to throw the web interface, it doesnt seem to last v...
    created by Unn
  • laptop hardly to turn on and randomly screen goes down/enters in sleep mode

    Hi,     I've a Dell l502x laptop (from 2011). I've some strange problems with it and now I am COMPLETELY lost.  It has a Nvidia integrated graphic card and the one that comes with the i5-2410M (HD 3000...
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  • Reset button bug with sd card image

    Hi, I've created and booted my Intel galileo gen 2 from an image on a bootable micro SD card as is shown here: Making a bootable micro SD Card with Windows* . I want to use Arduino software to develop my sketches and ...
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  • D34010WYK Discrete PowerOn Logitech Harmony Hub and Firmware 0027

    Hi Intel Team,   I just downloaded and installed the firmware 0027. Before this update I used the firmeware 0026.   After the update the discrete PowerOn command from the Harmony Hub (Profile Microsoft Me...
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  • Cant play in 4:3 screen in my laptop

    Hello, i have a Toshiba Qosmio x70-B and when i play CS:GO in video options when i change to 4:3 1024*768 screen it always shows me balck bars in the side... i tried some things like changing desktop resolution and th...
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  • How to I revert back to a working version of Windows 10?

    Now that I've made the mistake of installing the November 2015 Windows 10 update my Compute Stick is non-functional.  After actually getting the update to install, it now freezes after 10-20 seconds of operation....
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    Hi All,   Surprisingly non of the monitors within our office actually has a HDMI input...   I have purchased a VGA to HDMI lead, forgetting to buy a coupler to actually link the compute stick with the VGA ...
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  • Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 Windows 7

    Hey guys,   One month ago, my wifi card is having some trouble. The first time the problem appeared was when i was coming back from an sleep mode.   I have a Dell Inspiron 5420, wifi card is Intel centrino...
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  • Fatal error when updating Intel Management Engine and Rapid Storage Technology

    Hi,   I've been trying to update my Intel drivers lately but all failed. It says Fatal Error 1603.   Here are the log files.   Thank you for your help.   Cheers.
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  • A BOXed type processor turned OEM at depot?

        I recently made a return of an socket 1155 I5 processor, before anything else I made a online check if it has warranty, and yes it has up to Aug 2016. base on the Intel warranty it say’s it was ...
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  • Will the Nuc 6 be offered with the i7 processor?

    The new Nuc6 with the SD card reader is appealing, but would really like the updated graphics that come with the i7 procesor. Would like to use Nuc as desktop replacement for casual photo editing using Lightroom and P...
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