• What other laptops will the i3 in my HP Pavilion G6 be compatible with?

    I have an Intel i3-2350M 2.3 GHz in my current laptop. My computer is on it's last legs and I plan on buying a new one. What current laptops would this processor be compatible with?
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  • WiDi Conflict with WLAN Connection on Windows 8.1

    when I was using windows 8 it was Ok with my NetGear P2TV 3000 >>>> when I update to 8.1  ... It stopped working ( in both situation if i use old drivers of wireless and WiDi or the latest) .... but i...
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  • internet connection dropping once connection with Intel WiDi

    I can connect fine to my Netgear Push2TV 2000, but when I try to open the Internet, the laptop is dropping my connection to the wireless router (connection to Push2TV is fine).  I am sure this is just some type o...
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  • Seeking help with Edison + NRF24L01 + upm/node.js

    Hi there,   I've been spending quite some time trying to get the rf unit to work with the Edison+Arduino expansion board using the RF24 library on the arduino side to no avail.  This past weekend I noticed t...
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  • Sony Vaio 11 fit, Windows 8.1, Intel N2230 or 6235A Wi-fi dropped and limited

    Hello everyone,   I have same issue as other thousands of people. Using Intel mini-PCI Wlan adaptor in my Sony Ultrabook cause my Wi-fi connection dropping and limited randomly.   Last three weeks I am fig...
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  • Flowstone and edison

    Is it possible to run flowstone programs (.exe or vst) on the edison? I know it's linux not windows, so .exe and vst files don't standardly run... but is there something that could be added to edisons image to allow t...
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  • HD4400 i3 4150 signal blinks in 1080p gaming

    when gaming at 1920x1080 1080p fullscreen whenever there is heavy action going on in game cpu gpu usage goes up, my screen would blink once or twice as if turning on/off v-sync but the blink lasts a little longer mayb...
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  • DN2820FYKH Gigabit speed

    I just got google fiber and when I hook my desktop to the Ethernet I get around 700 mbps down and upload.  However my nuc is getting 250 to 350 max.   Not a big issue I am just currious if this a hardwa...
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  • Does the Intel Wireless 7260 AC card work with Intel NUC 2830 cpu

    Hello, I keep reading about the Intel Wireless 7260 AC card not working well in Intel NUCs. Could somebody please let me know if this card will work out of the box for WIFI and bluetooth without having to cover up the...
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  • D34010WYK freezes with Kingston V300 SSD

    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 BIOS Version: WYLPT10H.86A.0027.2014.0710.1904 SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 SATA III running in AHCI mode   System freezes for 20 seconds and then always gets back to normal with every bigger ...
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  • DX58SO Memory Configuration

    Hello,   I own DX58SO, with Intel Core i7 920@2.67Ghz, with 3x2GB DD3 PC3-10700(667MHz). I want to update to maximum RAM configuration and i wanted to ask exactly what kind of kit should i buy. I have heard som...
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  • rapid storage not working with windows 8.1 on HP Elitebook 8570w

    I've newly bought a HP Elitebook 8570w, which have 24Gb mSata ssd cache (intel 313). I've installed windows 8.1 Update 1 and installed IRST which downloaded from HP's support page for my Elitebook moderm....
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  • WiDi and WiFi Simultaneously

    Hi, I have Lenovo Y580 with the latest i7 processor.  After getting Win8 working and all the drivers(intel) working, I finally got WiDi working.   My problem is that when I have connected to my TV using Wi...
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  • Wat is het maximaal toegestane input voltage (power supply) voor de nuc 2820 ?

    De nuc 2820 wordt geleverd met een power supply  12 volt. Om bekabeling te vereenvoudigen zou ik hem graag vanuit mijn monitor-voeding willen voorzien van voeding.. De monitor voeding levert echter 19 volt DC. ...
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  • P3700 SSDPE2MD800G401 - device not detected

    Just got this brand new P3700 2TB 2.5inch drive part number SSDPE2MD800G401.   This is attached to server HP DL360 Gen9, RAID Controller card is P440ar using 8639 connector, the drive is connected to the raid co...
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  • Is there any m.2 500GB HDD that will work in the new 5i5 and 5i7 NUC's?

    Is there any m.2 500GB HDD that will work in the new 5i5 and 5i7 NUC's? I did not see any in the approved list but I need 480GB to 500GB for the build for my wife. Thank you.
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  • Is it possible to install g++ compiler onto Intel Edison?

    Hi, Is it possible to install g++ compiler onto Intel Edison? I am using gcc to try to compile and run a .cpp file using OpenCV ver 2.4.9 and I keep getting a linker error   root@sys~/card# gcc peopledetect.cp...
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  • Broardwell NUC CIR receiver issue

    Hi   I have just bought my first Intel NUC the NUC5I3RYK to be specific. But i have unfortunately found out that the ir receiver aren't working out of the box. I have tried with Openelec 5.0.   I have trie...
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  • RST and Lenovo W series - disappearing drives

    There is what appears to be a widespread issue with Lenovo W series laptops where, after resuming from sleep or hibernate, a second hard drive in the Ultrabay appears as ejected. Various posts on the Lenovo community ...
    Robert Greig
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  • Intel Edison - Connect to SQL via NodeJS

    Hi all,   I have installed mariadb from AlexT_Intel repository via opkg in the Intel Edison + breakboard Arduino and I can connect with Myql without problem.   The database and table which I want to connec...
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