• Has anyone successfully used USBHost?

    I have been trying to attach a mouse to the USB host. It looks like the functionality is either broken or incomplete. Using the MouseController example, movement of the mouse seems to generate events that triggers the...
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  • Will Intel ever write drivers that have scaling options for all of their graphics chip sets?

    I have a DN2820FYKH with 0050 BIOS upgraded from 0034 with all drivers installed from the Download Center. The unit is connected to a Panasonic TC-P50X 50-inch plasma 720p HDTV via HDMI. With the resolution set to 192...
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  • Using Intel VTune Amplifier for Systems2015 with Intel Edison.

    I am trying to use intel vtune amplifier with Intel Edison. My host machine is Windows 7 and my Edison has yocto linux 1.6.1. I have created passwordless ssh, copied the vtune_amplifier_target_x86_64.tgz file from hos...
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  • Edison\Breakout SPI LPD8806 problem

    Hi.   I'm struggling a bit driving a LPD8806 LED strip with an Edison w/ breakout board and I'm curious if anyone else had been successful and if there are some tips.  I'm using Eclipse\C and there is a LPD...
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  • cannot load image to new DN2820FYKH

    just bought a new nuc DN2820FYKH and im getting a message whenever I try to load a image.  im trying to load the image from dvds that I made to a brand new ocz arc 100 ssd 120 gb drive.   the system image i...
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  • Projecting Screen to Samsung Smart TV issues

    I am trying to project my HP Envy TS 15 Notebook PC's screen to my Samsung UN40H6350 Smart TV. The laptop connects but then immediately disconnects. The specs on the laptop are as follows: Intel i7-4700MQ Intel 4600...
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  • possible to get DN2820FYKH to work on other panasonic TX-65PX600U?

    I got a DN2820FYKH that has worked great since the new bios to stop the thermal tripping issues.  this nuc works flawlessly on my new Samsung 8550 tv.  when trying it on my living room tv a Panasonic TX-65PX...
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  • INTEL82599ES X520 E10G42BTDA 10Gbps Dual Port SFP+ PCI-e 2.0 X8   XPE boot problem

    Hello ,   I have problem booting from my network adapter my problem is like this :   I have motherboard with two onboard 10G network adapters (xpe boot in BIOS is disabled ) I added another cart (INTEL825...
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  • Will a hard drive with window pre-installed work with the Nuc5i7RYH ?

    Hi all,   I plan to buy the new Nuc5i7RYH. I have a 2.5' hard drive that has window 7 pre-installed. It was the hard drive that came with my Dell Studio  XPS 1647 laptop. I have currently replaced it with a...
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  • DP55WG, Windows 7x 64, and 2 kingston kvr 1.5v of 4GB and other two same kingston kvr 1.5v but 2GB each one. Total I have 12 GB, my problem is that I can only see 8 GB - Help!

    hello I have DP55WG, i7 860, Windows 7x 64, and 2 kingston kvr 1.5v of 4GB and other two same kingston kvr 1.5v but 2GB each one. Total I have 12 GB, my problem is that I can only see 8 GB, I don't now what to do or i...
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  • ixgbe LLIpush does not seem to work correctly

    My understanding of the LLI Push parameter for ixgbe is that it will cause a Low Latency Interrupt (bypassing the interrupt coalescing setting) when a TCP packet with the PUSH flag set is received. However, it looks l...
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  • Intel Edison to connect to bluetooth audio speaker at  start up

    Hello, I followed these instructions to connect audio speaker    via bluetooth.  I can listen wav files using mplayer command.   https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/edison-guides/wiki/Blueto...
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  • New Kernel - SPI fixes

    Hi All,   This is more directed to the Intel people.   Is there any update on possible release date for a new kernel with SPI 'Fixed'? (For Edison)   I am sure other people such as Kurt would be inte...
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  • I217-LM huge packetloss with WaitAutoNegComplete=On and FastEthernet/100mbit port

    We have 30-50% packetloss on a Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO with Intel I217-LM nic, and this renders the machine unusable. Bios version: A11 (but also tested with A01,A02,A03, will test more, but seems like a driver issue)...
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  • Using Adafruit_VS1053 shield on Intel Edison

    We have been trying to add Adafruit VS1053 library to Intel's ARDUINO IDE for EDISON but it complains about dependency libraries.   We tried in an ARDUINO-UNO type of IDE, and it works fine.   Any ideas on...
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  • Reinstallation of Intel Storage Matrix Console

    My Vista Home Premium computer with RAID 1 and Intel Storage Matrix Console underwent a clean install to Windows 7 Home Premium.  The RAID 1 configuration was preserved, but the clean install removed Intel Storag...
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  • Setting up I2C, is there a guide?

    Is there a definitive guide for setting up i2c and discovering devices?   I've been diving through the forums and finding bits and pieces of info and a lot of inconclusive answers. Here's what I'm working with, ...
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  • Serial Port problems

    Hi,   At the moment I'm working on a project where I use the Edison with the Arduino breakout board. This Edison is connected to a Mac Mini and this project will run on itself. The goal is to have the Mac Mini r...
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  • Headphones: What headphone are actually compatable with the NUC units?

    So,   I've got three NUCs... two D54250WYK and one NUC5i7RYH.  They are handy little units, but... I've never been able to get an iPhone headset, or a Bose 20i headset to work with them. The left channe...
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  • Edison Arduino Board and Ultrasonic Ranger

    Please excuse the long post - I have inserted code and included the comments, attribution and copyright.   I'm having trouble making the Seeedstudio Grove Ultrasonic Ranger work while connected to the Edison Ard...
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