• NUC6 graphics intermittently needs driver reload (or reboot) waking up from sleep

    We have a Acer 4k Displayport monitor. Windows 10 Pro. Latest graphics drivers.   Sometimes when the computer wakes from sleep, the monitor does not receive a displayport signal.  This is driving my wife c...
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  • Ubuntu 16.04 ISO for Intel Atom Compute Sticks

    If anyone is wanting Ubuntu 16.04 on an Atom CPU Intel Compute stick with fully working HDMI audio, wifi and bluetooth then I've just posted my ISO here. All Atom based Intel Compute sticks are supported including...
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  • Multiple serial ports

    Hello world !   I'm just begining programming my Galileo Gen 1 board (without any linux distro) and I want to use many different serial ports. One for GPS receiver on RX/TX pins, and I want to copy any data fro...
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  • Multiple Serial Port

    Hi there I'm newbie with Arduino Intel Galileo,   I need at least 4 serial port for my project,  Is it possible to use digital I/O as a multiple serial port?   Regards
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  • Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager Install Fails

    Hi there,   I have just got the Intel RealSense SR300 camera. Whilst trying to install it I am greeted with this error message.   I have tried reinstalling my PC. I still get this error. I hope you can hel...
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  • Intel SSD 530 NAND Write Problem

    Hello, everyone: I bought an Intel SSD 530 120G for my laptop several days ago. It worked well with the OS Win8.1 Pro x64. When I paid attention to the NAND writes, something make me confused.   The situation ...
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  • Does anybody upgraded BIOS to newest 0039 ? - according official Intel .PDF docu

    Hi guys,   impressions & infos after BIOS 0039...please give your issues here...
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  • Driver installation failed P55 chipset on Windows 10

    Hello, I just did a fresh install of Windows 10 Professional 64bit on my computer. I downloaded the driver update tool from here: Intel® Driver Update Utility It detects the chipset driver: Installed version: ...
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  • How to configure sniff mode of BLE in Intel Edison

    Hi everyone,   Currently, I am working on BLE in Intel Edison. However, I can't find any documents that help to enable the sniff mode of BLE in Intel Edison. So, I have the questions related it:   1> Ho...
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  • face with respirator recognition

    Hi, I'm trying to recognize the face of a laying man with some kind of respirator on his nose and mouth. I'm using the DE_FaceTracking project and it doesn't recognize properly the face with this kind of respirator. ...
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  • USB mouse connects and disconnects frequently because of Intel driver

    Hi everybody, this thing has been happening to me for like 1 month now. All of a sudden the USB mouse started disconnecting (no cursor movement, no click working) forcing me to close every program and reboot the pc......
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  • NUC5i3RYH igdkmd64.sys bluescreen

    several times a day with blue screen message "igdkmd64.sys" Windows 8.1 NUC5i3RYH with the latest intel driver GFX_Win7_8.1_10_64_15.40.14.4352 not better rather worse   Nachricht geändert durch Henr...
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  • How to use UART_B as a RS485

    I would like to use  UART_A as a debugging port and the UART_B as a RS485.
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  • Can't find a bios for NUC5i5RYB  only NUC5i5RYH etc

    Looking here  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25825/BIOS-Update-RYBDWi35-86A-   This seems to be the right place but if I don't see NUC5i5RYB target system.     This download is vali...
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  • Loading ROS onto the Edison

    I am at my wits end at this point.  I've been attempting to load robot operating system onto the edison.  All attempts have failed.  I've tried using debian 32, debian 64, ubuntu 32, and ubuntu 64. ...
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  • NUC5i5RYH goes to Standby instead of Shutdown using Remote Control

    Hi,   I just setup my NUC5i5RYH with Windows 10. BIOS Version is 0355. I enabled Custom IR in BIOS and set it to RC6 Mode.   If I push the Power Off Button on my Remote, the NUC goes to Standby (Energy Sa...
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  • HD graphics 520 / Unable to go to sleep mode

    Hi, I have a Acer Aspire V3-575G since 4 months, i5 6200U Skylake + HD Graphics 520 / Win10. When I try to go to sleep mode, hibernate, or enabling the "quick start" mode, the screen goes black, the keyboard remains...
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  • Anything new on FTDI support in release 3.0?

    It has been a year since I found a yocto image that supports FTDI devices connected to the USB through an OTG cable.  Since then I have built 11 boxes with this code but I realize it is old and was wondering if t...
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  • Haswell EX E7 V3 and the cluster-on-die QPI snoop mode

    Hi,   Does the Haswell EX E7 V3 have the cluster-on-die QPI snoop mode? I have been unable to find clear documentation that states it either way. All documentation is focused on the EP E5 V3 processors.   ...
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  • Can a bluetooth be in a sniff mode when atom cores are in a sleep state ?

    Hello,   I hope to minimize current consumption of an Edison board by putting cores into a sleep mode while keeping bluetooth in sniff mode.   As far as I understood, in the current Edison board, the bluet...
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