• Lack of updated graphic drivers

    Everytime I try to play Minecraft the same quote comes up. "Lack of updated graphic drivers". Everytime this happens i click fix the problem and try to update my intel driver. It always comes up saying that there is n...
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  • Edison - Serial over WiFi communication?

    I'm building a rover using Edison-Arduino breakout as a "Brain". The rover is, at the moment, in autonomous mode, streaming the view through a Logitech webcam, and it's working rather well. What I want to do is to b...
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  • NUC6i5SYH + Samsung 950 pro 512 GB maximum read - write speed?

    Hi,   Not that I am really dissatisfied with the speed of above mentioned combination as it is faster than anything else in my office, I still have a question about this. AFAIK the NUC Skylake series has a PCIe...
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  • Windows 7 slow at "starting windows" - nuc6i5syk

    Hi,   I have just installed Windows 7 Pro x64.   This is my equipment: - NUC6i5SYK - Samsung 950 pro 512GB NVME M2 - Ram 8x2 Kingston 2133 sodimm - Windows 7 Pro x64   It was hard to install it, ...
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  • Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 (Sandy bridge) Windows 10 Graphics Driver support?

    According to Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems there is no support of Intel HD Graphics 3000 for Windows 10. When the support for Windows 10 for Intel HD Graphics 3000 will arrive? Will be the new...
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  • Galileo Trouble

    Hi, i have this trouble with my galileo gen1.                             &n...
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  • virtual box problem

    when I start my virtual machine on virtualbox it says this"VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests (e.g. OS/2 and QNX) require this feature and will fail to boot without it." h...
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  • Edison only works on i2c with wire.h library? multiple start stop not supported?

    Hi, I am trying to get 3 Arduinos controlling a rocket, connected to an Edison  via I2c as master telling the arduinos (slave) to start and stop. With each arduino reporting back to Edison at multiple intervals...
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  • Windows 10 clean install hangs on "Getting files ready..."

    Product Code: BOXSTCK1A32WFCL s/n: GEFC531008SQ   Had Win 10 on it when purchased. Worked fine until decided to upgrade itself to a newer version of Windows 10 over the air. After that remained bootable but sto...
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  • Intel Galileo Gen 2 bricked.

    Hi, today i was working with my galileo gen 2, I used the Yocto image available in the getting started guide. Everything was working like a charm. but when I unplugged the galileo and plugged again to the dc adaptor, ...
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  • NUC6i3SYH Random freezes

    UPDATE: The problem went away when I replaced the RAM with Kingston HyperX. ------------------------------------------------------------   Been trying to install some flavor of Linux on my new NUC all day but i...
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  • Trying to interface with the Galileo board from and ASP.NET button event

    Hello, I am new to IoT and I am able to interface with my Galileo board using PuTTY, but I would like to run the same command or activate the board similarly using an ASP.NET web app.  How can I do this? Thank ...
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  • Screen having problems upon waking up from sleep

    When I shut my laptop and the computer goes to sleep and then open the laptop again the screen looks like the attached picture. It will reset itself and resume normal function when I force it to shut down and restart....
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  • DQ87pg boot order won't stick when set to RAID

    Tried updating to BIOS version 152. Same thing. If you have your drive set to RAID (Seagate diags don't see the drive when in AHCI), under the boot order, the RAID drive WON'T go before the Optical drive or the LAN. I...
    created by sflesch
  • My Wifi Tec

    Hello, Can I make my HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook - 15-ak002nt (ENERGY STAR)(T1F78EA) pc a hotspot for my phone? Thanks in advice.
    created by Doga
  • Graphics issue with HP Pavilion 15

    Hi   Was just wondering if anyone has any solutions to an issue i have been having.   I got my HP Pavilion 15 at Christmas and updated it to Windows 10 and have been having issues with graphics, When i po...
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  • [10016478] Firefox leaks memory running GUIMark3 vector test with Intel GPU

    Note: DXDIAG.TXT without GeForce driver (nvwgf2um.dll) which crashes DXDIAG     Category Questions Answers (N/A if not applicable) Description Provide a detailed description of the issue Firefox leaks m...
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  • Intel nuc personalized Lid

    Hello, somebody know a eshop where's possible to buy personalized or 3d printed lids ? Thanks
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  • Intel Compute Stick (BOXSTCK1A32WFC) : trouble after win10 installation

    hello,   meeting troubles during upgrade of win 8.1 to win 10 on my intel compute stick in an old bios version, i updated bios in v0031 and upgraded sucessfully to win10 until reaching the desktop. It works 5-10...
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  • Stereo Mix

    Is it possible to enable the Stereo Mix recording device on the Compute Stick (I use the STCK1A32WFC with Win10 32bit). I tried right clicking on a blank part of the Recording Devices menu and ticking to show Disabled...
    created by Dilbert2