• BIOS Update [BNKBL357.86A] Version: 0065 (Latest) Date: 6/6/2018

    Hi, does anyone know why we don't have a windows 10 exe for this bios for nuc7i5bn? I use a bluetooth keyboard so can't install it otherwise.   Many thanks,   Nick
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  • Do I need to defrag my hdd if I use optane with it?

    I was wondering if I need to, or even if it is possible, to defrag my hdd while using it in conjunction with an optane module?
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  • Intel Modular Server - Media Patrol

    Hi everybody,   I know that IMS is discontinued but I have 3 clients with IMS and it still works fine. I have two questions on IMS:   1. Can't stop Media Patrol      Currently there i...
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  • Error: The server does not respond - Unite Admin portal

    Hi,   We are trying to install the server on Windows 10. We have installed .NET 4.5, MS SQL Server 2017, SQL Server Management Studio and IIS 10. The Intel Unite Server setup finished without any errors.   A...
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  • The server does not respond

    Hello - I just configured my Intel Unite server and am trying to log into the server.   When I use the default admin@server.com username I keep getting   The Server does not respond.   I have reinst...
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  • VLANs disabled in Windows 10 Build 17133.1 Version 1803

    Hi.   So my problems is that with latest version of windows VLANS dont activate they stay disabled state, reinstalling drivers does nothing and they are newest version from intels website.   Ou snap ...
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  • Can install 6GB RAM in NUC6CAYS?

    The Intel NCU NUC6CAYS comes with 2GB of RAM. But I was wondering if it would work well if I installing another 4GB RAM stick (with a total of 6GB RAM)?   Regards, Diego
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  • I tensorflow/core/platform/cpu_feature_guard.cc:140] Your CPU supports instructions that this TensorFlow binary was not compiled to use: AVX512F

    Please resolve the issue, my DevCloud Username: u14544. I give you my consent to check my code and data.   Thanks Subhashis
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  • import scipy.signal fails

    python -c "import numpy.fft as m; print dir(m)" or import scipy.signal fails in import error custom) [u14924@c002-n001 py-faster-rcnn]$ python Python 2.7.14 |Intel Corporation| (default, May  4 2018, 04:27:35) [G...
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  • My New Core i9 7940X Machine Gives Whea Uncorrectable Error

    Hi,   I recently purchased a high end PC with Core i9 7940X processor, Asus 1080 Ti GPU, X299-A Motherboard and 2x16GB ram. After instaling windows 10 and using for some time, I figured out that the machine is g...
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  • Getting OpenCv error while running application using caffe

    I am trying to run an application on Caffe framework. I am getting below errors mentioning packages are not installed. Can you please help in getting mentioned packages (libgtk2.0-dev and pkg-config) installed ?  ...
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  • TENSORFLOW* 501 Failed Downloads

    I've downloaded and unzipped all of the TENSORFLOW* 501 lessons but weeks 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 don't have a .pdf or .ipynb in them as expected and just contain .xml files. Can you download them elsewhere?
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  • NUC7i7DNHE - video playback stutters at 1080P or 2160P. Windows 10/Graphics software up to date.

    Good evening. I have purchased/installed the new NUC7i7DNHE w/16 GB Crucial Ram PC4-19200 and 1TB Crucial SSD and OS Windows 10. The Windows software is up to date. The video display Intel UHD 620 has driver version...
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  • Intel SSD 600p incompatibility with Windows 10 version 1803.

    I have ACER VX 15 shipped with 256GB Intel SSD 600p series. After updating my system to Windows 10 version 1803 it is constantly crashing. Microsoft has confirmed that few Intel SSDs are not compatible with the update...
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  • Porque no puedo cambiar la resolucion en la mayoria de juegos superiores a DirectX 9 ?, Tengo una Intel Iris Graphics 6100 :/

    Juegos que no me deja bajar de 2560x1600, clara mente los graficos intel no son lo suficientemente poderosos como para corre un juego a esa resolucion, me pasa con GTA V, Saint Row IV, Scrap Mechanic, Golft it, Etc......
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  • Gigabyte Bios Mode not Compatible with Optane Memory

    How do I get the Bios and Optane to recognize each other or work?  I have a new Gigabyte Aorus Z370, the bios has been updated to F6.  Intel I7 8700K. New Intel Optane 32GB installed in correct M2 slot. ...
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  • Luddite trying to download driver updates for laptop

    Using the driver and support assistant, I engage the scan of my laptop, it shows three updates, so I click the install downloads button -- but nothing happens. A window pops up that reads: immediate reboot of your sys...
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  • NUC8i7HVK - What is the best fan control settings?

    Hey guys, just got my Hades Canyon yesterday and I find some werid behaviour about the fan and temperature. For example, when it's on idle state, the fan is very quiet that I barely can hear. but as soon as I open a ...
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  • i5-2520m never downclocks to 800 MHz

    I have a Lenovo X220 with an i5-2520m CPU and 8GB DDR3L-1600 which the no whitelist BIOS supports properly to the SPD tables   My CPU always runs at 3.0 GHz with a multiplier of 30 no matter what. So much for an...
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  • Intel DSA 3.4 installation won't be completed

    Hello, I've encountered a problem today while I was trying to install the latest DSA, this is the first time this happened to me and i have no clue what to do, information: Screenshot: -Browser: Google Chrome, but...
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