• RST application/program will not load

    Hello,   I have a Windows 7 pro 64bit computer with Intel Rapid Storage Technology version installed on it.  The service is running.  When I right click on the service and select "Open Appl...
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  • Updating BIOS of S1200SPLR - numbers don't match release notes

    Just got a S1200SPLR board to build a server for a client. CPU is a E3-1240V6. Chassis is an older P4304XXSFCN.   Board specs: PC:DBS1200SPLR Version#:H77895-272 MM#:951869 BATCH#:CNQS88B0C0 PBA#:H57532-271...
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  • Unable to install Thunderbolt bus driver for Intel NUC-Kit NUC7i5BN and NUC7i7BN

    Intel driver and support assistant shows me that i have installed version and the newer version is Well, after downloading the update (TBT_WIN10_64_17.2.71.250), installing it and rebooting the ...
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  • Tips on improving Jupyter notebooks performance?

    I know it is not recommended to use the Jupyter notebooks, but rather sting into the cluster. However, the jupyter notebooks resources performance has been subpar. Any recommendations on ways to   Also, uploadi...
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  • HDMI audio problem with Graphic 630

    Hi here is my computer device info     My problem is that I can't see HDMI audio in playback device option,it only appear speaker and headphone i've followed the unintall and reinstall step, and updated ...
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  • Trouble SSH into AI Devcloud Cluster

    I am having trouble SSHing into the cluster and I know it is because of my company firewall, but all of the prescribed fixes on Colfax & these forums have not seem=ed to help me. Are there any workarounds to this ...
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  • NUC 7i3DNHE Questions about connect eDP a Flat panel display through edp interface

    I have a intel miniPC NUC7i3DNHE, and I want to connect  a LG Flat panel display through edp interface(LP156WF6-SPA1,which Is in the official recommendation list, http://compatibleproducts.intel.com/ProductDetail...
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  • Problem with Intel Unite Skype plugin

    Hi,   I have a problem with Intel Unite Skype Plugin. I can connect with pin to the hub but the skype icon says "No meeting available". In the debug log I get this: 2018-10-19 15:48:46 s4b:   Online...
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  • Error Enabling Intel Optane Memory?

    I'm getting this error: Unsupported System BIOS or System Bios is set in Legacy Mode. Contact your BIOS vendor for the latest version and support.   Error Code: 0xA008002D   I have a Lenovo Legion Y530 p...
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  • Link not detected with XL710

    Hi All   The link is not detected when I connect one physical port of XL-710 10/40 GbE based NIC to two ports of Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit and two ports of myricom 10GbE using optical cable Rosenberger MTP12 fema...
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  • I got error 0xc0000005 when depth_frame.get_distance

    ・RealSenseD435 ・c++ ・realsense2.dll. version:   I call api for each pixcels in post-processing; Sometimes it do well. But another time error occured. I am not sure what’s causing this proble...
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  • Intel i210-AT driver issue

    Hello   I'm running Supermicro X11SSL-F motherboard with networking adapter Inter i210-AT   Next issue is faced after updating motherboard BIOS to latest version (2.2) -- with Windows Server 2012 R2 is bei...
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  • Realsense Camera D435 with different imaging lenses

    I have Realsense D435 camera, but the View is big for us. I changed both lenses for left and right infrared image sensor from 1.93mm to 3.8mm effective focal length. I captured images through realsense-view and did ...
  • System bios configuration is not compatible with intel optane. But I have a motherboard with built in Optane.

    I have the gigabyte z370 aorus ultra gaming wifi-op motherboard that came with optane. I installed every driver that came with the motherboard from the CD disk and still I'm unable to run the setup. I have the newes...
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  • Infared drivers not compatible with windows 10 (1809 rs5)?

    Hello, I just installed windows 10 version 1809 and cant install infared drivers(installation fails with an error). They worked fine when I used windows 10 version 1803. My nuc version is nuc8i5bek.   I used th...
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  • S2600WT error 0x19b

    Hi. I have a new server with board S2600WT, I've upgraded it to latest version of BIOS, BMC, etc. There are two Xeon Gold 6138 CPU in the server and 768GB RAM. After each server reboot I see an error 0x19b There are...
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  • Tracking and Pose detection of moving object

    Hi, I'm using Intel D415 for tracking and pose detection of a moving object in the vicinity of 5-6m range. Any idea how accurate it could be and how to get the pose of the tracked object in ROS or OpenCV?
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  • AI501 week5's Data set is not available

    the link http://www.amstat.org/publications/jse/v19n3/Decock/AmesHousing.txt for data set used in week 5's exercises is no longer available, so how do I get the data set now?
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  • Question about Frame Sync Index [D435][HW sync]

    Hello guys and administers,   I am using two D435 and connected their HW sync pin as the whitepaper instructed: (https://realsense.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/63/Multiple_Camera_WhitePaper04.pdf) The ...
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  • Wireless AC-9560 Slow speed and disconnects on 5Ghz

    Hi, I'm having probelms with this device. When I'm connected to a 5Ghz network I'm getting frequent disconnects. I'm also experiencing very slow connection speeds when using this device. (17mb/s down and 2mb/s up) &#...
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