• How can one get into their bios if there's no prompts?

    Hello all,   I was messing with my bios setup, the first time, and now I don't have F2, F7, F9....... F something.  Anyways I try to get into my bios after changing some setting and now I don't have any pr...
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  • Displayport lag with NUC8i7HVK

    Hello,Just picked up a NUC8I7HVK.  I have two displays connected to HDMI, and I bought a MiniDisplay port to HDMI cable for a 3rd monitor.  However when I plug just the cable into the NUC MiniDisplay port, w...
    created by dyland
  • StarterPack.Intel Survey Not Working

    Recently purchased an I7-7700k from Newegg and I received the Intel Gift with Assassin's Creed and Warhammer   Tried entering the code I was emailed on the site, it went through but it's stuck on a blue screen w...
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  • USB blu ray player is not recognized by NUC6i7kyk

    Hi, I bought a external USB ASUS SBW-06D2X Blu ray in several month ago. At beginning, my NUC can detect blu ray device and show it in File manager after plug-in it. However, after several updates (BIOS, software, ...
    created by DamonHsieh
  • Failures of Intel(R) Display Audio on NUC

    I'm having a terrible time with HDMI on my new NUC. Hours of searching and research have revealed others having similar issues, but those threads always seem to end without resolution. Frustrating.   I have the ...
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  • Why can't gesture and cursor information be displayed simultaneously in cursor mode?

    Why can't gesture and cursor information be displayed simultaneously in cursor mode?
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  • intel wireless 8265 linux: can't connect and work with bluetooth handsets

    Hi,   I'm using laptop from system76 (galago model) which has Intel Wireless 8265NGW. Here is the photo of the device. OS: Linux   The problem: I can't connect my bluetooth handset devices (I have two of...
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  • Brightness Flickering in Photoshop with dual Graphics cards HD630

    When i using Photoshop CC2018 and adjusting my photo, the screen start to flickering. And it also happened in Adobe Camera Raw. I've try to rebuild my Windows, setup lenove's or intel's latest graphics drivers, but it...
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  • Slow transfer speeds when copying from external SSD to external SSD

    Hello all   I have a NUC8i7HNK with 16GB of RAM. The internal SSD is Samsung 970 Evo 1TB. I also have two external SSDs: Samsung T3 (USB 3.0) exFAT formatted and Samsung T5 (USB 3.1 Gen2) NTFS formatted. I wan...
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  • Disable dithering

    Hi,   I am currently experiencing problems with my display. I have a monitor and keyboard/mouse that goes through a KVM switch and to a PC. The PC has an integrated Intel Graphics Card P4600/P4700 installed in t...
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  • Cannot get full RGB quantization range 0:255 over native DisplayPort on HD 630 iGPU

    I recently purchased an HP Elitedesk 800 G3 Mini Desktop which comes with integrated Intel HD 630 graphics on a premium Kabylake 7700T chipset. Two of the three outputs on the back are full-sized DisplayPort. My probl...
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  • iDSA (Intel Driver and Support Assistant) This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.

    We're getting reports from users that iDSA (Intel Driver and Support Assistant) is indicating a new driver is available, it downloads the driver though when it tries installing it throws an error "This computer does n...
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  • Creating Windows form elements on Unite Plugin UI

    Hi,   I am working on creating Unite plugin with a UI which contains some static text in the form of a table and contains some graphs.   I have explored the Unite SDK API documentation and found that there...
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    Ok so like the title says I have an Alienware 15 r3 with a Nvidia Gtx1060 for dedicated graphics and intel hd graphics 530 for integrated, the problem is I factory reset my laptop around ~2-3 months ago just trying to...
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  • BSOD When using Optane on secondary drive

    Hello,   I recently bought and installed a 32gb Intel Optane Memory module. My motherboard is Gigabyte Z370N WiFi. I installed the Intel Optane Memory to the front panel and my NVME SSD boot drive to the back pa...
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  • "Your system is not intel optane memory ready: No compatible disks for intel optane memory"

    I just made a new build with a 16 gb intel optane memory, but when I initiate the optane setup the above message shows up and won't let me activate it. The memory is pretty much installed correctly (it even appears on...
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  • RAID - Missing hard drive

    Hi,   i have a windows 2003 installed at one of my client location. RAID 1 is configured in that PC by using intel matrix storage manager SOFTWARE. It has 3 slots in the PC and slot 3 acting as main hard drive a...
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  • i7 8700 temperature

    Hello guys, i'm getting temps on my CPU i7 8700 non (K) around 90 degrees. i'm doing some 3D rendering stuff. my cooler is CRYORIG C7 and my build is ITX mini.. is this temperature is safe for this CPU? thanks guys
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  • RST Not Recognizing Two Raid 1 Pairs

    Today I noticed a taskbar notification saying that RST was not working.   After trying to open RST, I received a pop up window with an unknown error message.   Based on an online post, I tried to install t...
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  • Sky lake X and Coffe lake s do they use ganged or unganged memory channels?

    Sky lake X and Coffe lake s, do they use ganged or unganged memory channels?
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