• Reading a keyboard from a sketch, no kernel compile

    There original thread is locked usb keyboard, no kernel compile so it is not possible to include a link to this document, but this is the solution I was looking for, I've used some suggestions given in the original...
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  • Drivers won't update

    Today I tried to update my drivers for the sixth time but they still won't update. After every update I opened Intel Driver Update Utility again and it still says I am on the old drivers and it let's me install the ne...
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  • Workarounds for driver installation errors for Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series in Windows 10

    Issue:  RealSense Viewer or other Windows camera apps do not recognize the Intel RealSense D415 or D435 Depth Cameras.   Possible Symptoms: Only one node, RGB or Depth, is shown under Imaging Devices. Onl...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • intel nuc for my living room

    Hi, I'm interest in buying intel nuc pc for my living room. My uses are : watch movies and TV shows ,open documents at office applications , watch flash at websites and navigate at websites.   which intel nuc do...
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  • Dual Band Wireless 7260 AC WIFI Problems in Windows 10

    I upgraded the WiFi card in my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro almost a year ago to an Intel Wireless-AC 7260 7260NGW 802.11ac Dual Band NGFF Wifi Card, and it's been performing flawlessly until the last week or so. I'm now experi...
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  • Raid 0 over PCIE SSD

    I was curious to know if it is possible to stripe multiple Intel SSD DC P4500/4600 drives (HHHL not the 2.5" drives) into a RAID 0.  I am fairly confident I can use Microsoft Raid (server 2008 or better) to strip...
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  • Which NVMe Driver for Optane 32GBX2 in RAID 0?

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology software recognizes the Optane modules in RAID 0 and even adds an M.2 graphic with a blue PCB, thought that was very cool.   Do I need an NVMe driver for the this 64GB RAID 0 Opta...
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  • Server with SSD keeps losing Windows

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this but I'll start here. I have a server running SBS 2011 that periodically will fail to see the boot drive and require a restore.  I've gone into the crashed OS an...
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  • 530 Windows10 OpenGL

    I have a vanilla Qt5.10.0 / QtQuick 2.10 empty project that cannot start using MSVC17. I reported this to Qt Support with a backtrace, who responded as such:   This seems to be crashing inside your GPU driver o...
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  • Intel Optane Memory not working

    My optane memory is not working please help me
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  • Transferring OS to Intel Optane 900P

    So I'm trying to clone my Samsung 950 ssd, which contains my OS, to my new Optane 900p NVME 480gb and I understand you can't use the intel data migration software. So I'm wondering if anyone has used a third party clo...
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  • Display incorrect - have green and red edge on vertical part of letters

    My old trusted Sony monitor finally died.  I bought a HP 24uh from Amazon that arrived yesterday.   The monitor native resolution is 1980x1040 and has 3 ports - HDMI, DVI, VGA.   I have notice the...
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  • Hand Tracking and Shipping Times

    Hello RealSense Community,   Two quick questions:   Is the RealSense D435 capable of Finger Tracking, similar to the Leap?   If it does, does this finger tracking work only within a certain distance?...
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  • Image backup and restore with optane?

    I have a nuc with optane memory. My previous NUC7i3 died and i received a new one with optane. I just plugged in the old ssd and activated optane and it worked fine. But I use macrium backup, would a macrium backup i...
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  • XeonD1541 is losing PCIe packets

    OS: Linux CentOS 7.3 (Kernel 3.10). Test Motherboards: Motherboard A: ASUS P9X79 WS, ASUS X270 WS. MotherBoard B: ASRock Xeon D1541 CPU(8-core, 12MB cache).   FPGA PCIe card 1, Virtex-7 FPGA board. Gen 3 PC...
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  • Bios 0051 removed?

    Hi   just noticed that the 0051 bios has been removed from the NUC6i7KYK download page, any reason?   I already updated to that bios.   Paul
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  • Seriously, how to disable the intel batch file {A6D608F0-0BDE-491A-97AE-5C4B05D86E01}.bat

    We bought several corporate laptops that came with Intel HD Graphics 520 cards, and downloaded the driver for the cards from here on the intel website. After getting corporate security to assist in the installing of t...
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  • RST freeze

    MSI just updated for the first time F6 drivers with version (before none of them was listed under my notebook, GE73VR-7RF). Windows 10 PRO x64 FCU clean install 3 days old, installed with, ac...
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  • How to extract the blob data, segmentation image, while using SDK 2.0

    In SDK 2016 R3, we can use QuerySegmentationImage get segmentation image data on SR300.   Since we decide to switch to D435 and we also need to upgrade the SDK to 2.0. However, the SDK 2.0 does not have this f...
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  • Problemas adaptador Intel Gigabit 82579V Windows 10

    Hola! cuando inico el PC, no me arranca el adaptador de red, tengo que reiniciar el ordenador para que funcione, me pasa desde la última actualización de Windows 10 (1709), antes no tenía probelma a...
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