• Unknown exception from LoadNetwork()

    Hi,   I experienced a problem and failed in loading a model (as attachment, convert from tensorflow saved_model). The model loader was modified from openvino's sample code "classification_sample".   Foll...
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  • NUC7i7BNKQ - Sleep Issues

    First of all: I could not find info about the NUC's front LEDs behavior meaning it entered in 'Sleep Mode': Blue Frame and OnOff On; Blue Frame on; OnOff Blinking Blue; or Blue Frame off; OnOff blinking amber ? ...
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  • NUC5I5RYH - Can't boot stuck in black screen

    hii there..im not sure if my pc get update or not, but when i starting up the pc it is stuck on black screen.. someone help me..
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  • Is there a replacement for  G41 Express Chipset

    I have an older desktop that uses the G41. (uses a 775 Socket) which our "friends" at MicroSoft issues an update on 9-10-2018 that basically stopped the unit from working.  The video will flash a few times and th...
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  • Front Panel Inquiry for Intel® Server Chassis P4304XXMUXX.

    Hi Intel Support,   Good day,   May I know if where can we buy front panel for highlighted Intel® Server Chassis P4304XXMUXX on below image.   I hope you can help us on below inquiry for our cli...
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  • Diskpart Optane Time

    Hello.   Can you tell me how long it would take a 32GB Optane Module to be cleaned through Diskpart “clean all”?
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    I HAVE Acer              System Model: Aspire A515-51G                 &#...
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  • Thunderbolt adapter on LGA3647 motherboard

    Due to the need of thunderbolt to plug in some professional audio devices, we need to find an add on card for our LGA3647 platforms to provide those thunderbolt ports. The problem is, those adapter cards we found all ...
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  • S2600CP invalid dimm configuration

    hi there i hope someone knows whats going on here i have the S2600CP motherboard  where it works perfectly fine with 2x 2609 cpu´s but will not work with 2x 2660v2 cpu´s i have updated the motherboa...
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  • Intel X550T2 and Windows 10 x64 PRO 1809 teaming broken again

    Hello,   teaming is broken again with Windows 10 x64 PRO 1809. Every half year the same problem... When will be a new driver for 1809 relasesed?   MM69
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  • NUC7PJYH constant BSOD (2-3 a day)

    Hi,   I have bought an NUC7PJYH early august and have updated everything (BIOS 0044, Drivers, Windows).   The computer is mainly used to stream on my Tv and the computer either Freezes (screen isnt respon...
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  • Does i7-8559U support SGX2?

    I know for a fact that it has Software Guard Extensions but I need to know which version.
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  • Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel not starting, stuck on Initializing and won't start.

    After executing it gives the initializing screen and afterwards simply disappears with no error message.
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  • Wi-fi range issues after Windows 10 update

    Hi I have an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 installed in my Toshiba laptop. After a recent Windows 10 update the range of my Wi-Fi is greatly reduced, so much so I cannot see Wi-fis to connect when previously they...
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    Hi,   A client of my employer sent me a Dell Precision 3620 Tower workstation for warranty service with the following problem:   - random CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED BSODs /during normal usage or just at Windows...
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  • Intel blog about USB2 support on RealSense 400 Series cameras

    Hi everyone,   Intel have published a blog entry about USB2 support for the RealSense 400 Series cameras.   USB2 Support for Intel® RealSense™ Technology - Intel RealSense
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  • Especificação da solução térmica E97379

    Olá, gostaria de saber se existe um datasheet com informações acerca da solução térmica E97379. Designando dimensional, tensão, potência, ruído, velocidade, etc....
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  • Default MPU 6500 configuration

    Hello. So I was wondering what was the default configuration of the IMU on the flight controller based on the datasheet. This is the link to the datasheet: https://www.invensense.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MPU-650...
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  • Skype for Business Plugin problems

    Hi @all,   i installed a Enterprise Server of Intel Unite with the newest version On the hub is the latest Skype Plugin installed. We use Office 365 Premium for mailing and Office 2016 is i...
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  • Processor Intel Core i7 3770T was discontinued

    Good day. We need some official documents that confirm that processor Intel Core i7 3770T was discontinued. And the date of termination  Please help us.
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