• PX4Flow botched Intel Aero IMU

    Following my previous post that has not really been responded to, I am now trying to integrate the PX4Flow optical flow sensor into the Intel Aero. As previously mentioned, the current setup is the Intel Aero running ...
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  • Intel RTF drone lost HDMI output after flashing and calibration

    Intel RTF lost HDMI after flashing the bios.  7/12/2018   From a clean factory Intel RTF drone, I installed all the updates exactly as shown in 02 Initial Setup · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · ...
    created by PhilippeDoucette
  • Intel® Driver & Support Assistant not showing/installing latest Driver

    NUC7i5BN The Support assistant is telling me that Graphics driver is the latest version and that I'm up to date. In fact driver is the latest version (I just installed it and all seems ...
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  • is er bios update voor D975XBX (J3E1)

    hallo wou graag weten of er nog bios update is voor deze oude pc model- versie AAD27094-304- chipset model i975X heb nu deze versie van bios BX97510J.86A.1474.2006.1220.1826 laaste update was 2006 maar kan nergens...
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  • Laptop with Intel 620 graphics freezes when hibernating.

    I have an Acer Nitro 5 Spin 8th gen i5 with the 620 graphics. With the Intel drivers installed I cannot hibernate the computer with the lid open, or it freezes and I have to hard reset it. With the Microsoft generic ...
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  • Who can build me a laptop with Intel Xeon Processor

    Hi,   Who can build me a laptop with Intel Xeon Processor? Or which brand name is building laptop with Intel Xeon Processor?   Thanks,
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  • eGPU issues

    I currently have a NUC7i5BNH.  The issue is that the first time the computer boots in Windows, the Thunderbolt 3 eGPU is detected when attached.  However, if I sleep the computer and attach the eGPU, it does...
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  • i7-8750H power trottling

    Hello everyone,   I've recently bought an Asus FX504GE with the following specifications: Core i7-8750H 16 GB of DDR4 2666 MHz in dual channel. Nvidia 1050 Ti 4 GB GDDR5 128 GB M.2 drive and 1 TB 5400 RPM me...
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  • Intel Nuc DC3217iye bios update

    Hiya,   I am attempting to update a bios from 40 to 64 and it fails each time,. Now I have done this dozens of times as I have dozens of these nucs.   It fails flashing the image for Intel management engin...
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  • HDMI CEC Problem: Turning on NUC when TV is turned on isn't working

    Hi there,   This issue is pretty similar to this one, but I was encouraged to create a separate thread. My problem is with NUC7i3BNK, BIOS version v65 (latest as of this writing). I realize there is "Fixed CEC n...
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  • Graphics driver intel 4400

    I have this really annoying problem with my intel hd graphics 4400, where i keep hearing the driver removed sound and my games keep tabbing out and the graphics driver makes my monitor look disgusting and when i got t...
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  • Turbo Boost Max BSOD

    Hi there !   I just built my new workstation few days ago, everything was fine, until I got some BSOD (whea_uncorrectable_error). I was just installing a software (Maya) and got my first BSOD. I reboot, install ...
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  • While screen sharing, my teammates see a partial black screen or don't see my screen at all

    So I'm a freelancer so this is for my job. I use a program to share my screen and do video conferences and when I share my screen they can't see my screen. Or they either get a black screen or it just doesn't load. I ...
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  • Intel HD Graphics 4600 Mobile GPU Core Clock Frequency

    Due throttling issues with laptop, I would like to change gpu core clock frequency to default (400 MHz). Is there any possibility to do it without programs like intel extreme utility?
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  • Cause of NUC6CAYH video corruption

    I have what seems to be a fairly universal driver bug for the NUC series of computers. I currently have a NUC6CAYH that has a video corruption which seems to be connected with my ethernet driver also. whenever this oc...
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  • 0XA005004E error while enabling RST on drive

    Hello, I want to accelerate a 2TB drive with a 120 GB SSD. I've enabled the SSD drive to be used as the acceleration drive. However when i select the 2TB drive to accelerated I get the error of the title. Right now ...
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  • NUC7i7DNHE - video playback stutters at 1080P or 2160P. Windows 10/Graphics software up to date.

    Good evening. I have purchased/installed the new NUC7i7DNHE w/16 GB Crucial Ram PC4-19200 and 1TB Crucial SSD and OS Windows 10. The Windows software is up to date. The video display Intel UHD 620 has driver version...
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  • UHD Graphics 600 video tdr blue screen

    Hello,   I have a recent Dell Inspiro 14 3473. Whenever I try to run Microsoft Office, the computer crashes and gives me BSOD with message Video TDR Failure.   I have updated all drives on the system as we...
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  • How to get notifications from replies to questions

    I've looked around my dashboard but i don't see where I can get notified of an update or reply to my questions. Is there a way to enable this feature? Thanks
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  • CIR on NUC7CJYH dies after a few seoconds when boot into linux

    Hello everybody, I own a NUC7CJYH with the latest bios version 0039. I have the problem that after booting into linux the CIR does not work after a few seconds.   OS: Debian Jessie or Debian SID Kernel: 4.17....
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