• Hand Tracking and Shipping Times

    Hello RealSense Community,   Two quick questions:   Is the RealSense D435 capable of Finger Tracking, similar to the Leap?   If it does, does this finger tracking work only within a certain distance?...
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  • Not Connected to Network (after updating all patches)

    Hi,   i have an Intel NUC kit (atom) with Iot Gateway Software Suite installed. Fresh installed the suite and everything was working, i could add repositories, add packages and so on. Then I decided to update al...
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  • What is Intel(R) Network Connections Driver and can I delete it.

    My personal toshiba laptop (Windows 10 pro) is running out of disk space and there is the above application that is listed as 12.6GB. I read that I could uninstall this program but when I try to do that, it asks me to...
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  • Problemen na update KB4056892

    Hello,     After downloading security update KB4056892 the start button does not work after start up. Also various apps do not respond like those of appMail, app Store that are at the bottom left of the ta...
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  • regarding microcode patch for intel gen3 and below

    Hi, I'm one of Intel's customer who uses Sandybridge-E and Ivybridge-E cpus. [i7-3960X and E5-2667 V2] Because of recent Meltdown and Spectre issues, I came to know of patches that are going on. Variant 1 and 3 are ...
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  • how to call the function CreateDepthMappedToColor correcttly?

    I want to create an instance of  class of  PXCProjection , then use the instance to call the function CreateDepthMappedToColor to make color image and depth image aligned.   But  it's always w...
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  • Compatible CPUs

    Hello,   I want to buy a mini-pc that will be my Intel Unite Hub and I know that there it need to be a CPU that support vPro technology. I looked for and found this website with list of CPU's that supports vPro...
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  • HElp!!! Intel Optane Problem (MSI)

    HEllow Guys I just purchased my pc parts Last 2 days from now(the day that this post was created) All Supported with Intel Optane PC Parts CPU: i3 7100 Motherboard: MSI B250 Gaming M3 at latest BIOS which support O...
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  • My optane is not detected as [RAID/Optane Mode] it is just detected as Optane Mode

    as the title says PLEASE helpppppp
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  • D435 Getting Started under Linux?

    Is there a getting started under Linux for this camera?  I have the Jetson TX2 and wanted to get the D435 and examples running. I also have a laptop with the unbuntu installed.
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  • SSD specifics request.

    Hi there Does anybody have specific information on page size and erase block size of the following SSD drives: 1. https://ark.intel.com/products/66249/Intel-SSD-520-Series-180GB-2_5in-SATA-6Gbs-25nm-MLC Intel®...
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  • 8700K and Cryorig M9i - skyrocket temp to 95C in Asus Real Bench

    HI. I have 8700K on stock with mobo Asus Z370 Pro Gaming + case Fractal Design R5. Cpu temps on games are fine 70C+.   3dmark physic test looped 70-80C. Unigine Heave 50-65C max on some spots. Crysis 3 first le...
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  • Compatibilidade do I3 7100 com Windows 32bits

    Bom dia, Ao fazer uma imagem para as minhas maquinas novas, fui informado que a 7ª geração de processadores da Intel só funciona com a arquitetura x64 do Windows. Essa informação ...
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  • erro display led 1c placa mãe DP67BG

    boa tarde galera estou com uma placa mae intel dp67bg a mesma se encontra com o erro 1c no display led e não incia apenas liga e desliga alguma solução para meu problema ?
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  • Jupyter notebooks disconnecting automatically

    While working on Jupyter Notebooks the notebook disconnects automatically and doesn't get connected for some time. This problem has come after increasing the session time to 4hours. Please resolve this bug. I never en...
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  • No 3D on LG OLED TV with Intel HD 530 Graphics

      This issue has been mentioned in various guises in five other posts now (and is identical to post 106294), but they have been closed off (unresolved) or are so mixed up that I can’t tell if it is the sam...
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  • Intel Dual Band Wireless 8265 causing BSOD in Win10

    Hi, I have an 8265 wifi adapter.  I experience BSOD's randomly on system boot up, maybe every 2- 3 or so.   I see this same topic in earlier posts where someone had the same issue then stated it was res...
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  • intel 7265n dosnt reconnect after pc on sleep

    I have a dell 9020 aio optiflex with intel 7265n wireless card and after pc wake from a sleep the pc doesn't reconnect to the internet my driver is up to date
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    Coming from Intel NUC DN2820 I was able to play 3D MVC with Kodi with new Intel Media SDK, I just purchased Intel NUC NUC7i3BNK and 3D playback doesn't work.   On the Intel NUC DN2820, the resolution was set 192...
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  • Intel Falcon 8 Inspection payload

    Hi I'm trying to take video and photos using the Tau 2 camera in the Intel Falcon 8. Initially, we updated the firmware and then tried to take a video but don't know how to go about it. I think the cockpit has to be u...
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