• Ethernet connection not detected in ubuntu 14.04

    I have a Intel NUC , NUC7i5BNH. I have added Ubuntu 14.04 as its OS. But now its not detecting the ethernet (LAN) connections in ifconfig. Wireless networks are being recognized. I require the ethernet connection. If ...
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  • Poor performance on X722 10 Gb interface

    Hi. I have a Lenovo SR650, with Intel X722 10 Gb interfaces. Used as backup server. I have configured teamin using the windows feature in 2012 R2 version. I have also configured teaming interfaces (with VLAN), becaus...
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  • Intel Driver for I219V for use on WinPE

    Hello   I have a NUC7i3BNK that is used mostly to host a Quickbooks database, and we want to use it as a sort of backup server. This machine would access the backup files stored in a NAS and would send a boot im...
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  • S2600CP invalid dimm configuration

    hi there i hope someone knows whats going on here i have the S2600CP motherboard  where it works perfectly fine with 2x 2609 cpu´s but will not work with 2x 2660v2 cpu´s i have updated the motherboa...
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  • Cannot find or open the PDB file when running opencl on CPU only

    Hello all,   I got he the following many errors when I tried to run OpenCL code on CPU only(chosen CPU as a device), and all of them are because of the following: Cannot find or open the PDB file. Any help is...
    created by Samah.Rahamneh
  • intel uhd 620 not support SM3.0

    Hi, Anyone can help me why my game is not able to detect Intel UHD 620 support SM3.0 and above? I do dxdiad and I hv Direct X 12 install with SM5.0 support. However, my game are not able to load or install due to S...
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  • Replacing bad CMOS battery or jumper

    I had to pull CMOS jumper out and then back in to get my 8i7HVK to turn on once after I unplugged it and moved to another room and once it just shut off on its own and needed the CMOS to be reset. Everything on the NU...
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  • window vr headset NUC8i7HVK second display turn off

    OK so I have NUC8i7HVK and the windows vr headset witch is fun but when i plug them into computer the second display normal shut off or the screen flashes off and on. If i get up and unplug hdmi cable then plug it bac...
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  • Intel Core i7 8086K core voltage range?

    Hi,   I would like to know the core voltage range of the 8086k at 4.0GHz?   Thanks leader.desslock
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  • Drivers 24.20.100.xx causes monitor not stay in standby (backlight blinks on/off)

    Hello,   I have the following problem:   When it is supposed to enter stand-by the image is turned off but the backlight is turned on / off every 5 seconds. That way it stays indefinitely, so I cannot use ...
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  • Intel HD 5500 - Quake Champions - Texture flickering

    Hello,   Is there any solution that fixes flickering on Intel HD 5500 in Quake Champions ? Here you can see what I mean (by the flickering): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUVC7XRtcT0 BTW: The game actually r...
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  • D435 Depth unexpected interpolation.

    I am developing an application on the D435 camera. I will convert from depth to Point Cloud with the program shown below. Then, the object and the depth of the floor seen behind it are interpolated, and Point Clouds t...
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  • Problemas para acessar rede Guest a partir de um celular Android / Iphone

    Olá, bom dia   Vi no manual que não há como utilizar a projeção unite via aplicativos celulares usando a rede Guest. Na minha empresa essa funcionalidade é muito util uma...
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  • BIOS Update makes Kit NUC 8i7HNK unusable

    Hello,   I installed my NUC with Windows10 and it worked well.   Then I figure out that BIOS was version 22 from Feb 2018, which was very old (I bought a new product on Amazon 3 weeks ago). So I tried t...
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  • NUC7PJYH Dual-Channel Mode

    Hi,   I'm using my NUC7PJYH with a Crucial MX100 512GB SSD and 2x8GB DDR4-2400 Hynix HMA81GS6AFR8N-UH. Unfortunately I cannot activate dual-channel  mode and my memory speed is only 14GB/s reading and 10GB/...
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  • Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 - 5Ghz band discovery

    hi I have a lenovo V 310 laptop and it seems that it has a Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Radio card on it. I tried to discover some 5 Ghz network around me but I couldn't find anything . should I do something ...
    created by amin137398
  • Any reason why only one of the nuc8i7HVK HDMI ports seems to work?

    I am trying to use 2 monitors but only the front HDMI port on my new nuc8i7HVK seems to work. I have tested both screens and they work on that front port, but not the back one.  Both cables work also.  Win10...
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  • Optane 900P slow down

    I have 4 identical hosts with 4x nvme Optane 900P 280GB in U.2 form factor, next model: Model Number:                   &...
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  • Problems with color in any browsers on any sites when online video be played

    Имеются проблемы с отображением цветов при воспроизведении онлайн-видео в различных браузерах.Ноутбук ASUS N580VD, система: I7-7700HQ + HD630 + GTX1050 Та же проблема, только у другого человека, на другом ноутбуке: Ме...
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  • DFU Firmware Update Issues Windows 10

    Hi,   I am having issues updating firmware on both D415 and D435 on Windows 10. I have followed all the steps discussed in this thread https://communities.intel.com/thread/126307 . I still can't get the DFU upda...
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