Hi What is the shelf life of AXXRPCM2? How to find out the date of manufacture of the battery AXXRPCM2? i connect AXXRPCM2 to SRCSAS 18E, in logs: Controller ID:  0   Battery Not Present Сontroller ...
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  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology with ESXi

    Hi, how intel turbo boost works with ESXi?   This feature is requested just when we have CPU contention?   This feature works just when the processors have capacity of power and temperature?   If the...
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  • BSDL file for NH82546GB

    Good morning, I have to test several units of the NH82546GB part and need the BSDL file. Can anyone send it to me, or specify where can I found it? Thank you!
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  • Fallo en la resolución tras actualizar controlador Intel HD Graphics 620

    A primeros de este mes de junio ha salido una actualización de Intel HD Graphics 620. Yo tengo un monitor ultra panorámico LG 25UM58-P con una resolución de 2560 x 1080 pixeles. Tras la actualizac...
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  • network accelaretion

    hi.   can i use PCI EXPRESS INTEL QUAD LAN CARD 10/100/1000 Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter I350T4-V2 on windows 10 computer to accelerate the network comunication to the router?
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  • Firmware for 82599ES 10-Gigabit Adapter

    Hello all I'm looking for the newest firmware for Network Adapter 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ but could not find any version on the Intel Support Site. Does this Adapter loading FW from Driver ? Or where could I find...
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  • RealSense SDK 2.0 Unity Wrapper - 'The type or namespace Intel could not be found...'

    Hi Downloaded latest SDK and simply trying to compile the Unity wrapper. But keep getting the error   'The type or namespace 'Intel' could not be found....'   Anyone know of a solution?
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  • Have issues trying to update

    I have completed a scan on the Driver and support assistant and it has come back as no updates available.   I find this hard to believe as the Ethernet Connection I219-V is showing the driver date 18/03/2015. &...
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  • Win10: Intel Driver & Support Assistant not recognizing Intel driver?

    Hi all!   Since my last update of the Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics 640 driver via Driver & Support Assistant on my Intel NUC system it doesn't recognized it as a standard Intel driver. Please see the...
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  • Re: Intel X710  on Huawei server-malicious driver detection appear in the log

    Hello,   We have the same issue. We have 30 Huawei servers with Intel X710 card and vsphere 6.5 u1 patch2. VM network connections on a Distributed Virtual Switch seem to freeze after this error appears in vmware...
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  • [Realsense SDK] Merging Scan & Align Object

    Dear,   I'm working on Realsense SDK and SR300, 1 - How to merge two PXCM3DScan or create multi PXCM3DScan in a PXCMSenseManager; 2 - Having two parts of an object, how to auto align? 3 - In PXCM3DScan, can y...
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  • CEC Problem: Turn on NUC when TV is turned on does not work.

    Hello from Germany.   With bios version 0038 my Intel NUC6cayh wakes from S3/S4/S5 power state when TV is turned on. After updating to BIOS 0048 my TV (Philips 42PFL7655K) recognizes the NUC as new CEC device ...
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  • Downloaded driver updates fail to install

    HP Probook G2 Win10 (64bit) (see attached SSU report & view of downloads)   The ID&SA finds NIC and BT driver updates and on download tells me to reboot. After reboot nothing happens and there are ...
  • Converting .bag video to .raw frames

    Is there a way to convert a 30-second .bag video recording to .raw frames (not compressed formats like JPEG)?   If not, I was thinking of modifying (looping) the save-to-disk example to get a bunch of .raw image...
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  • BIOS Update [BNKBL357.86A] Version: 0065 (Latest) Date: 6/6/2018

    Hi, does anyone know why we don't have a windows 10 exe for this bios for nuc7i5bn? I use a bluetooth keyboard so can't install it otherwise.   Many thanks,   Nick
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  • ComputeStick CD1M3128MK warning CPU reduce performance

    Hello,   I have here Intel Compute Stick CD1M3128MK, Clean Windows 10 Pro 1803 install, latest BIOS and drivers and High Performance power plan and I still get this CPu warning. Screenshot attached.   How...
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  • INTEL E3845 display issue

    We have developed a model of  INTEL E3845's main board, DDI does not use, the display use VGA 。then In theory DDI compensation resistance  can disable, but if it disable,it will appear under the UBUNTU syste...
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  • p4608 detected as two devices, not displayed in vmware if using vroc

    i have just recently purchased a super micro server; SUPERMICRO 1U LGA3647 SP 24DIMM 10X2.5" RPSU 750W SKL-SP 4110 8C/16T 2.1G 11M 9.6GT UPI 256GB DDR4-2666 2Rx4 LP ECC REG DIMM Intel® SSD DC P4608 Series (6....
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  • NUC8i7HVK mini-DP to DP - screen flicker for new Radeon driver 18

    Hello,   I always had some issues with my monitor (Acer XR342CK) which is attached mini-DP to DP with the NUC. At very first start of connection when the driver is loaded (Windows Logon and resume from standby) ...
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  • i7-3615QE Processor Inquiry

    Hi,   Good day. I would like to know the average power consumption value (in range would be fine as well) when the i7-3615QE processor is undergoing the Intel Thermal Analysis Tool (TAT). The reason is to kno...
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