• PBS: job killed: walltime 21635 exceeded limit 21600

    2018-11-13 03:59:09.810447: I tensorflow/core/platform/cpu_feature_guard.cc:141] Your CPU supports instructions that this TensorFlow binary was not compiled to use: AVX2 AVX512F FMA 2018-11-13 03:59:09.812661: I tens...
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  • Keras callbacks(TensorBoard)

    How can I analyze/visualize training and testing accuracy using tensor-board on Intel AI Devcloud ? Please help.
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  • Manage and Monitor multiple Intel Servers in a Console

    Hi Is there a Management Console for multilple intel servers. (Like HP SIM)   Thanks in advance
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  • KVM viewer for RMM on Intel S2600CW

    Hi Intel community, Can you sogest any idea how can I connect (KVM/VNC) to RMM on my server from mac os operating system. I used to use Java Web start application, but not I can't use it now: 1) Java 8 is deprecated...
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  • Android Client Auto Discover

    Hi,   I have successfully setup PIN server and Hub, hub is able to auto discover PIN server. I am connecting the client to server now, using auto discover, I installed latest Intel Unite for Android.   Ho...
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  • Windows 10 always loads one kernel per 100%

    Windows 10 always loads one kernel per 100% E5-2667 processor. one core is constantly loaded at 100%
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  • Xeon W-2145 unbuffered, non-ECC memory support?

    I am wondering what memory types are supported by the Xeon W-21XX processors, specifically the W-2145. I have attempted searching, and nothing that I have found so far gives me the details as to what memory types are ...
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  • Problem updating drivers for 82574L NIC

    I an having difficulty in upgrading my NIC drivers from version 17.3.0 to 22.7.1.  The workstation I am using is running Windows 10. Here is what I am trying to install:   When I run the install program,...
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  • Master Key not working for Black Ops

    Hi I saw this question but there was no answer.   I purchased a Dell laptop with an Intel i7 CPU and it is supposed to come with a free copy of COD Black Ops 4. I followed the instructions and went to https://sof...
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  • Intel PRO / 1000 GT network card

    good morning people. need to know what power in watts of the Intel PRO / 1000 GT network card
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  • How to stop screen going black after driver update?

    Using an intel 6600k with intel HD 530 graphics. When I update the driver for the HD 530, the screen goes black after the windows logo at startup. I have fixed this by disabling the driver in safe mode in driver manag...
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  • Optane 900p SSD underperforming

    Hi All,   I recently installed an Optane 900p 480gb SSD into my PC and it is underperforming on benchmarks. I have the SSD installed into a 4x PCIe slot on my motherboard. I wanted to reach out to the community ...
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  • Graphic Device Driver Error Code 43

        Hello,  I have an Acer Aspire E 15 computer running on Windows 10.  I reset it because it was running slow and would not turn off correctly.  So I reset my computer.  When it wa...
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  • Compatiblity of the Intel chipset HM-55 Express with the Hynix 4Gb 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-7-10-F2

    Hello everyone.   I have a motherboard Intel HM-55 Express with a northbridge Ironlake-M IMC, and an Intel i3-330M processor. The motherboard supports up to 8Gb of operating memory with 1066 MHz frequency  ...
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  • Need help on DELL R 740 server Intel Processor

    Hello I have chosen the Dell R 740 for my client ,i want help to chose the best cost effective Intel processors for this as for my client in his specifications he requested 4 processors each with a maximum of 12 cor...
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  • Intel ETU & NUC8i7HVK BIOS 0051

    Hi,   Has anyone else experienced system hang's > 5 minutes when using the ETU?   I've not used it in a while and not sure when it stopped working properly.   I've tested it for varying lengths of...
    created by MikeLevine
  • What is the smallest / cheapest computer that can pull images from three RealSense D435 cameras?

    Hey all,   I'm looking for the cheapest computer that meets these requirements: Can connect three D435 RealSense cameras Capture a single frame from all three cameras Send those frames over the network An...
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  • Using the IR Receiver - how?

    I have a Harmony Elite remote control and would like to use it to control certain Apps on my PC - a new NUC8i5BEH running W10 Pro. My previous PC had a USB HP IR receiver that I added as an MCE and it worked great. ...
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  • faceshift compatibility with d435

    Any info on a combination of this old software/Sdk  and new 400 hardware?   this thread using 2014 SDK (, and sr300 succeed, looking to see if anyone got it working with new series. faceshift...
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  • investigate this problem with gear of war 4 pc

    hi intel corp i have a problem wit gear of war 4 in my gaming pc model GE72mvr 7rg apache pro   cpu intel i7 7700HQ memory 16gb 2400mhz 1tb hardrive gtx 1070 8gb   i have this problem that when i play g...
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