• Intel Wireless AC 9462 - works perfectly on one connection , keeps disconnecting wifi on another.

    I have Intel Wireless AC 9462. When I connect to wifi using my iPhone hotspot, works fine and is consistent.   When I connect to my 75mbps speed internet router, the speed keeps on dropping to zero at regular ...
    created by Anupam_Chauhan
  • How do I create RAID0 with my 2 SSDs

    I have two identical 128GB M.2 SSDs, RAID is enabled in BIOS, using Windows 10 Home, I could not find Create tab in my Intel Rapid Storage, could someone please help.
    created by cojak
  • Intel Graphics Automatic Games Settings feature

    Intel® has introduce a feature with the ability to automatically configure game settings for Intel® Graphics on 6th Gen Core Processors or higher (including systems with 8th Gen Core Processors with Radeon...
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  • Intel i9-9900k is a joke of a launch

    Hello,   I just want to write out my rant toward Intel in hopes to get something changed in the future. This company, for the size and brand name, should be doing something to remedy this horrible launch of this...
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  • Do I have the latest driver for my graphics card?

    Lenovo G580 laptop running Windows 10 home 64-bit.   Please see image for the graphics card spec and driver version.   Thank you  
    last modified by Robsee
  • Can't execute Intel RealSense Viewer

    Nothing happened after clicking the icon of  Intel RealSense Viewer in desktop. OS: WIN10     what should I do?
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  • Intel Galileo gen 1 LED power doesnt on

    I have problem with my intel galileo, when i plug to electricity the led of power doesnt on but the led of usb client is on.. so the board is off, cant to use. what should i do ? please help me
    last modified by Radikia_Cuber
  • CPU fried??

    Hello, I have a MSI MB B250M Pro-VD combined with a i5-6400 processor. Al of a sudden my pc didn't boot anymore en the Led on the MB indicated there was a problem with the CPU. First I tried with other memory , no l...
    created by Filip911
  • Latest Intel graphic driver .6326 installation issue

    I just download the latest graphic driver bundle win64_25.20.100.6326 for my Intel HD 630 graphic CPU in i7-7700HQ. In the past I can use the installation file just file, at the end, it asks for a restart and will pop...
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  • Flight Log

    Hello, I know that in the default configuration, flight log files are generated in the folder /var/lib/mavlink-router. I tried to analyse one of the .ulg files using the software pyFlightAnalysis. While I'm able to d...
    last modified by daniele.marchetti
  • S2600WF0 SysCfg : set Fan PWM Offset

    Hello,   we've got a couple of hundreds of Intel S2600WF0 servers. BIOS/ME/BMC/FRUSDR are all the latest: BIOS Version Information: -------------------------    Primary BIOS Version:... SE5C620.86B...
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  • update drivers(OpenGL)

    I have a distribution KALI LINUX. I need to update the driver, namely OpenGl above 3.0. HOW TO DO IT?  
    created by Damantoit
  • PyRealSense2 Controls Programmatically

    Hello,   I'd really like to adjust some of the controls that you normally see in the Realsense2 viewer in Python (like laser power for instance), but I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere, even in the ...
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  • HD4600 Flickering

    Dear Intel Community,   My HD4600 have some troubles with the drivers. The screen is flickering. I tried many of them. (Newest from my MoB support site, from Intel site, 3 versions that in the Windows Driver up...
    last modified by DeluDez
  • Frequencies of crystals on NUC7i7DNBE

    Good day,   I already went through the Technical Product Specification as linked below but I wasn't able to find relevant information:   https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/mini-pcs/n...
    created by seeteeyou
  • Swir, Lwir, or Flir sensor uses in D415?

    Apologies if this has been answered I am not finding the topic online and in fact it’s difficult to find much at all about the detailed hardware specifications such as model number, lense size, and control metho...
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  • RS3DC040 overheating warnings again

    Hello! We have another server with this strange issue.   Server started to give RAID card overheating errors. But in reality it is not true. We changed RAID card to a new one - still the same problem. Motherb...
    last modified by SergeiAljoshin
  • S2600GL CATERR Debugging

    An S2600GL motherboard  in my possession died. I'm at a loss as to what went wrong. I understand that the support period is probably expired, not sure about my support options but i figured i'd reach out.   ...
    last modified by ntlsc
  • Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), how to "Online RAID Expansion", cant find it in BIOS or RWC3

    Hi   We have a S1200SPOR with RMS3CC080, the below document on page 6 (real PDF page 16) says this controller (and all others that are 12Gb) will:   "Online capacity expansion to add space to an existing d...
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  • Display flashes to blank screen with vertical bars

    Dell Inspiron 5559 laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520 randomly flashes to a blank screen with vertical bars or stripes. Often it is a white background with purple stripes, but occasionally varies. When I open display s...
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