• Intel SSD 750 Series - VPD access through I2C

    Does the 750 support accessing the VPD through SMBus address 53h, per the SSD Form Factor Specification?   I am not getting an acknowledge when reading from that address.
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  • Cannot send e--mail to webadmin

    Greetings to all, This is the response that I received when I tried to send e--mail to webadmin@intel.com. Your message wasn't delivered to webadmin@intel.com because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to rec...
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  • Support requests

    I started a support request and have not gotten any response...How long should I expect to wait?
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  • Error en todas las versiones de los controladores intel HD para procesador intel atom z3735f

    Error en todas las versiones de los controladores intel HD para procesador intel atom z3735f, error identificado por Microsoft en windows 10 con codigo 43, durante su instalación,  errores  de distors...
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  • Problem access to w7 equipment with mesh commander

    Good again, once again I request your help, I have two nucs with w7 that I can not access with mesh commander ... In one of them when clicking with the mouse, the intelamt line does not appear(in mesh commander) as it...
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  • DPDK RSS (Receive Side Scaling)

    Does DPDK v16+ support Symmetrical RSS, (Client -> Server) then (Server -> Client) Yaser
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  • Problem using Optane Memory to cache Secondary 3Tb HDD

    I have recently built my new system using the following:-   Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard with latest F7 BIOS update. Intel i7-8700K CPU Samsung 970 EVO 500Gb V-Nand M.2 PCIe SSD (GPT drive using EFI and...
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  • Cherry Trail driver keeps crashing/black screen

    I have a Microsoft Surface 3 128GB/4GB RAM with an Intel Atom X7-Z8700.  The machine at times will stop working and show a black screen (and sometimes a screeching sound from the speakers) when on the desktop and...
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  • Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR, take 2

    Continuing from my earlier post at Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR   It has been a while, but I now have an additional unit, this time with Intel certified memory, that is experiencing the same symptoms. Na...
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  • How to disable "Eject Intel NVMe Controller"

    Hello. I have a intel 760P 2TB m2 working fine, windows 10x64. Using an Asrock X99/Extreme6/3.1 motherboard.   In Windows, the safely remove option has an option "Eject Intel NVMe Controller" which isn't too sma...
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  • does the Intel DP55WB mobo have a compatibility Issue with Radeon R5 220 Graphics card?

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to install a Radeon R5 220 2GB graphics interface card for HD VGA support. This is a W7, i5 system with 4G of RAM memory. The existing Radeon VGA interface works fine. The R5 will not...
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  • Intel FPGA's many user manuals can not download

    such as Intel MAX 10 FPGA Device Family Pin Connection Guidelines If I click 'download pdf' , it shows ERROR: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
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  • Can i7-7700T model applicable for laptop?

    Hi,   1. Can i7-7700T applicable for laptop? If not, is there any version for the same processor specification for laptop?   2. The processor seems to consume 35W if my understanding is correct. All other ...
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  • RST UI Gone

    Hi all.  I noticed on restarting my computer that my raid was degraded.  After the restart I tried to navigate to the RST UI and there isn't one.  Also there is not even an RST service.  After inve...
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  • Drivers sem atualizações

    Amigos, boa noite (ou dia, a depender de qual lado do mundo você esteja). Desde que adquiri meu notebook (um verdadeiro dinossauro) nunca atualizei os drivers de vídeo. Infelizmente, quando procurei por a...
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  • G.skill memory for NUC7PJYH

    Hello,   My previous memory, Crucial CT4G4SFS824A (4GBx2) didn't work as dual-channel, so I've returned it. Now I'm ordering https://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-2400c16d-8grs  which is a proper 8GB kit and...
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  • NUC7i7BNH USB-C to DP stop working after firmware update

    Hello,   I have a NUC7i7BNH connected to a HDR monitor Samsung LC32HG70 via USB-C (Thunderbolt3) to Displayport cable. It was originally working but lacks HDR on DP. Recently I found the thunderbolt firmware upd...
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  • new BIOS  mitigation for  spectre 4 and 3a (Intel-SA-00115 for Intel® NUC)

    I wonder why inside official document from intel about new BIOS vulnerabilities mitigations for spectre 4 and 3a is present new version 0371 for 5th generation NUC(RYBDWi35.86A), but the link  takes nowhere, whil...
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  • DC P3700 Encryption support

    We just acquired some DC P3700 drives and are now trying to the do the following   1. Use these drives as encrypted drives with disk level encryption in a Windows 2016 Server. We have been tasked with using the ...
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  • No /dev/watchdog on NUC7CJYH iTCO_wdt

    I observe the same issue as described here on NUC6CAYH but this time on NUC7CJYH. After enabling the watchdog iTCO_wdt module, the device /dev/watchdog is not created.    This device is a Canonical certif...
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