• Using a FLASH in outdoor condition along with the D415

    What are things I should consider when using a flash outdoors, with the RealSense D415? What kind of flash can I use and are there any changes I should make to the camera parameters?
    created by rakshith
  • RealSense SDK 2.0 Version 2.10.2 now available in preview

    Hi everyone,   Version 2.10.2 of RealSense SDK 2.0 has been released.  It is marked as Pre-Release, which indicates that it is a beta version that is still being worked on and will become a full-stable Late...
    created by MartyG
  • New Driver- and Support Assistent download failed

    Searching for new drivers shows msg "New version ... is necessary". Klick on "Installieren" but nothing happens. How to get this new Version?
    last modified by Quadraturkreis
  • Optane and WLS on Win10

    Hi,   I want to use WLS (Windows Linux Sub-system) on Win10 with an optane memory installed on my system.   I installed it but when I want to use "upgrade" (download different libs etc...) I've errors "not...
    last modified by LannR
  • Win10 stutters on battery if Wireless AC-8265 set to Power Saving or if there is no internet connection/airplane mode

    Windows 10 (fully patched and updated) laptop stutters and lags when it runs on battery power under certain conditions. I have traced this (I think) to power saving settings for the Wireless Adapter. Here's the logic....
    last modified by craigfoster
  • My intel HD 630 Hard Lagging

    Hello I'm using asus ROG GL503V with intel HD 630   sory for my bad English, but I hope u can understand what I mean...   when I'm using my laptop for browsing and any little application, my intel's gpu a...
    last modified by Theda
  • New NUC6CAYS memory full

    My new NUC started up well and connected to my home network.  When I tried to update Win 10 I received the message that I needed to clear space. I deleted Chrome which I had downloaded and two games that came on...
    created by Billrv
  • Bluescreen occurs when teaming on Windows 10

    We are developing a filter driver and this driver works well in a typical configuration. But when the teaming is configured, blue screen occurred during the packet send sequence.   It is assumed that a bsod occ...
    last modified by WS.Yang
  • intel graphics 4600 not sharp after windows 10 update on 3440 x 1440

    after windows 10 update (from october 2017, got it now) the display is not longer sharp on Samsung 21:9 curved monitor via DisplayPort (HDMI is also unsharp, but was also unsharp before update)
    last modified by MarcusMM
  • Multiple USB vs Wifi issues on Compute stick

    Firstly, I found the Intel Stick to be a good replacement for my laptop which was plugged into my TV as a media center.   That being said, I've found a few issues which are persistent and very annoying.   ...
    last modified by kaosX
  • About intel AMT security Issue

    Hi,   I'm working at IT department of global turkish technology company. We are using a lot of Intel products. Just noticed an article about "intel amt security issue"  below this informal security site. In...
    last modified by mehmetknt
  • bios hangs

    I have a DG965RY board and the bios just hangs at the bios screen. I reloaded an updated bios and it still hans in the same place
    created by rwardster1
  • AMT problem

    Hello,   We are web hosting company and we use PowerEdge Dell servers with AMT support. Before of using AMT we configure all options on server, network, user and others options. After some time of using AMT via ...
    last modified by sanin
  • No audio via HDMI on my NUC7CJYH (Windows 10 Pro)

    Did update all drivers on NUC7CJYH, but was unable to get the audio working via the HDMI.
    Gautam Joshi
    last modified by Gautam Joshi
  • How do I start the basic ML501 course ?

    I had signed up and wanted to start the ML501 basic course. Some questions :-   1. Is it an online video based course ? 2. I had downloaded the zip file from the link of curse outline. In this folder, there is ...
    created by ChongWahHing
  • UEFI Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), stuck on "Driver Health" screen

    Hi, i have been playing with the RAID in the hardware (Server is in UEFI mode) (i have not lost data, only test systems).  We cant get in to the BIOS due to the below, so how do we get out of this loop (without r...
    last modified by (((GRIFFCOMM
  • Wie kann ich Intel Rapid Storage Technologie mit englischer oberfläche installieren

    Wie kann ich Intel Rapid Storage Technologie mit englischer oberfläche installieren, wenn ich das neuste Update installiere, ist die Oberfläche immer noch in deutsch, auch wenn ich es vorher deinstalliert h...
    created by Werner1710
  • Support memory spec for intel server baord S2600CP

    Does it support 2Rx8 16GB DDR3 RDIMMs?
    last modified by BIGMONE
  • Patriot SCORCH M.2 in Intel NUC7i3BNH after on/off does not boot

    Hello, we have Patriot Scorch M.2 128GB in PC Intel NUC7i3BNH. After we switch off the computer and unplug power cord then the bios does not find the Patriot M.2. We have to do some change in BIOS and then bios find ...
    last modified by support@eltsen.cz
  • Ipmitool lan print 1  returns Invalid channel: 1

    Prior to replacing the 3V battery on the mother board, this command: "Ipmitool lan print 1" returned useful information.  Now the command returns: Invalid channel: 1. Did I lose a configuration setting and if so...
    last modified by rlsmith