• Master Key not working for Black Ops

    Hi I saw this question but there was no answer.   I purchased a Dell laptop with an Intel i7 CPU and it is supposed to come with a free copy of COD Black Ops 4. I followed the instructions and went to https://sof...
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  • Intel PRO / 1000 GT network card

    good morning people. need to know what power in watts of the Intel PRO / 1000 GT network card
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  • How to stop screen going black after driver update?

    Using an intel 6600k with intel HD 530 graphics. When I update the driver for the HD 530, the screen goes black after the windows logo at startup. I have fixed this by disabling the driver in safe mode in driver manag...
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  • Optane 900p SSD underperforming

    Hi All,   I recently installed an Optane 900p 480gb SSD into my PC and it is underperforming on benchmarks. I have the SSD installed into a 4x PCIe slot on my motherboard. I wanted to reach out to the community ...
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  • Graphic Device Driver Error Code 43

        Hello,  I have an Acer Aspire E 15 computer running on Windows 10.  I reset it because it was running slow and would not turn off correctly.  So I reset my computer.  When it wa...
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  • Compatiblity of the Intel chipset HM-55 Express with the Hynix 4Gb 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-7-10-F2

    Hello everyone.   I have a motherboard Intel HM-55 Express with a northbridge Ironlake-M IMC, and an Intel i3-330M processor. The motherboard supports up to 8Gb of operating memory with 1066 MHz frequency  ...
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  • Need help on DELL R 740 server Intel Processor

    Hello I have chosen the Dell R 740 for my client ,i want help to chose the best cost effective Intel processors for this as for my client in his specifications he requested 4 processors each with a maximum of 12 cor...
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  • Intel ETU & NUC8i7HVK BIOS 0051

    Hi,   Has anyone else experienced system hang's > 5 minutes when using the ETU?   I've not used it in a while and not sure when it stopped working properly.   I've tested it for varying lengths of...
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  • Problem updating drivers for 82574L NIC

    I an having difficulty in upgrading my NIC drivers from version 17.3.0 to 22.7.1.  The workstation I am using is running Windows 10. Here is what I am trying to install:   When I run the install program,...
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  • What is the smallest / cheapest computer that can pull images from three RealSense D435 cameras?

    Hey all,   I'm looking for the cheapest computer that meets these requirements: Can connect three D435 RealSense cameras Capture a single frame from all three cameras Send those frames over the network An...
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  • Using the IR Receiver - how?

    I have a Harmony Elite remote control and would like to use it to control certain Apps on my PC - a new NUC8i5BEH running W10 Pro. My previous PC had a USB HP IR receiver that I added as an MCE and it worked great. ...
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  • faceshift compatibility with d435

    Any info on a combination of this old software/Sdk  and new 400 hardware?   this thread using 2014 SDK (, and sr300 succeed, looking to see if anyone got it working with new series. faceshift...
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  • DX79SI Boot Problem

    Hey All,   I'm having problems getting my dx79si board to post. I've got the board out, just the cpu, ram and graphics card installed. It stops at code E6 (or is it EB, I'm not sure)...   Does anyone know ...
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  • investigate this problem with gear of war 4 pc

    hi intel corp i have a problem wit gear of war 4 in my gaming pc model GE72mvr 7rg apache pro   cpu intel i7 7700HQ memory 16gb 2400mhz 1tb hardrive gtx 1070 8gb   i have this problem that when i play g...
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  • Intel Optane Memory "No Compatible Disk"

    Recently my old HD's OS crashed, it was not booting. so I have to replaced a new hard drive with the new OS.  Now, I'm getting the No compatible disks for Intel Optane Memory error.     Can anyone hel...
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  • i7-8705G Vega M GL GPU Clock Speed stuck at 535 MHz

    Hi, I recently bought an HP Spectre 15 x360 with the Vega M GL GPU and have been troubleshooting some issues with it. I am experiencing two issues that often occur simultaneously though sometimes separately; The CPU c...
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  • Intel Driver Support assistant problem.

    I've begun to have a problem with software updater, after a cold boot the program icon is missing from the icon taskbar, if I click on the same icon under all programs nothing happens, opening the updater webpage fail...
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  • NUC8i5BEK BIOS default boot order?

    Just got my first NUC and planning an unattended Win10 install from USB. Will the NUC boot from the USB by default? M.2 SSD is brand new and empty. Reason for asking is that I want to use only power + network cables a...
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  • IR receiver not working on NUC7i3BNK after startup

    I have two NUC7i3BNK that both have the same issue of the ITECIR Infrared Receiver not being detected after startup. It seems to only happen when the units are started by turning on their HDMI monitor or by pressing t...
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  • win64 installer script problem

    This is mentioned in another thread but I think it is caused by the installer itself.   When you perform a normal installation, the installer should invoke WinSAT and some other scripts to finish install.  ...
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