• S2600CP invalid dimm configuration

    hi there i hope someone knows whats going on here i have the S2600CP motherboard  where it works perfectly fine with 2x 2609 cpu´s but will not work with 2x 2660v2 cpu´s i have updated the motherboa...
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  • HD Graphics 630 Screen Shutter Issue

    Hello   I have a new Lenovo ThinkCenter M710q with an i5-7500T and HD Graphics 630.  It is plugged in with displayport to an LG 27UD58-B.  I have an issue where the entire screen will shutter every few...
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  • i9 Upgrade

    Earlier this year, I upgraded my system from an i7 6800k to an i9 7920. This obviously required a new motherboard but I didn't change the SSD that the operating system (Windows 10) was installed on. Initially, Windows...
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  • AC-8265 Bluetooth

    I recently upgraded my network card to the AC-8265 on my desktop. Everything works fine except the Bluetooth. It no longer responds to any media controls. For example, on my Bluetooth headphones, there are play, next,...
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  • 3D functionality for NUC8I7BE

    I will possibly upgrade one of my other PCs with the new NUC817BE. I searched for information on internet and found some sites with information.   One of these was this one:  Bean Canyon NUCs Officially L...
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  • procesador intel core i3 8100 placa asus prime b360m-a no compatible con procesador

    tengo mi pc con procesador intel core i3 8100 placa asus prime b360m-a instale el driver del cd de instalacion de la placa y dice driver no compatible con procesador. instale el driver win64_24.20.100.6286  de in...
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  • Intel HD 620 shows video in one 4K monitor but not in the other.

    Win 10, 64 bit. Intel Core i7-7600U, Intel 620HD graphics.   I have two 4K monitors. One of them displays 4K resolution and the other( Samsung U28D590D) does not display 4k. I am using HDMI cables that came wit...
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  • Second M.2 interface does not show up in bios

    Hello everyone,   I'm working with a intel NUC Board NUC7i3DNBE and want to use both of the M.2 slots on the board. But when I try to use the small M.2 slot the device is not recognized.   Several sources ...
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  • Windows 1803 Wireless-AC 8265 wifi problem

    I installed the new 1803 windows version. However, after a while, my internet card (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265) started to disappear. The taskbar icon became a red x, there was no longer a wifi tab in the networ...
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  • Using both mini displayports at the same time does not work

    I have a nuc8i7hnk with three dell U2415 daisychained connected through one mini display port which works fine. If I remove one monitor from the chain and connect it to the other mini display port that monitor does no...
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  • Laptops keeps roaming when signal strength is 90%

    Hello,   we have a some problems with wifi roaming. Wifi adapter roaming no matter if signal strength is excellent or not. Roaming agresivity setting have no influence on this behavior.   Do you have any e...
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  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 issue with YouTube 4K@60Hz

    Hello,   I have issues viewing YouTube content in 2160p at 60 Hz. The video is stuttering and YouTube's "statistics for nerds" reveals that about one third of the frames are dropped. I have a steady internet con...
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  • 请提供P4600 3.2T CE认证

    请提供P4600 3.2T CE认证,谢谢
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  • How to rebuild RAID1 volume

    Hello, I have an USUS P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard with this controller:   Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller   I have 2 RAID1 volumes and just lost a hard drive so I replaced with an i...
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  • Dell XPS Laptop Iris 540 wont run Open GL3

    I have had the run around at both Dell and the Intel sites trying to download an update to my Video Drivers. I am at a conference and need to run Sketchup v 18 witch uses Open GL 3.. i can't believe that a $3000 XPS L...
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  • Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 keeps losing connection to routers on 5 GHz band

    Hi,   I have an Intel Nuc Windows 10 64-bit computer with Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 adapter (driver version, newest at the time of asking).   Every now and then the computer loses the conn...
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  • Can't Update Intel DSA

    Hello all,   I'll bet this is a common problem.  I'm trying to ensure my computer's graphics doo-dads, which are managed by an Intel Graphics Controller, are up to date.  I wanted to do that using the ...
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  • WLAN 8265, is this a Enterprise Class Wireless Card?

    Hi   The 8260 states it is a Enterprise Class Wireless Card, but the 8265 states it's a Business Class Card.   What is the difference?
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  • Not enough space on the NUC for the OS to update!

    bios это фигня, а вот жадности можно только позавидовать, даже обновить пустой нук нельзя, нет места, зато бестолковых игр напихали. обновление уже 5 часов ставит, всего 19%, жесть полная. и результат после 6 часов fa...
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  • nuc7pjyh安装红外驱动程序失败

    新装win10安装红外驱动失败   提示:   there is a mistake installing the Driver:0xe000020b. Aborts this Installaion. Please reboot and try again. 求工程师帮忙解决
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