• NUC6CAY USB Speeds

    Hi all,   The issue where the USB 3.0 ports run at USB 2.0 speeds on the NUC6CAY has been reproduced and a bug has been opened.   I will reply here when a solution is found.
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  • House Rules

    HOUSE RULES: Welcome to Intel’s Support Communities. We’re glad you are here. These forums provide a place to ask and answer questions about our family of products. The following guidelines are designed...
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  • We need JHL6540 chip PCB design document, please send to me, thank you very much!

    We need JHL6540 chip PCB design document, please send to me, thank you very much!
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  • Intel n6235 wireless card for HP is not working in my samsung laptop

    Hi   Last week, wireless internet in samsung laptop was not working. So, I got a wireless card (N6235) and it was installed in my laptop.   But, it was not working in the window 10.   First time, I t...
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  • NUC6CAY Flashing Screen

    Hi all,   We have found a solution to this issue and the BIOS can be downloaded from here: Download BIOS Update [AYAPLCEL.86A]    
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  • Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence forum!

    Join one of the discussions or post your question related to Artificial Intelligence. This community will cover the training material related to the artificial intelligence and open-source frameworks for machine learn...
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  • How to connect to JupyterNotebook on DevCloud

    If you like to edit code in Jupyter Notebook, the best strategy is using it on your laptop and transferring your code to the cluster when it is ready. On the cluster, use qsub to run your code. On your laptop, make ...
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  • QSUB and its job submit/monitoring options for your reference...

    qsubsubmit pbs jobSynopsisqsub [-a date_time] [-A account_string] [-b secs] [-c checkpoint_options] [-C directive_prefix] [-d path] [-D path] [-e path] [-f] [-F] [-h] [-I ] [-j  join ] [-k   keep ] [-l ...
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  • DevCloud Usage Basics

    Listed the contents of README.txt file below...   ###################################################################### About Intel AI DevCloud This document contains cluster usage basics: * How to get star...
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  • Overview of Intel Processor TOOLS

    Please click on the below link for descriptions of the most popular Intel® processor related tools. Overview of Intel® processor tools   Thanks,   Mary T. Support Community Manager
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  • 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors Compatibility with new Intel® 300 Series chipset

    8th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors continue to use LGA1151 socket; however they require motherboards based on the new Intel® 300 Series chipset (for example, Intel® Z370 Chipset). Thes...
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  • When will we get the WiFi and BT5 drivers of AC 9260 ?

    Hello Intel, We just got Intel Wireless-AC 9260 from ITP, the genuine part, not engineering sample. But we can't find any former drivers of AC 9260. The WiFi_20.0.2_PROSet64_Win10.exe just fits AC 9260 for Win 10, bu...
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  • Euclid SVO 2.0 Walkthrough

    SVO 2.0 is a robust semi-direct SLAM by Prof. Davide Scaramuzza and the teams from UZH and ETH Zurich that works great for fisheye cameras. While it is not open-source, the teams provide binaries for Ubuntu that run o...
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  • AOMEI PE Builder /wireless AC 3165

    Hello, I want to use AOMEI PE Builder on a bootable USB flash drive with my HP notebook. There is one problem: The Intel dual boot wireless AC 3165 in my HP Laptop, win 10 fall update 64 bit, is not recognized by A...
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  • Intel® Edison Discontinuation Notice

    Intel is discontinuing Intel® Edison compute modules and developer kits. To help customers manage through the Intel Edison discontinuance, Intel will support last time orders of Intel Edison products through Sept...
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  • Welcome New Members (READ THIS FIRST)

    Welcome to Intel's Support Community!   This is a community where members can ask and answer questions about Intel products. We have forums set up by product, but also a General Forum in case you don't find what...
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  • Error during installation: iwlwifi-8265-30.ucode, iwlwifi-8265-29.ucode, and iwlwifi-8265-28.ucode.

    Witam, Instaluje Kali Linuxa przez bootowalnego pendriva na twardym dysku w laptopie. Na laptopie posiadam rowniez win10. Podczas instalacji wyskakuje powiadomienie że na przenosnym dysku nie odnaleziono trzech pliko...
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  • Quark C1000:How to enable UART0 and UART1 both?

    I enable UART0 and UART1 both,but only UART0 rx can't be use. Please help thanks~   code:   void test_stdout_uart_setup(qm_uart_t UART,uint32_t baud_divisors) {   if (UART == QM_UART_0)   qm_...
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  • SSU.txt

    Hi, I have been facing a major connectivity problem for a more than 3 years, I can only browse internet with a cable, wireless browsing works only when my laptop is up to 1 meter away from router (other laptops work w...
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  • Issues after Upgrade form Ac 3165 to Ac 8265

    Hello.   There are heavy Bluetooth issues after the upgrade from Intel Dual Band Wireless combo AC 3165 to Intel Dual Band Wireless combo AC 8265. Wifi connection works very god and fast, but Bluetooth connecti...
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