• How does Graphic Driver compare to Intel® Core 2?

    I have Graphic Driver installed on my Laptop computer. I want to run Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 the required Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor. How does my ins...
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  • Intel HD630 New HDR driver problem on primary monitor

    Hi   On trying the new HDR driver version my primary monitor, being the first one in the Display Port chain (I have two of the same Dell monitors daisy changed by Display Port), seems to have reduc...
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  • Intel G4620 + intel hd graphics 630 = black screen

    Hello. At me Windows 10 when I put the driver for intel hd graphics 630 at me the screen at once becomes black. I tried the driver from the Intel and msi site   Можно на русском)
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  • Intel Driver & Support Assistant 3.1.1

    I am unable to uninstall from my computer.  Errors out about half way through uninstall with message "The specified account already exists." Clicking 'ok' in the error box allows it to try again.  After a f...
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  • NUC7CJYH1 no bootable devices

    No matter what format or USB drive I cannot get one to boot.  I have used actual windows 10 media creator tool and it will not boot on the NUC.  I have tried Rufus also with no luck.  I partitioned and ...
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  • python align example question

    Can someone tell me why the depth and color image are of different resolutions in this example?  I would have assumed that they need to be the same.   I want to do this at full resolution so I need to know ...
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  • Need driver for HP 250 4G Notebook

    I need a driver. Driver needed is Mobile 5th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) USB xHCI Controller - 9CB1   tried downloading USB host Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver but it did not work.   I am using wind...
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  • SSD 520 Series 240Gb firmwared as 120Gb

    The magic situation become. SSD 520 Series 240Gb  model SSDSC2CW240A3 after firmware changed model to  SSDSC2CW120A3 and everywhere write it is 120Gb Now i can't update firmware to SSDSC2CW240A3 because...
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  • Mapping Depth to RGB in UWP

    We are using the UWP Windows.Media.Capture APIs to access the RealSense D415. We need to map the depth data onto the color for rendering a point cloud.   We are doing a manual registration / mapping based on cam...
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  • All HUB Disappeared on screen sometimes PIN Request

    Hello Unite Team,   Here is an issue that HUB Disappeared on screen sometimes PIN Request in enterprise version unite 3.2. after check IIS Log we found that the timeout value is more than 10000ms when HUB reque...
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  • CherryTrail x5 z-8350: How to boot from USB for a Windows clean install?

    Hi everyone,   First time here, so please, don't take offense if I'm asking a question you've already replied to a zillion time...   The title says it all, but I'll elaborate anyway: I recently bought a v...
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  • What's up with NUC8?

    Hi all,   I ordered an NUC8 several weeks ago but now being told that it would delay until mid May. What is happening now for this product?
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  • No servers listed. Trying DNS service record

    Hello good afternoon! Having made the deployment of Intel Unite Enterprise solution, I find an error which I do not understand if I followed all the steps of the manual.   I Installed the Intel Unite client on ...
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  • Intel I7-7700k  sometimes it gets more than 90Cº without doing anything

    Hello   Every so often the CPU overheats constantly keeping the fans to the maximum and exceeding 90Cº. Even restarting, and restoring the bios by default keeps happening. I have run a test with the intel p...
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  • NUC6CAYH LAN card disappered

    Hi, I own a NUC6CAYH with last BIOS Version: 0048 Today I get aware that the Realtek LAN network card is disappered, only wifi works. I have Windows 10 with last updates. I installed the last chipset driver and se...
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  • Laptop running Atom CherryTrail x5 z-8350 rebooting for no reason?

    Hi everyone,   Aside from the question I've already asked about performing a clean install on my new (and cheap) laptop running a CherryTrail x5 z-8350 CPU, I have another issue: sometimes, it reboots on its ow...
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  • Problem with nltk installation

    I am unable to install nltk on DevCloud. The following error appears:       Please help in installing the error.
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  • Once more: Unable to activate SSD cache - error 0xA001004E

    Hello,   I am trying to activate SSD caching on a Dell T3420 (C236PCH chipset). The system is running Windows 7 x64 Pro and has a 1 TB HDD.   I installed an additional 60 GB SSD at the free SATA port and v...
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  • Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 window pops up at boot and never disappears in windows 10.

    Hi,   This has been asked before here, however I was asked to start a new thread on this. I'm having the the Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 control panel window showing up after booting Windows -- not alwa...
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  • Update bios NUC6i3syh impossible, led orange clignotante toutes les 2 secondes

    Vu qu'intel n'est pas joignable, que rien n'est indiqué nulle part, quelqu'un aurait il une solution pour mettre à jour un nuc 6i3syh qui ne prend ni l'executable sous windows ou l'utilitaire de flash du...
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