• Сервер в сборе

    В конфигураторе собрал сервер для АТС Asterisk.   Достаточно ли данной конфигурации для сборки и монтажа в стойку 19'?   Или что-то нужно ещё добавить/убрать?
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  • Does my NUC5i7RYH Supports 4k @ 60 Hz ? NUC7i7BNH

    Hello, i've just got myself a new 4k monitor, sweet, I've connected it to my new NUC7i7BNH with an HDMI - HDMI Cable, and it ran 4K at @ Hz with no problem. So i know for sure both the cable and the screen supports it...
    created by Ohad
  • Nuc5i5RYH display issues?

    My Nuc5i5RYH has a visible distorted line 1/3 of the way down the screen and becomes more dramatic during fast action scenes. Any suggestions please?
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  • Intel Partner Gold status? (even possible?)

    Hi all   I am an Intel Technology Partner, ive completed the update to Gold 4 times (3 in December and once in January) and nothing happens, still says to Qualified for Gold! Apply for Upgrade > .   The...
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  • Very noisy depth image of D435 camera

    Dear all, I have a new D435 camera and i want to use depth image of this camera, but the depth image is very noisy. I'm also using camera kinect of microsoft. I think D435 camera is supposed be better than kinect, b...
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  • Intel HD Graphics 530 Sleep Screen Lines

    Hi all!   Having an issue with an HP all-in-one computer running Windows 10 with an i3-6100T processor using Intel(R) HD Graphics 530.   What is happening is when I put the computer to sleep, when it wakes...
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  • NUC8i7HVK - Hades Canyon Question

    Hi, do the Thunderbolt 3 ports on the new Hades Canyon NUC have 2x or 4x PCIE lanes per port?
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  • SA-00086 detection tool

    When I execute Intel-SA-00086-GUI.exe vulnerability checker, I get the UAC notice, then the circle spins briefly, but there is never any output.   I see from web searches (example: http://www.tomshardware.com/n...
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  • Arcade game that using intel motherboard

    I have this issue. Any idea what can i do.
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  • compatability windows 10 and DZ68DB

    After uprgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 issues started with recovering from sleep mode. is there a compatability issue between the DZ68DB board and windows 10
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  • Intel 8265 ac constant high latency jitter

    Sorry, I have reposted the same issue of this thread, since it is closed: Intel 8265 ac constant high latency jitter   I meet a similar issue of my MSI VR One Backpack PC. And I tried to follow all instructions...
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  • How long does it take to update? Hours?

    I have had this update running for over 2 hours.  Is this normal?
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  • Can someone please respond?

    Hello,   Created an issue:   HD530 cannot resume from Hibernate 'Page Fault in NonPaged Area'     A few days back, I saw the post about the format of Reporting Issue and gathered all the necess...
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  • Blue screen after driver update

    Hi I have a new Lenovo Yoga 900 and had some issues with it loosing WiFi connection, I then went to the Intel website and found a update for the Intel 8260 adapter. After updating my computer it gave me a blue screen ...
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  • DC53427HYE could not find 'internal UEFI shell' option in bios----now bricked

    Hi,   I need to change(restore) the logo in NUC DC53427HYE according to Integrator Toolkit User Guide. But in the BIOS options(F2), when I go to Advanced->Boot->Boot Configuration>Boot devices I couldn...
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  • NUC 7i7 Devices plugged into USB-C port not recognized

    I have   a camera (IDS UI-3131LE) with a USB-C port and a NUC 7i7BNH with a USB-C port running Ubuntu 16.04 (kernel version 4.10.0-40).   Seems like a perfect match, but the camera is not being recognized...
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  • NUC6CAYH can't find SATA/AHCI Drivers

    Hi,   Cant seem to find drivers for the SATA AHCI Controller other than the standard Windows drivers. I have windows 10 fully updated and have tried various Intel INF packages etc. Any ideas? I find it strange t...
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  • Intel Optane Memory Service is not running

    Hello. I am running 32gb Intel Optane Memory but there are no statistics available. Even I got no task at the Task Scheduler.   Best regards, Nikola!
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  • Connecting Ultra Wide Band Module - best practice ?

    Dear all,   We need to enable drone to fly indoors without GPS. We would like to use Ultra Wide Band technology.Following module from Marvelmind link below is sending NMEA 0183 format GPS like format of DATA. Doe...
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  • Installed intel optane in error - Now have black screen for 60 sec on boot and hard drive unavailable

    I have no optane drive and don't intend on using optane. Mindlessly installing every driver on MSI web site for the system board and I must have installed intel optane memory driver. Now it takes ages to boot my pc wi...
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