• Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), how to "Online RAID Expansion", cant find it in BIOS or RWC3

    Hi   We have a S1200SPOR with RMS3CC080, the below document on page 6 (real PDF page 16) says this controller (and all others that are 12Gb) will:   "Online capacity expansion to add space to an existing d...
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  • Display flashes to blank screen with vertical bars

    Dell Inspiron 5559 laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520 randomly flashes to a blank screen with vertical bars or stripes. Often it is a white background with purple stripes, but occasionally varies. When I open display s...
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  • Matrix multiplication

    Hi,I have to compute an element-by-element multiplication of two matrices A and B. The matrix dimensions are 336x65536. Which library should I use? Which guarantees better performance? The Processor is Xeon® E5. ...
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  • Nuc8i7hvk becomes slow after boot and programs hang and dont respond

    So shortly after windows boots everything starts to hang. Does not matter what it is. I could open up chrome browser, video games, file explorer, ect. I notice it most on my video game emulators. It goes from as soon ...
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  • HD5500 240hz

    Does the HD5500 support running a single monitor at 1920x1080, 240hz via mini displayport? I'm not using it to play games, just view 240hz content.
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  • RMM remotecontrol revoked certificate

    Hello! I can not connect to the server console. How to fix it? Why is the certificate revoked?  
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  • Intel S2600CP Sensor Error

    Hi, I have a Intel S2600CP motherboard (Serial Number QSCP20900258 - Model Number E99552-505) with 16 x 16GB DDR3 1800 module memories populated, but in ESX 6.5 update 02 show me 04 sensor alerts     Syste...
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  • After upgrade BIOS version for R1208WFTYS and R2224WFTZS, System Fan Runs Too Loud and Too Fast

    Hello all,   Just set up new system for R1208WFTYS and R2224WFTZS after upgrade BIOS version (S2600WF_EFI_BIOSR0014_ME04.00.04.340.0_BMC1.60.56383bef_FRUSDR1.60) and restart system,  after that System fan r...
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  • Bios factory reset

    Hi, When I installed ubuntu the keyboard and the mouse stopped working. Making changes in the BIOS to try to fix it I was wrong and I have disabled xhci. And now keyboard not work in bios setup.In the installation of ...
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  • intel(r) dual band wireless-n 7620 having a meltdown and frequently disconnecting.

    So I've had this problem for about a month and to be honest I made the mistake of tolerating it, but now I'm playing more internet intensive games and I can't allow myself to disconnect anymore.   On my computer...
  • D415 vs D435 when in move

    Hi,   D415 has rolling shutter, D435 has a global shutter, I have understood that where this matters is if realsense camera is moving or not. So where goes the line? Is D415 for only stationery situations or ca...
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  • How do you use Intel Ethernet(R)?

    Just looking to see how our audience uses our products.  This will help to target upcoming articles.
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  • How to turn off Intel Display Power Saving Technology?

    Hi,   I've just recently bought a Dell Inspiron 7570 that sports an Intel Core i5-8250U (Intel UHD Graphics 620). Unfortunately, it has the Intel Display Power Saving Technology turned on adjusting your brightn...
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  • newly installed ssd ,545s, is on drive menu in bios, but not on bootable devices menu?

    Problem:  newly installed 545s ssd shows up in bios as an installed drive, but does not show up in list of bootable devices.  So I can't boot from it.  Original hard disc was cloned successfully to the ...
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  • i219-LM with a Cisco 2960-x will NOT connect

    Under NO circumstance can I plug the Dell 7060 running Windows 10 Pro (version 10.0.17134) with the Integrated Intel NIC into ANY port on that Cisco switch stack.   I can connect to a Netgear switch that is plug...
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  • i9 9900k chip MUST use all 16 pcie lanes to avoid data loss with RTX 2080 ti

    Just realized that the i9 9900k only has 16 pcie lanes.  The new Nvidia RTX 2080 ti must use Pcie gen 3.0 in x16 in order to have no loss in frame rate.  If you run the RTX 2080 ti in pcie x8 your frame rate...
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  • HDR10 on NUC7i5BNH

    Windows 10 Home 64, current insider fast lane build 18262(same problem experienced on earlier builds) Graphic drivers tried, win64_24.20.100.6286, win64_25.20.100.6323, win64_25.20.100.6326(currently installed) Late...
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  • Help needed on device not starting

    I have a BOXNUC7I5BNHX1 and since a few days ago when I turn off the computer it is impossible to restart it. After several attempts, the screen is activated and this happens everytime I need to use it. It also happen...
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  • Suspected graphic driver issue - Hardware Acceleration (QSV) Causes Problems when decoding videos.

    I've tried everything and couldn't find a REAL solution to this problem. Formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows did NOT help. The same problem occurs. Proof 1: Wwhen I view some videos I get a black screen for...
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  • NUC5i3RYH no longer boots - only a single short blink of the power button

    I use a NUC5i3RYH with 8 GB RAM and SSD. The device is very rarely in operation (holiday residence). At the last visit the device could not be started anymore. If the power cable is connected, a green LED lights up on...
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