• FullHD on GMAX4500

    Hi I have a PC with Pentium E5400, chipset G41, Graphic (integrated on Motherboard) X4500, Windows10. When I connect my monitor (24" fullHD 1920x1080) via VGA cable I can't see the resolution 1920x1080 but only up 1...
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  • Choose the more suitable processor between Xeon E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz and on of comparable performance of new generation of Xeon's

    Hi All:   I have a code that works on Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz.   I want to buy a new workstation desktop computer and want to select the best suitable processor. The company is offering t...
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  • How to install OPA HFI Driver using yum command on CentOS 7.4

    Hi,   We are having about 20 servers powered by OPA HFI 100 Series and we want the OPA HFI driver to be installed in CentOS 7.4 post installation, Hence Could you please provide the steps to install the OPA HFI...
    created by madhan.b
  • NUC7PJYH power cord

    Hello,   I just received the NUC7PJYH I ordered from Amazon India. But upon inspecting the content I was surprised to find that there is no power cord. There was a power adapter. But no power cord to connect it ...
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  • No response from keyboard, mouse and monitor when connected to my new nuci5bnh

    I recently purchased an nuc7i5bnh unit along with Samsung 970 evo ssd and Crucial 4gb DDR4 2400MHz ram module. I added the ram and ssd in the unit and connected my monitor via hdmi to this nuc. Then when I powered it ...
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  • NUC i7 with Thunderbolt 3 - Power via Monitor

    I just bought an INTEL NUC i7-7567U 4.00 GHZ Windows 10 Pro - DDR4 16 GB RAM - SSD 512 M2 - 1TB HD with Thnderbolt port 3. I would like to know if I can use the Type-C USB port of my Lenovo X1 monitor to power the NUC.
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  • StarterPack.Intel Survey Not Working

    Recently purchased an I7-7700k from Newegg and I received the Intel Gift with Assassin's Creed and Warhammer   Tried entering the code I was emailed on the site, it went through but it's stuck on a blue screen w...
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  • harto de intel hd 520 solo tengo problemas y problemas con adobe premier y after effects y cada actualizacion es peor,

    harto de intel hd 520 solo tengo problemas y problemas con adobe premier y after effects y cada actualizacion es peor- no entiendo como una empresa com o intel no oprimiza sus tarjetas para los productos adobe.<REM...
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  • 8750H CPU stuck in c2 after S3 sleep until Windows reboot

    I have the following issue, just noticed this by pure random luck. I have a new Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop with i7-8750H CPU. After putting the laptop to S3 sleep and waking it up, the 8750H CPU enters just C2 anymore fo...
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  • What are the GPU specifications provided in 1 month AI-cloud colfax research program?

    I want to know the memory capacity and compute capability of GPU basically.
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  • how to install pytorch in a new conda env or steps to use the default one

    on creating a new environment and trying to install pytorch this error pops up:        (env2_pytorch) [u16849@c009 ~]$ conda install pytorch     Fetching package metadata .........
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  • Is IOS External Accessoires support for Intel RealSense D400 cameras planned or already possible?

    I had a look into the Apple External Accessoires SDK and noticed that that the hardware manufacturer needs to register with Apple to make the SDK available with their hardware About External Accessories   Commun...
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  • About Realsense SR300's feature.

    Hi, there.   I 'm developing a system using realsense sr300.   When I see the product datasheet , a question arises to me .   What means 'Texture mapping of depth to color' in feature script ?  ...
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  • optane 905p raid

    Hi. Is is possible to create a raid 0 between 2 optane 905p pci-e card? (not sata or m2)
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  • Disable dithering

    Hi,   I am currently experiencing problems with my display. I have a monitor and keyboard/mouse that goes through a KVM switch and to a PC. The PC has an integrated Intel Graphics Card P4600/P4700 installed in t...
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  • NUC7i7DNHE fanless

    hi all, the fan noise from the 7i7DNHE is very loud compared to my old 5i5RYK. In Bios there is an option called „fanless“ to disable the fan completely. Is it safe to use this setting or will this damage...
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  • Disable beeping sound when changing Bluetooth audio volume

    My laptop has an Intel Wi-Fi + Bluetooth chip. I have updated to the latest driver version,   The problem is, that Intel's Bluetooth driver seems to ignore Windows sound scheme (I disabled all sound e...
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  • RMM4 module not working

    have a system with a S2600CP4 board. I would like to enable its KVM features by adding a remote management module RMM4 I configured the module in Bios But in BMC web concole I see that the module is not inst...
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  • Read Raw Depth Image with MATLAB/Record Stream

    Hi, I'm new in using Intel RealSense Depth module. Currently I have 2 modules - D415/D435 I have downloaded the Intel.RealSense.Viewer.exe and started Depth and Video streams. I have captured 1 raw Depth image and...
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  • No compatible disks for Intel Optane memory

    So I have a issue as many other people it gives me this error No compatible disks for Intel Optane memory. The catch is I don't have other sata or m2 ports to plug in. If I do please tell me where it is, I checked eve...
    created by lenkaxxx