• DRM & HDCP Content Issues

    Intel NUC6i7KYK Display: 4K 60Hz Iris Pro GFX 580 Version: HDMI Ports & Cables: 2.0 w/ HDCP 2.2 Browser: All of them Intel HDMI Firmware Updater Version: 0x07_0x20   ISSUE #1: If I click ...
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  • Can i7-7700T model applicable for laptop?

    Hi,   1. Can i7-7700T applicable for laptop? If not, is there any version for the same processor specification for laptop?   2. The processor seems to consume 35W if my understanding is correct. All other ...
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  • Porque no puedo cambiar la resolucion en la mayoria de juegos superiores a DirectX 9 ?, Tengo una Intel Iris Graphics 6100 :/

    Juegos que no me deja bajar de 2560x1600, clara mente los graficos intel no son lo suficientemente poderosos como para corre un juego a esa resolucion, me pasa con GTA V, Saint Row IV, Scrap Mechanic, Golft it, Etc......
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  • Intel Driver Support assistant problem.

    I've begun to have a problem with software updater, after a cold boot the program icon is missing from the icon taskbar, if I click on the same icon under all programs nothing happens, opening the updater webpage fail...
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  • Dell M3800 4K screen lag in UI/animations Intel HD 4600.

    Hello, I have a Dell Precision M3800 with 4K screen, i7-4712HQ, 16GB RAM, Quadro K1100M using Windows 10 Spring Update.   UI animations (especially Win+Tab animations) are choppy and generally UI lags. What sh...
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  • NUC7i7DN Bitlocker + Hardware SSD encryption = OPAL password prompt on every boot??

    I have a BLKNUC7i7DNH1 and enabled hardware encryption on my 860 EVO.   Now, every time I turn on or reboot the computer, the UEFI firmware asks for an Admin password. I hit enter a few times, and then it asks f...
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  • banding and/or washed out colors.

    Hi, i have banding on intel 630 on my laptop screen. Display should be decent enough to show banding test without banding, I am using old version of driver because when i use usb-c to hdmi converter i get washed out c...
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  • UHD Graphics 620 Driver Update Issues

    I have an issue with the UHD 620 graphics card.  At first the card/drivers when I tried to connect to a secondary display.  I had to disable and then reinable it.  All of my video playback has been horr...
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  • NUC7i3BNK WiFi failure

    Hi, I have problem with my NUC7i3BNK Intel wireless-ac 8265 module. My WiFi adapter stop working after about 2 weeks since I bought it. At first time it stoped working after (re)boot and became inactive in Device Mana...
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  • Clone display command under Windows XP

    Hello,   I work on computer equiped with an Intel Core i7-620UE, under Windows XP (yes it's possible ). I search a solution to activate "clone" or "extended" mode with a command line or by code. I can't use gra...
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  • i7 7500u @2.7 GHz - high temperature (>90°C) for longer periods

    Dear Intel Community,   I purchased a pre-owned DELL XPS 9360 with Intel i7 7500u. I found it was getting quite hot, so I installed the Intel Power Gadet 3.5 to monitor what is going on. At idle or light tasks...
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  • Two disks configured as RAID 1 went out from RST control

    I configured two 1TB disks in RAID 1with RST. Yesterday after boot, the RAID 1 was not anymore reachable. In the boot screen the two disks are declared as "Unknown Disk". After pressing Ctrl-I and entering in the Inte...
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  • is er bios update voor D975XBX (J3E1)

    hallo wou graag weten of er nog bios update is voor deze oude pc model- versie AAD27094-304- chipset model i975X heb nu deze versie van bios BX97510J.86A.1474.2006.1220.1826 laaste update was 2006 maar kan nergens...
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  • NUC7PJYH no Visual BIOS on HDMI console after upgrade to 0041

    after upgrading to 0041 BIOS when i select F2 to get to the BIOS Settings my HDMI monitor goes dark. using a VGA to HDMI adapter works however to a VGA monitor.   Anyone have a workaround to this?
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  • NUC7i5BNH: No HDMI playback audio devices in Sound Control Panel, NUC hardware defect?

    I want to play back audio via HDMI cable on the NETWORK STEREO RECEIVER Onkyo TX-L20D.   I had a look on this article "No Audio Through My HDMI Cable". But I didn't find any HDMI playback device in my sound cont...
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  • What "OS Update for Q2" mean inside Intel microcode update guidance?

    I found Intel's document about microcode updates for CPUs vulnerable to Spectre variant 2 and 3a. There is a column described as "OS Update for Q2". What does it mean? Specifically I want to know if Microsoft is goin...
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  • Asus P6T SE + Intel Xeon X5675    and ECC Memory

    Hello. Can anyone suggest - will the ECC memory work on this combination of the motherboard and processor? Critical to me is the answer to this question - preferably with links to articles that support a negative or p...
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  • intel dual band wireless AC 8260 does connect to wifi BUT without being able to use wifi

    Hello Everybody!   I have horrible issues with my brand new ASUS FX 502V.  It has an Intel AC 8260 wifi which does not work properly: the situation is as follows   - It connects merely to my home wifi...
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  • Dual Boot - Intel Optane

    My computer contains two 1TB HDD drives each with a separate operating system. One boots Windows 10, the other boots Ubuntu.   After installing the 32GB Intel Optane on my Windows 10 computer, everything is work...
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  • Smudges on still images

    A recent post on this issue, we are having the same issue     Smudges on still images Michał May 17, 2018 2:24:27 AM What was the resolution to this problem?   Thanks...
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