• Using NUC8i5BEK CEC over USB-C

    Hey, I just got my NUC8i5BEK and set it up. I have a fresh install of Windows 10 and when I was setting it up with my TV I was getting some odd horizontal lines while trying have 4K@60 output. I don't believe it happ...
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  • i7-4770K CPU fail after running Diagnostic tool

    HI I have a i7-4770K CPU and the setup I have, has been working for around 4 years now with no change in hardware, but for the last couple of months my computer has been randomly crashing. I have taken out the GPU an...
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  • NUC8i3BEK has 2 internal USB 2.0 ports

    how do you get access to these two internal USB 2.0 ports?
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  • please make a driver for bfme 2

    Hello   for the past 4 days i am trying to install the bfme 2 ( if anyones know) but for some apperent reason my graphics card rufuses to play it after a lot of  searching and diggin in the net i found tha...
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  • Flickering screen on new laptop

    I own an ASUS Vivobook Pro N580VD-FY678 bought one month ago. I also bought a SSD HP S700 250GB SATA-III M.2 to add in the laptop's dual drive suport. The intervention was made at one of ASUS Service Centre. The OP I...
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  • Visual Bios does not work on my NUC8i7HVK

    hi I have a new NUC8i7HVK with BIOS version 0049 and the Visual Bios version 2.2.25. When I press F2 during the system start the Visual Bios will be displayed, but only the headline and the information for the quick...
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  • Intel HD4400 4k @ 60hz

    I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 with an Intel 4400 HD integrated graphics card. From everything I understand, 4K @ 60hz should be entirely possible with this computer. I'm getting "exceeds bandwidth" when trying to move t...
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  • Intel Atom Processor S1200 cache snooping

    @Hi,        I want to know is there a method to disable or control the cache snooping on the intel Atom processor S1200 series. I want to control cache snooping between both cores and the dat...
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  • RST application/program will not load

    Hello,   I have a Windows 7 pro 64bit computer with Intel Rapid Storage Technology version installed on it.  The service is running.  When I right click on the service and select "Open Appl...
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  • 6-Bit Depth on HD Graphics 520 Driver

    Hello, I've just gotten a new HP Pavilion 15- cs0057od laptop that has an Intel (R) UHD Graphics 620 driver.  Unfortunately, the Bit Depth on this driver is set to 6-Bit, which makes it really hard to look at fo...
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  • Current Limit Throttling in XTU

    What is the definition of Current Limit Throttling in XTU? Does the core current really reach 120A?
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  • Intel RST app is schizophrenic, sees Optane on one page but not on another

    The Intel RST app status page shows an Intel MEMPEK1W016GA card installed.  The Intel Optane Memory page says no such modules are installed.  How can I get the card recognized?  RST is enabled in BIOS, ...
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  • Cannot Upgrade to Version 3.5 Intel Driver & Support Assistant

    Getting numerous error messages see attached; please help.   Windows 10 version 1803   The update worked fine on two other computers that I own. Dell Alienware 17 R5
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  • Question about Frame Sync Index [D435][HW sync]

    Hello guys and administers,   I am using two D435 and connected their HW sync pin as the whitepaper instructed: (https://realsense.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/63/Multiple_Camera_WhitePaper04.pdf) The ...
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  • RAID-1 rebuild fails repeatedly at 90%, how to salvage?

    I thought I had a single-disk failure in my 2-disk RAID-1 mirror, but rebuild found failure in the second ("good") drive, and now I can't get rebuild to succeed from either drive. Using Intel Rapid Store Technology ...
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  • Can't Fix overscan on Intel® NUC-Kit DN2820FYKH

    I have a Intel® NUC-Kit DN2820FYKH with the newest Bios and driver.   I try this: https://communities.intel.com/external-link.jspa?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.intel.com%2Fsupport%2Fgraphics%2Fsb%2FCS-034397.htm "M...
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  • netwtw06.sys and bsod

    Laptop with Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 wireless LAN adapter is experiencing intermittent blue screens since upgrading from Windows 10 1607 to 1709.  The actual bug check codes vary;  it's a mix of c2, ...
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  • Planning on using 2x Samsung 970 EVO 2TB M.2 NVMe drives in RAID 0 on X299 using VROC

    Will these Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe drives work with VROC as one main bootable drive for the OS? Or will I have to go with AMD Ryzen?
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  • Problems with Intel HD Graphics of the Intel® Core ™ i5-4200U processor, in Windows 10.

    Hello, I would like to ask your attention a little, please.     I own an Acer Aspire E1-572 notebook, with the Intel® Core ™ i5-4200U 4th generation Intel® Core ™ i5 processor, 6GB ram...
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  • Problem with: ! Intel(R) Management Engine Interface

    Hi i have motherboard model x79s-up5-wifi with chipset (intel C606). And the drive for Management is not working anyway. And intel(R) 82579LM gigabit network connection. It is working little time and stope all time. ...
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