• On chip FIFO Memory

    Hi,   We are using  aletera cyclon V Enclustra SOM with custom carrier board. We built application to read data from FIFO and read and write to CSR register. We refer link "Embedded Peripherals IP User Gu...
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  • Your system has detected one or more errors: optane on secondary drive

      I got a message on startup today for my optane memory. I am not sure how to proceed to fix or attempt to fix the issue. On computer restart it seems to have turned off the optane module, and corrupted my secon...
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  • Dell G5 screen not recognized and only 6 bit color is used with UHD630 drivers

    Hello,   I bought a DELL G5 laptop with GTX1060. Happy of the performance but the screen is so dark even I turn the brighntness to 100%. I saw in advanced display settings that the monitor is on 6bit.  ...
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  • Intel Pro 2500 240GB SSD problem

    Dear Support,   Intel Pro 2500 240GB SSD have a problems with read operations. Than I have wiped it using Intel Toobox and Activa Kill disk. After this SSD doesn't accept write operations. I have attached scr...
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  • Can CPU Core i7-2637M, drive a 4K Display?

    I have a old DELL XPS 13 mobile PC which uses a Core i7-2637M. Hope to buy a 4K Display for additional 2nd display to expand work area. But not sure, i7-2637M can drive 4K display or not smoothly.
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  • SSD hard disk firmware

    I have face issue update the firmware of SSD hard disk of Lenovo laptop T460. snapshot are attached for the reference. Please any one help......  
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  • How to find if create namespace feature is supported or not on drive

    I am trying to create multiple name space on NVMe drives but looks like drives does not support it? Is there information in the data sheet which mention namespace creation supported or not ?   #isdct  crea...
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  • The operating system did not shutdown cleanly. Reconstructing cache metadata.

    I've got a new laptop (ACER Aspire 3 A315-51-3388) with i3 8th Generation and 16 GB Optane memory. The speed is really amazing, BUT   for the second time now I am experiencing the same problem as described her...
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  • Intel optane

    Hello. Recently I bought an i5 8500+ processor with Intel® Optane Memory. Opened the utility. He writes that he can not find the disk. What to do. The drive costs 1 TB Seagate 7200 BarraCuda hard drive. What to d...
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  • Harddisk Drive Partition using Intel Optane

    Is there any problem that if i divide my harddisk drive 2TB+2TB or 1TB*4?  
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  • Issue with wireless network adapter

    Hello all,   Recently I have been encountering a long line of issues with the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-8260 wireless network adapter.   This is strange as I have not encountered any problems in the two ...
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  • Intel Optane SSD 900P  compatibilty with S5520UR

    Is the Intel Optane SSD 900P 480  compatibilte with S5520UR? We would like to use the drive to add a new volume to the existing Server 2008R2. The drive would not be a boot drive, but a new data volume.   Ross
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  • Where are the drivers for the SSD 660p ???

    I cannot believe that a computer manufacturer releases a product without drivers.  The support page says:   "The Intel® NVMe driver is targeted to be available in the coming weeks. Until this time, it'...
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  • Problem switching from 16GB Optane to 32GB Optane

    Hello guys, i have problem installing my 32gb optane, i have lenovo notebook and it contains 16gb optane when i tried swapping them i just got error with no booting device, but there is 1tb disk inside too
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  • Intel SSD Toolbox 3.5.5 Command line and Intel 905P Light Color

    Good afternoon,   I am having trouble to switch off the LED fo the PCIE Intel 905P. I am trying to use the command line, but it is the only command that give me "Invalid arguments" but I don't know why. Could ...
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  • Intel Optane Drive Error 0xA0040008

    Hi All,   Trying to get my Optane Memory to accelerate my secondary HDD.  The app successfully identifies my Memory, and the HDD.  But errors out when I try to set it up with the following error code:&#...
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  • RST application/program will not load

    Hello,   I have a Windows 7 pro 64bit computer with Intel Rapid Storage Technology version installed on it.  The service is running.  When I right click on the service and select "Open Appl...
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  • M.2 PCIe Ssd as boot with hdd as secondary

    Recently I build a new desktop with ASUS Z370-f motherboard, I try to configure the bios for my Optane memory work as secondary drive for hdd, but my main m.2 ssd doesnt work. Would you mind to guide me how to set my ...
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  • Loud noise out of speakers

    I use a BT receiver to play musik over my system. Since I use this NUC a very loud noise comes out of the speaker if:   1. choosing next title into player 2. drag and drop new music into player 3. Any input ov...
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  • Windows VROC driver destroys RAID1 VROC array when the VMD technology is disabled in Setup

    Hello,   I've encountered with the "weird" behaviour of Windows VROC driver which has destroyed the fully functional RAID1 VROC array during the the time when the Intel VMD technology has been disabled in Setup....
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