• Intel HD 530 6700k with latest driver can't detect 3840x2160 @ 60Hz on Dell P2715Q monitor

    Current Setup:   Monitor A 1440p to dGPU Nvidia 770   Monitor B 3840x2160 to iGPU Intel HD 530 (6700k)   Intel HD530 refuse to detect and use 4k resolution, and if I switched the connection around (I...
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  • No Drivers ?

    Just browsing through Device Manager..noticed that Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3 - 1200/1500 v5/6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) Gaussian Mixture Model - 1911 Drivers aren`t installed.  `Puter is not performing as I expected.. Al...
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  • Screen noise after wakeup

    On my NUC8i7HVK appears a problem after most cycles of monitor sleep and wakeup. Just after wakeup screen looks noisy like attached photo and every time I need to detach monitor and attach again or reboot PC to makes...
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  • 求助,intel dc s3700 400g无法更新固件

    求助,intel dc s3700 400g无法更新固件 固件版本:5DV10206 系统:win7 sp1 x64
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  • Dual Boot - Intel Optane

    My computer contains two 1TB HDD drives each with a separate operating system. One boots Windows 10, the other boots Ubuntu.   After installing the 32GB Intel Optane on my Windows 10 computer, everything is work...
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  • Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

    I see that the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is compatible with OS - Windows 10 and Server 2012, but what about 2016?...Is there a specific tool for 2016?   Thanks Mark
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  • Optane Future Support of Accelerated RAID 1

    Is Intel working on or considering working on a way to enable Optane acceleration of a RAID 1?   The protection of a RAID 1 very important to me and has saved me from the  loss of many hours of developm...
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  • Fortnite stuttering frequently on latest driver

    Category Questions Answers (N/A if not applicable) Description Provide a detailed description of the issue Fortnite stutters frequently in game especially while in high combat situations. (Ex. 50v50 when everyone...
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  • Cannot access gamingbundle.intel.com

    Hello,   I recieved a key to redeem on gamingbundle.intel.com but I cannot access the site at all. I have tried multiple browsers on my PC and mobile without success. The page "loads" but it is always blank, eit...
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  • 4 cores and 7 threads

    My pc can see only 7 threads. I checked the BIOS and everything was fine there. But the Device Manager shows all 8 threads
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  • Bluetooth Buttons (Play/Pause) not working after 1803 update

    I have the Intel m3 stick with Windows 10, recently with the 1803 update, it broke the Bluetooth headset buttons (Play/Pause) whilst I watch anything with media players like VLC or others, can Intel please fix this is...
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  • Intel P3680 SSD - cannot install Windows Server 2016

    Hope somneone can help   I have been given an Dell powerEdge r710 without hard drives and the Intel P3680 SSD   i tried to install windows 2016 onto it, it said windows cannot be installed to this disk, ...
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  • Video issues!

    I am having constant screen flickers and blackouts. I have tried various remedies including all recommended driver updates. I am currently running the Radeon 18.6.1 driver and Intel 630 version driver. ...
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  • Sugestões de melhora...

    Tenho um Notebook da Samsung, com Placa Mãe Modelo : NP300E4C-AD4BR, Sandy Bridge, HM70, com o Processaror Intel Celeron B820 Socket 988b rPGA, e queria saber a geral de processadores que posso colocar nele? se...
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  • auto brightness

    Can someone please read this thread over at HP and let me know if there is a solution to my problem?  I am going crazy with this auto-dimming on Windows 10.    Adaptive Brightness Not working after re...
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  • i7 7500u @2.7 GHz - high temperature (>90°C) for longer periods

    Dear Intel Community,   I purchased a pre-owned DELL XPS 9360 with Intel i7 7500u. I found it was getting quite hot, so I installed the Intel Power Gadet 3.5 to monitor what is going on. At idle or light tasks...
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  • 15.46 breaks YCbCr on DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0

    After upgrading to the latest HD 530 driver for WIndows 10 x64, I noticed that choosing YCbCr causes signal loss to my screen. This option worked perfectly with the previous driver version 15.45 so I reverted back. I...
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  • UHD Graphics Drivers - No Support for Full RGB output on HDMI?

    Honestly, what is the reasoning for this?   I have been trying all sorts of registry hacks and workarounds for this, but it just looks like driver developers aren't wanting to give users any support to configure...
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  • Intel 4600 has trouble with 2 monitors

    My graphics card encountered an early end-of-life after a month in the care of a guy who 'repaired' my computer.   So now I'm using the onboard graphics of my motherboard, which happens to use an Intel 4600 driv...
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  • Driver issue: Full Quantization Range (0-255) not available with Displayport->HDMI adapter

    I'm using Intel HD Graphics 630 via active Displayport->HDMI 2.0 adapter (because Intel chipsets don't natively support HDMI 2.0 yet), but there's no way to output 0-255 Full RGB Range even though it works when usi...
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