• Bios fails to update from USB on NUC5i5MYHE

    I have a NUC5i5MYHE which still has the factory BIOS installed, running Manjaro Linux 64-bit. Hoping to update the BIOS, I downloaded the "OS Independent" BIOS update iFlash BIOS update [MYBDWi5v.86A.0044.BI.ZIP]. I...
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  • Since driver installation fan is running like crazy when lock screen is active

    Installing driver version driver did solve my problem with Tux Racer - see also that thread for my complete system information as requested by Intel support. But since I installed it, I noticed that whe...
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  • Is the barometer used by PX4 EKF?

    I did the following quick test today -   Indoors with no GPS: connected aero to QGC and monitored the altitude_asml (while EKF2_HGT_MODE is set to barometric pressure). But in this case there is no value shown ...
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  • Intel 82579V ethernet still loses connection after sleep - with latest driver 23.2

    Hi, can anyone please advise if there is anything more I can do to fix lost ethernet after sleep mode?  I have updated the ethernet NIC driver to the latest 23.2 but the problem is still happening.  However ...
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  • NUC8i7HVK: Replacement Power Supply/Brick/Adapter?

    So, I just ordered an NUC8i7HVK, and would like a second power brick to save lugging it around all the time (home<-->office)...   No love at Intel® NUC Spare Parts yet :-(   From review pics I s...
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  • How to control output voltage of Thunderbolt 3 ports in NUC8i7HVK?

    I understand that Thunderbolt 3 is capable of outputting up to 100W of power. I wish to power a monitor which requires 12V and 1.5A (so max 18W of power), and I would like to use a Thunderbolt 3 port on my NUC8i7HVK t...
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  • Power specification of internal SATA power connector?

    I understand that the Thunderbolt 3 ports on the Hades Canyon NUC's support only 5V 3A of power output – the "up to 100W of power" commonly quoted with TB3 is an optional feature not included on these NUC's (see...
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  • Different meanning between Printing MD8751H-8/B and MD8751H8/B

    Any one know Different meanning between Printing MD8751H-8/B and MD8751H8/B please ?   请问谁知道 型号MD8751H-8/B 和MD8751H8/B 两种不同打印方式的区别和含义?   Hope some one can help me. Thanks alot !
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  • How do I get 12V DC power out of a NUC8i7HVK?

    I'd like to power a monitor which requires 12V and 1.5A input.
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  • Intel® HD Graphics 4600

    Intel Core i7-4700HQ Windows 10 (x64) 1803 17134.112 Driver (04.05.2018) With the latest drivers, there is a delay: Windows , UWP Apps, Office 2016 and in some programs.
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  • The BIOS did not correctly communicate with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

    Hi,   I'm trying to deploy  more than 50 NUCs with SCCM. A lot of NUCS are succesfully deployed but a few others aren't. An error occurs during the last step of the sequence: Enable Bitlocker. 215069491...
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  • Bluetooth mouse cursor stops after 3-4 sec of inactivity

    Hello everyone!   Here is the problem: my bluetooth mouse does not work properly on Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 2018. The mouse cursor stops moving after 3-4 seconds of inactivity. Starts working again after bu...
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  • My laptop can`t connect TV via HDMI

    Hello,   my dell inspiron n5110 cant connect TV (LG) via HDMI   It is written that there is no connection. My notebook processor is  Intel (R) COre(TM) i3-2350M CPU @2.3 GHz (4CPUs)   DIsplay ch...
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  • iaStorA.sys BSOD following windows 10 install

    Unable to get past the following BSOD:   STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF88001AF320c, 0xFFFF88004B7F768, 0xFFFFF88004B7EFC0)   iastora.sys - Address FFFFF88001AF320C base at FFFFF88001AA3000, ...
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  • NUC6i7KYK USB-C connected Monitor prevents computer from powering down

    TLDR: There is an issue with Microsoft Windows that prevents the NUC from powering down.   I recently upgrade my Intel NUC6i7KYK (Skull Canyon) with some RAM, 2 SSDs and triple Monitors which required using the ...
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  • Mouse which shall I get to work with Ubuntu NUC7i3BNK

    I am not secure but Logitech does not support Ubuntu.   I was wondering is there any mouse that works with NUC7i3BNK + Ubuntu?
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  • How to enable Radeon Vega M

    Category Questions Answers (N/A if not applicable) Description Provide a detailed description of the issue I just got my new HP Spectre 360 with the Radon Vega M GPU. I was playing Minecraft as my first game on...
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  • Hades Canyon: Lights won't turn off after shutdown

    Hi guys,   Had my Hades Canyon Intel® Core™ i7-8809G for a couple of weeks now (Great piece of kit BTW)   I have updated and installed everything as per the Intel Update tool and everything is u...
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  • RST not working following Windows 10 update

    Hi,   I have a RAID 0,1 array on my PC.  The Intel RST software recently stopped working following a Windows 10 update.      I checked the  posts on this forum and have changed th...
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  • Multiple audio output problems with my NUC8i7HNK

    Here is my basic system configuration: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 System Model NUC8i7HVK Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8809G CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3096 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Proc...
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