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Today, I’d like to talk about the EOL process. EOL is an acronym for End of Life. But it’s used in a general way to discuss the process when a product is no longer supported by the manufacturer. If you’re like me you sometimes keep a piece of technology that you like long after shiny new items have replaced it. Currently I have a printer bought in the dark ages and it refuses to work with Windows 7. I’ve tried updating the printer with Vista drivers that “may or may not” work according to the manufacturer. So far though it appears I’m not doing much printing. At least I’m saving some trees.


What about Intel? How do we go about the EOL process for our wireless adapters? Let’s take a look at the current status of one of our adapters to understand the process better.


In early 2003 the Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 (2100) was released. Intel sold this product for several years. Eventually newer products were introduced and generally were selling much better than the 2100. This tends to happen to all products. They start slowly, peak and then start to fall. At some point a decision is made to stop manufacturing the product. The product becomes officially EOL. Around the time that the Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 3945ABG was released the 2100 became EOL.


Meanwhile, the contact center is still supporting the product and software updates are posted on the web. Then the product becomes EOIS – End of Interactive Support. This means that the contact center no longer supports the product but new drivers and web documents are still being posted to the web. In early 2007 the final software version was released for the 2100 supporting Windows Vista. And almost 2 years later EOIS was announced.


Finally all support for the product ends. There are no more driver updates and very few web documents are posted. The product has reached EOS – End of Support. At this point, information is available on the web but it’s not being updated.


Some products may eventually be removed from the web or perhaps only a minimal amount of information is still posted. This depends on the product and the manufacturer’s process.


Why is information removed from the web? Think about a website, it is similar to a very large file cabinet full of documents. When you have too many documents to fit in the cabinet it becomes difficult to find anything. By removing these older products, search results will show more current information making it easier for you to find the information you are looking for.


However, the wireless Community allows those of you still using older technology to share your tips with others keeping the older products alive. If you are a reader using an EOS product and have some tips or tricks to share, please post them in the Forum and help keep the product alive for one more person.


Thanks for reading.



Update: It seems that we have had to delay posting 13.3. As soon as we have more information look for an announcement on this page.


Before we start, just a quick reminder: post issues in the Forum and comments about this blog below.


Drum roll, please…

Intel® PROSet/Wireless 13.3 software is hereby released.


Why all the commotion? This version of PROSet has a fix for the Intel® My WiFi Technology “Adapter is not found” message. Of course, there are other updates in this version but it seems most of you are interested in this specific fix.


Are you running Intel® Wireless Display? Then you want to hurry and get this update. You might want to check with your computer manufacturer first. The software on the Intel site is generic. This means if your manufacturer added some special features to the wireless driver, they will most likely not work if you install the generic software.


Do you have a Wireless Display switch on your laptop? It might not work when you install the generic drivers. That’s because your computer manufacturer is including this information in the software they release for your laptop.


Check out the new software.


As for those of you asking about the DPC latencies – there are some improvements in this software for you as well. It’s not going to fix everyone’s system but should be quite an improvement. Make sure you update the forum discussion on your findings.


Your questions and comments have been great. I have a few ideas for blog posts. Let me know what you’d like to learn about next.  I’m thinking about writing a post on Wireless Display requirements or maybe something on getting better performance with 802.11n. Add a comment below to let me know if you like one of these ideas or maybe something else entirely.


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Today we are posting Intel® PROSet/Wireless Advanced Enterprise Software and the Intel® PROSet Wireless Profile Migration Tool.


Before you head off to go download these two software programs, let me tell you a little about them.


Some of you may remember a Blog run a few months ago asking for input on some new software for Windows 7. This software would offer some of the same features as PROSet did on Windows XP but would work on Windows 7.


The Advanced Enterprise software is focused on the features that enterprise customers said were critical to managing wireless in their company. For the IT Administrator here are some great new features:

  • User Interface to create and manage profiles

  • Remotely configure client and profile behaviors via IT Admin profiles and packages

  • Support for GPP profiles

  • Ability to create and distribute profile packages with specific settings

  • Support for extended EAP security

  • Adapter switching

  • Reset PROSet


Intel® PROSet Wireless Profile Migration Tool - this is a tool to migrate Windows XP profiles to Windows 7. You can read or download the user guide for more information.


These features are not very useful to the home user. Some useful home features such as ad hoc profiles and WiFi Protected Setup are not supported in this version.


I’m pretty excited about this new software program. It will really help companies of all sizes to better manage their wireless users on Windows 7. I’ve heard from some of you already that you are looking for these features from Intel.


If you are an IT Administrator, please check out the following links for more information on the features and implementation of the new software. We are planning to offer a special support forum for you in the near future. Please use the current forum for feedback. We’ll be listening.


Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software


Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software Feature Comparison

Got a great idea for my next blog? Please add your comment below.


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