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Update: It seems that we have had to delay posting 13.3. As soon as we have more information look for an announcement on this page.


Before we start, just a quick reminder: post issues in the Forum and comments about this blog below.


Drum roll, please…

Intel® PROSet/Wireless 13.3 software is hereby released.


Why all the commotion? This version of PROSet has a fix for the Intel® My WiFi Technology “Adapter is not found” message. Of course, there are other updates in this version but it seems most of you are interested in this specific fix.


Are you running Intel® Wireless Display? Then you want to hurry and get this update. You might want to check with your computer manufacturer first. The software on the Intel site is generic. This means if your manufacturer added some special features to the wireless driver, they will most likely not work if you install the generic software.


Do you have a Wireless Display switch on your laptop? It might not work when you install the generic drivers. That’s because your computer manufacturer is including this information in the software they release for your laptop.


Check out the new software.


As for those of you asking about the DPC latencies – there are some improvements in this software for you as well. It’s not going to fix everyone’s system but should be quite an improvement. Make sure you update the forum discussion on your findings.


Your questions and comments have been great. I have a few ideas for blog posts. Let me know what you’d like to learn about next.  I’m thinking about writing a post on Wireless Display requirements or maybe something on getting better performance with 802.11n. Add a comment below to let me know if you like one of these ideas or maybe something else entirely.


Thanks for reading,