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Wired Ethernet

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We are investigating what appears to be a damaged PCIe input lane, PER_0_p and PER_0_n on the i350. The 100 Ohm (at DC) differential R is located on the die per the data sheet. With the i350 powered down, a differential Ohm measurement with a DMM simply reads as an open, ~ 11 M Ohm across PER_0_p and PER_0_n. Is the input AC coupled on the die, or is the 100 Ohm differential across PER_0_p and PER_0_n not realized until power is applied? Thanks.


We are interested to use the X540 Twinville Dual Port 10GbE MAC/PHY in our application. The marketing data sheet


Intel® Ethernet Controllers and PHYs


lists the operating temperature at 0-55C. Yet the data sheet


on pg 1188 lists a maximum case temperature of Tcase Max = 107C.


Please elaborate on the difference and meaning between these two figures. We need the 0-70C temperature range if we are to use this part.


Thank you.

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