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Hi, my name is Craig Pierce and I support Intel’s Unified Networking Program.


As an Applications Engineer with Intel’s Networking Division, I work in Folsom, California and am responsible for end-user customer support for “Storage over Network” on Intel Ethernet products. This includes functionality support for Fiber-Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI, and Network File Systems (NFS) for secondary storage attachment as wells as SAN Boot, which includes iSCSI and FCoE legacy boot.


In 2014, I've begun to test as many configurations and options for secondary and tertiary storage and for storage-boot using as many operating systems as my schedule allows. I plan to post configurations, videos, and use-cases that I am evaluating in my lab.


There are several reasons I am doing this: my job is enablement and support for Intel products, I want to document storage and storage-boot setup processes for Intel® Converged Network Adaptors, and the more research I do, the better I can support my customers.


I may entertain some recommendations from the community; however, I have a pretty good list of items that I want to test.  If I get issues from the communities, I will always point you towards following a standardized process with your OEM.


In my lab, I have both 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit network switches with some limited Layer 3. I plan to setup a multi-routed environment with SAN access to frames that will supply my targets.


Here’s an example of the kind of content I want to share with the community.  This is a quick connect guide for FCoE on Windows and I have a Linux version following soon.


Currently, I am putting an iSCSI boot video together that shows SAN-Boot with VLANs and primary/secondary ports. I will post the link to the video in this blog as soon as it’s ready.


The next steps will be to walk through other supported operating systems and post the results. 


Talk to you soon,


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