“An inflection point is an event that changes the way we think and act.”


With this quote from Andy Grove in her keynote speech, Rose Schooler, VP of Intel Architecture Group and GM of Intel's Communications and Storage Infrastructure Group, launched the next phase of Intel’s SDN-based data center and telecom network transformation initiative at the Open Networking Summit this week.


The speech capped a great show for me and for the Intel Communications and Storage Infrastructure Group.  Our goal going into the event was to help the industry see how to get the full value out of the open networking paradigm shift. 


In just under an hour, Rose accomplished that by providing an overview of our datacenter and telecom network strategies, introduced three new products and let partner VMWare and customer Verizon demonstrate how they are using products from Intel.


Here’s a summary of the key products that were launched at the show (you can read more in our press release):


Intel® Open Network Platform Switch Reference Design: You’ve read about “Seacliff Trail” in this blog before.   What’s new is a tight integration with Wind River Open Network Software and a customizable software stack using Wind River Linux.  Seacliff Trail is now the ideal reference design for OEMs, offering a combination of customizable software and fast, low latency merchant silicon for next-generation SDN data center networking systems.


Intel® Data Plane Development Kit Accelerated Open vSwitch: With this project, Intel wants to help Open vSwitch developers speed up performance of small packets. The bulk of the packets in virtual machine networking applications are 64 Kbytes, and with the accelerated Open vSwitch we’re able to boost small-packet port-to-port performance by 10 times and accelerate virtual machine-to-virtual machine performance by five times.


Intel® Open Network Platform Server Reference Design: This innovative virtual network server reference design called “Sunrise Trail” will allow OEMs to create virtual appliances on standard Intel-architecture servers.  The reference design combines the DPDK Open vSwitch, support for SDN and NFV standards along with the Intel® Xeon® processor, Intel 82599 Ethernet Controller and Intel Communications Chipset 89xx series.  More to come on this new reference design as the first alpha units are due later this year.


Rose closed her speech with another Andy Grove maxim about inflection points – that they reflect a change in customer’s values and preferences. 


As you can see from these significant new products, Intel is moving fast to be in a good position to address these customer value and preference changes.